Saturday, August 27, 2016

Donald Trump has canceled a planned campaign event -- he's SICK

In August 2016, for the fourth time in a week, THE DONALD canceled a planned campaign event -- this one in the battleground state of Arizona.

I would be interesting to discover THE DONALD is too sick to take office.  But that's unlikely.  The reality would be closer to him throwing the campaign and ensuring that he does NOT win.

2022 is the year in which is expected to be marked by the death of an important public figure...

We also have the problem of the destruction of Rome -- but that goes to  "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" rather than "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction".

Could it be that Trump is on the verge of a nervous breakdown?
It would explain his behavior, his lack of coherent thinking, his repeated examples of indecision leading to reversals.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

DONALD TRUMP understands

DONALD TRUMP understands the rules of the game:

Look at team sports.  Most of the team is there to STOP the other team from scoring points, gaining ground, or improving their position in any way.
Look at the military.  You attack and force the other side to give up people and territory ... and rack-up loses.  Body count: they lost ten to our one, and the battle was a victory, even if the war was lost.  "They paid dearly for their victory" is the slogan.

TRUMP shock up everything when he said he would force America's creditors to settle for ten-cents-on-the-dollar.  They would lose.  Yep.  America would be "broke", but the other guys would have lost their money while America still had whatever that money bought.  The fact that America squanders the borrowed money and therefore would fall -- as the Nobleman-Merchant who borrowed from Shylock was doomed to fall because he borrowed and never profited.

Terrorists die in suicide attacks.  But they take ten with them and therefore show the positive claimed by America's military in Vietnam.  In the case of the World Trade Center, their ratio was 200 to 1 and a great victory which caused America to go deeply into debt.
Now, Jihadists and Terrorists kill a dozen before they die -- who has lost more?  The one who killed and died?  Or the society he attacked?
TRUMP said, kill the Terrorist families.  Terrorists are assured their families will be provided for, and so are willing to die.  Kill their families and anyone who lives near those families, and the game changes for the terrorist.  But, it also means those who survive will be angrier and more likely to be anti-American.  TO WIN, MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE ... which suffers the greatest loss?
Who will lose when the Republicans retain power?  They attack the poor, and the sick -- so they attack the Biblical mandates to care for those groups ... the religious LOSE!  The poor are the foundation of the economy; only if they can buy goods and services does the economy prosper.  Undermine the poor, deprive them of the resources to survive, and you undermine the whole economy.  The poor cannot buy food; therefore they cannot shop for groceries; therefore the grocery stores cannot survive and the neighborhood dies.  Look at "POOR" communities, count the grocery stores and calculate how many there are per person -- do the same in a Middle-Class neighborhood.
It's like Global Warming -- something Republicans deny.  But the hard evidence is clear, basic services cannot exist where there are no basic resources.  Undermine the resources and you undermine the whole economy.  Provide health care and people can work, study, have families and make the society grow and prosper.
Be a good Conservative Republican and you MUST undermine the foundation of the Economy.  MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE ... make him too poor to prosper.  Then you get to buy their homes for pennies.  Or buy their Nation for pennies ... so make sure you export your resources so you will have them when the economy falls.  Republicans sponsor Outsourcing.  They sponsor not paying taxes -- not rendering unto Caesar, and so violating the Bible (while waving it for the benefit of the idiots) -- and then export those resources.   There is no "Trickle Down" ... that is for the idiots.  The intelligent know to grab what they can and MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE.
You win by still standing.

Friday, August 12, 2016


THE DONALD is the first "Businessman" in 40 years. So to be fair, which nobody ever is.  His tax returns carry "business secrets" and data which would never be found in "POLITICIAN" tax returns -- where the most they will reveal are the bribes Bush Sr. got from the Saudis for killing American Soldiers to stop Hussein... and the probable Bribes Jr. got for achieving the 1993/4 dual-stated al Qaeda objective of killing Hussein and also damaging the American economy with the Great Recession.

Fortunately, Hitler's Idiot masses will always be idiots.
Purely by accident, the "show the returns" forces might tap a few of them... but the reality ... Idiots remain Idiots ... they were in Hitler's day and they have been for the past 35 years.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Conservative Birther Fraud Corey Lewandowski

Ah-yes, the beauty of the TRUMP Right-wing idiotic demographic.  Nobody considers the ramifications and facts of the Birther Movement when their nonsense is asserted at this stage of the game?

"CNN and contributor Corey Lewandowski continue to embarrass themselves, this time as Lewandowski wondered on-air if President Obama was “brought into Harvard University as a citizen who wasn't from this country.” Dozens of media figures slammed the former Trump campaign manager and CNN for allowing “birther crap” on its airwaves."

OK -- by the numbers:
Fact ONE: Obama is out of office in January, so five months and he's gone. Whatever was or wasn't, is or isn't, on his Harvard Transcript has no relevance to either the remainder of his term of who becomes the next POTUS.

Fact TWO:  As pointed out in "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", in terms of their personal biographies and educational achievements, there is basically no difference between Tex Cruz and Barack Obama.  In terms of birth, both men were born to American Citizen mothers and foreign citizen fathers; which means that, by law, regardless of where they were born, both men are entitled to American Citizenship through inheritance -- they had no obligation to claim it, but they are entitled to claim it.
One issue involved in claiming citizenship is when the claim is made.  It shows parental intent and individual intent.  But that's part of the Naturalization laws and do not apply to those born on American soil, under American sovereign jurisdiction, or on the HIGH SEAS and therefore outside any other sovereign jurisdiction.

Fact THREE:  As pointed out in "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", Cruz was born in Canada ... GOOGLE: "Born: December 22, 1970 (age 45), Calgary, Canada" ... It's in all his biographical data.  He was born in Canada, and only those too stupid to google him would assert he is American born.  Cruz has even given press-conferences in which he mentioned the intention to surrender the citizenship he retained since his birth and which he claims to only have known about since he was 18.  That alone is strange, after all, what teenager or child does NOT know where they were born?
Obama was born in Hawaii; in 1961, the HEALTH BUREAU STATISTICS provided the local newspaper with a routine list of births/marriages/deaths that was -- in the  normal course of business -- published.  as we can see here, Under HEALTH BUREAU STATISTICS, IN LEFT-HAND COLUMN, FROM Bottom reading up WONG, HATCHIE, ASING, OBAMA -- all born on Aug 4th

That list is based on a Hospital report of birth and generates a Birth Certificate (or Proof of Live Birth, as it is sometimes called).  At age six, Obama received a US Passport -- again, stating the Hawaii birth, while Cruz's passport, received at age 18, shows the Canadian birth.   Both are noted as citizens -- technically Cruz being Naturalized and Obama being Natural Born.  Doubters like those targeted  by Corey Lewandowski would seek to see those passport documents -- they reflect the US Government statement of, or position on, legal citizenship status.  School transcripts have no legal status -- but can be probative in seeking documents which do have relevance and necessary legal status.

Again, with regard to Obama's last 5 months, the data is meaningless.  However, in terms of Ted Cruz, they govern his right to be sworn in and therefore the value he holds as a viable candidate.

Fact FOUR:  There MUST be a reason for the insistence on challenging Obama's eligibility.  This infers the reality: if he was not legally eligible then he was not legally the POTUS; if not the POTUS than laws signed by him might well be null and void.  Granted, some laws do not actually need to be signed, but become law automatically unless they are vetoed.

This raises the point that any law that would have been automatic, but was vetoed, was not vetoed by legitimate POTUS and so was not vetoed at all; any law signed, was not legally signed by a POTUS and might not actually be law.  Thus OBAMACARE might not be the law -- if Obama were found to be a non-citizen.  But to do that, Cruz would also have to be found a non-citizen in terms of the Natural Born Clause of the Constitution.

Impeachment is meaningless in five months at a time when Congress is not in session.  So we can ignore whatever grounds might be asserted prior to January 2017.  At best, the Congress could deny Obama his pension and Secret Service protection and bar him from public office; if he lied on his Bar Association documents, he could be disbarred.

But all such actions would bring into question the validity of the laws he signed and the appointments he made to SCOTUS or Federal courts.  That would mean there would only be SIX Justices on SCOTUS instead of NINE.

Effectively, SCOTUS could not hear and rule upon any cases until a legitimate POTUS is elected and sworn in, and justices are appointed.  Naturally, the court could function, but Constitutionally the legality of the situation would be at issue.

As Commander in Chief, those military orders then come into question.

At this point in time, the Birther issues are for one purpose only.  They are intended to create a Constitutional crisis in which all laws over the past eight years are brought into question.

Any elected POTUS would wisely pardon Obama before any further action could be taken -- thus negating the Birther actions.  Unless that POTUS wanted the Constitutional crisis.

NOTHING asserted by Birther's allows for a valid status for Ted Cruz and thus renders his campaign donation system to be a FRAUD on the voters supporting him.  Given his knowledge as a Harvard Trained Lawyer, the issue raises to that of an intentional criminal act of consumer/campaign fraud.

Donald Trump is really utilizing the stupidity of the Conservative Republican Demographic as reached by his "employee" Corey Lewandowski. 


Friday, August 05, 2016

Donald Trump vs Warren Buffet and the importance of 2016 Election

Idiots will not get what THE DONALD is really saying.
Warren Buffet?
100 years from now nobody will know him -- We know Rockefeller ... from Rockefeller; Carnegie from Carnegie Hall; Vanderbilt from Vanderbilt University.
What is Buffet ... other than a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves?
Donald Trump is in the History Books -- like many secondary candidates, he will be mentioned as the "also ran", the one who ran against Hillary.

But this is a critical juncture in history, a key Biblical Cycle which the Evangelicals have Prayed for and a prophecy the want to have fulfilled.
If Donald brings down the Republican Party, he ends the Reagan Era of alleged Conservatives -- those who are really lying ass deceivers of men ... and again the Evangelical Prophecy is fulfilled ... with the benefit that THE DONALD gets a second mention in the History Books to be written after 2050...
The bigger picture is revealed in:

The even bigger picture is the fact that most who read this will dismiss it as nonsense (fulfilling the prophecy again). Humans fit patterns and the ancients -- the guys who could afford to build Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids; the guys who knew saturated fats were bad, that some humans were deeply allergic to shellfish, that blood was a biohazard, and that you need to wash when dirty -- plus a wealth of other medical laws the naysayers are too stupid to recognize.
Those guys recognized cycles and counted on normal human psychology to be what it has proven to be.
THE DONALD is playing his part and will go down in history -- by losing this 2016 election.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

How Donald Trump Does it vs How Hillary Clinton gets Hampered

"I'M THE GREATEST" was the slogan for Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr who became Muhammad Ali.  Wiki ESPN columnist Ralph Wiley called Ali "The King of Trash Talk" ... Donald had to learn it somewhere.  Bragging and "Trash Talk" are the way you self-promote.  Say it often enough and it becomes a given.
Hillary Clinton had been subjected to over two decades "Trash Talk" about her being untrustworthy and dishonest.  Two decades of Republicans spending tens of millions in taxpayer money to "prove" she's dishonest -- to no avail.  Even the Republican investigators cleared her.  But "She dishonest" -- so she bought them off, put the political fix in, pressured them ... she's dishonest, so "we know" she got away with here crimes because she is really dishonest and can corrupt the investigators.
As Ted Cruz denounced New York values” -- taken to be cloaked and coded anti-Semitism; Trump exhibits many New York traits, including a New York style depression era "sense of humor" ... one in which the line, "I was just kidding", follows on any comment which invokes a strong negative reaction.  NO!  He really wasn't kidding, but it's not worth defending the statement and risking losing the customer.
Can you mouth-off and get away with it?  OF COURSE -- so long as you don't repeat the statement.  Trump made it a habit of repeating things twice or three times ... very Biblical.  Or haven't you noticed the Old Testament makes it a point to repeat laws twice -- and if it is really important three times?  You say it twice and people remember -- even when they don't really remember the words, they remember the instinct the words are designed to trigger.
Say something stupid once and you get a reputation for being forthright and blunt.  Repeat it, immediately people understand that you are an idiot.  Most people... the 60% of the population who need to be told things two or three times and still might not get it.   Only 1% are intelligent enough to understand that which has yet to be said ... they don't need to hear the words, they can tell from the manner of presentation, the way someone carries themselves, or "glad-hands", that the person cannot be trusted.
Donald goes for the 60% who hear what has an emotionally positive trigger and ignore the obvious negative. Donald knows that the bulk of the non-thinkers are Republicans who tend  to lean toward bigotry and disrespect for others, or any not of their "kind", "class" or "Caste".  Say a comment once and it rings an emotionally positive and responsive bell with someone -- and that's the one you want to reach.  Everyone else will forget it when you make your next comment.  Each successive comment adds another follower and the amassing of followers is the goal.
In the early days of motion pictures, the "in" expression was "I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right."  When you control the publicity, there is no such thing as bad publicity.  Look at FaceBook, any social media, any real media, who is the one most often mentioned?  Hillary or Donald?  So whose name is on the conscious and subconscious level of the most people?  That is the real objective.
For all the idiotic things Donald might say to garner that publicity, how many explicit things can you recall -- FROM THE PREVIOUS, not the current, NEWS CYCLE?  What did he say last month?  Or, last week?  Sure you can remember what is in the news today -- but you'll forget it next week and have very little chance of recalling it next month.   UNLESS... it expressed something you believe but could not say to strangers because it would not be "politically correct".  That's how Donald grabs his base.
Hillary is tarnished by the incessant attacks on her character -- which are so frequent that people ignore the fact that nothing is ever proved to be factual.  "Where there is smoke" is the guide to people assuming a fire.  True, when there is smoke, there is fire -- but the problem comes when it is the firemen (Republicans) who are setting the fire and using it as an excuse to destroy your house ... even though your house is nowhere near where they set the blaze.
Have fun... THE DONALD will win, even if he loses.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

100-days and the clock is ticking

100-days and now the countdown begins in earnest.
"Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"
Which choice shall the voters claim as theirs?
Whichever one, will they even know if it is the right one? Will they get what they want, or what they wish for?
Does the nation stand on the edge of a precipice foretold to come 2000, or 2300, years ago?
Or does it simply stand on the precipice of its own self-hatred?
100-days and counting, with decisions locked and loaded...
Rosh Hashanah 2016 begins at sundown on Sunday, October 2
and ends at sundown on Tuesday, October 4 ... the math is Hebrew Calendar... the New Year precedes the election by a month and the cycle is fixed ....
What will THE DONALD do between now and then?
What will happen to Hillary, what shall she do?
Or will it be an act of the Islamic State -- or the Destruction of Rome -- that sets the stage for events in November?
The clock is ticking.

in 2013, "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future" told you Cruz would be marginalized and settle for his Senate Seat

But the fun is not over ... 100-days and counting began on 30 July 2016.
70-days and counting for the events to be locked and loaded.
Count on the Media to focus closely upon that which does not have significance.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump; Ted Cruz -- and you were warned.

2011/12: It began by telling you the time we were in -- the historic age and what was expected of those who loved war and to them by those who thought they could see the future.
The rules of engagement were simple -- turn away from your warmongering, cease your hatred, care for the orphans, sick and the aged.  Instead, the rules were used, as they continue to be, to invoke hatred and suppress those who are the way they were intended to be created by the natural rules of genetics.
No matter -- prophecy then kicked in...

2013/14: OK, so then you were told that you wanted a return to the Nazi era and that a New National Socialist Party -- like the old one, devoted to an opposition to that which is called Socialism or Democracy -- a new Party had been formed. But it had not leadership and had no concrete direction.
It did have a goal of overturning the "Revolution" and the state of events which had arisen during the last War.
It also opposed everything mandated in the First Book.
(Pun intended -- but over your head)

2013/14: Then someone stepped forward who wanted to be the leader, the spokesman, the source of a rallying cry -- and his right arm snapped stiff,... his palm was not down with fingers pointed out...
But he was from a neighboring nation which spoke your language, and he did identify with you and not them...  so he rose to elected power and had a voice that could be heard.
But he wasn't a true leader; he has shown he isn't even a good follower -- one who could lead a division in the coming war against the... hum, the war against yourselves?   

You were warned.  But things had yet to play out.
THEN arose a leader -- one who had studied the art of the mob's psychology, had studied the means of propaganda and had mastered its demands, one who believed his name belonged at above the heads and in the history books.
They called him names and he shrugged, expressed his displeasure, anger, and evidenced his mode of revenge.  And all this showed the mob that he was truly the learned they had sought -- and the people rallied to his banner.
And true to form, he spoke to the MOB while the elites-intellectuals ranted about facts and made fun of him...  It was what the study had said they would do and that the doing would cost them the war.   But, as the study predicted, the intellectuals only studied that which was in the curriculum -- and the study was not, and so it was unread and, despite their  degrees, as the study predicted, they remained uneducated.
Who is the biggest fool?  The blue-collar fool or the elite educated fool?  

2014: Finally, you were given a timeline of the events and choices it presented.
The Party would fall, or nation which adopted its leadership.
It was a matter of choosing Death Over Life -- do you wish to see people work, have healthcare, be comfortable in their old age, or do you wish to be a suicide bomber killing the many innocents?  Are you National or Global in goal?
Curiously, the author of the study had pronounced his belief in terms of nationalism and denounced the globalization.
He -- his nation -- had then, for the second time, been attacked by the Globalist power and forced into a war which, of course, he lost because he also attacked those who could have brought him victory ... and made them immigrants and refugees.
Now, the one following his study is denying the immigrants and refugees who could bring him victory, prosperity, and longevity.  This leader is bowing to the Globalist elites who are within his nation -- but he is one of theirs.
It is for the nation to choose.  Is Nationalism superior to Global-Militarism?  Is helping your own, and those in need, more worthy than causing greater need?


It is a simple choice, be made on election day.  It is not just the leader who needs to be chosen. You get to select those who will allow that leader to lead and determine the rules by which the nation lives -- or if it shall die.

Raise the Minimum Wage to 150% of poverty, and peg it to remain at that level.
Raise Average Social Security Payment to 150% of poverty -- where average means the average of children's benefits, spousal benefits, disability benefits, and retirement benefits with any other payments under that administration counted as well.
Raise the MINIMUM earned income based retirement benefit to 150% of  poverty ... and peg it there, so it automatically increases with basic poverty level inflation.
Scale all other payments upwards and raise the earnings which are subject to Social Security contributions to $1 million -- raising that too according to a poverty inflation formula -- change the personal deduction on Income tax so that the normal personal deduction for workers and social security received are on the same line, with the personal deduction being the higher of the two ... so that Social Security Income becomes the personal deduction for the retired person regardless of their other income.
Then tax their income accordingly -- but tax actual cash as credited to their account, and not in-kind income ... everyone could then place their home in a trust, place their income in the trust, have the trust support the cost of the home ... so that they or someone else can live there for free.
For that matter, so long as no payments are made to the Trust, and the rules of who can benefit from the Trust are EXPLICITLY CLEAR the retired person {or someone else} can be retired and live at the Trust expense -- so long as the trust has otherwise taxable income sufficient to cover the costs ... so far as the trust is concerned, the expenses are just normal short term (life, or qualification time, of recipient) deductions.
Ah, a rational tax code that supports old age ... without placing the people on the public dole while encouraging savings and investment for that old age.
But worth dreaming about.  

In any case.  Four books which warned you.  A five even told you what is going to happen over the next thirty years.  Not that it matters.  By then, the Baby Boomers will be dead, Social Security destroyed, and most of the Millenials or Gen X crowd wishing they had paid attention,



Wednesday, June 15, 2016


ORLANDO hatred-rhetoric-violence-spawn

The Republican agenda is achieving its aim.  Insist that we should make it easy for mass murderers to obtain assault rifles and they will obtain and use them.

The Right-wing and Arabic evangelicals are cheering the death of 49, with six critically wounded, and another 47 wounded.  They don't want people to have healthcare but they do love seeing it needed.

You were warned in SAINT PAUL'S JOKE.
You were warned in THE TEA PARTY: America upended.
You were warned in DEATH OVER LIFE.

Have you paid attention?
Will there be another incident in September or October?
It is now 15 June 2016... the clock is ticking.
You were warned in 2013 & into March 2014; point of no return is 6 November 2016 ... have fun ignoring you future.

Saturday, June 04, 2016


OK here's an interesting take on the POTUS Role ...
Donald is generally an idiot, that said, he's right!
America is the Global Policeman.  So it should levy a tax on the NATO nations to cover current, and even past, costs.
World War Three is coming and America is pushing for it -- the Republicans need to justify the enormous waste on the military.  Of course, if it becomes an income source, that allows America to cease promoting war to justify the waste.
NATO is a relic of the Cold War -- which was just the stalemated war which Hitler predicted the Russians would push for in their desire to take over Europe.
The East-West divide proved Hitler correct -- the British initiated the World War One on 3 September 1939.  Their goal was to allow Russia to expand eastward -- we know that because they attacked Germany and NOT Russia for invading Poland where the British had been building a Polish Army to attack Germany.
America is now the Global Power with the responsibility for killing as many people as possible.  The Islamic States are still fighting the nationalistic battles which began 150 years ago when they tried to evict the Ottoman Empire, then evict the British Empire.  They are headed by alleged Muslims who are actively violating the Koran by attacking Israel.
But Hey -- maybe that will start the next Global War ... and Pesident Trump would certainly help facilitate it.

 Donald Trump Says He Will Destroy NATO With His First Phone Call as President  By on
"I'd say, 'folks, we love protecting you, we want to continue to protect you'...but they have to pay, they have to pay."

Donald Trump Says He Will Destroy NATO With His First Phone Call as President

Donald Trump went on The Savage Nation Wednesday and told Michael Savage that all bets are off – we’re talking about the entire defense apparatus that has existed since the establishment of NATO. If they’re attacked, he said, they’re on their own. Unless they pay.
That’s right: We won’t honor any of our commitments unless they pay up. Look, there are legitimate criticisms to be made of NATO, but it fills an important role in the defense of the West. Perhaps his hero Vladimir Putin has offered Trump a better deal.
you can watch the full interview here):

“I’d contact countries and I’d say, ‘folks, we love protecting you, we want to continue to protect you,’ but they’re not living up to their bargain. You know, you’re talking about billions and billions of dollars, Michael, numbers that you wouldn’t even believe. But they’re not living up to their bargain and you know we cannot continue to be the policeman for the world. Now, I don’t mind, but they have to pay, they have to pay. If you look at the NATO countries – 28 countries – they’re not living up to what they’re supposed to be living up to. They’re not paying what they’re supposed to be paying, which is very little by the way. So what are we supposed to get into World War III over a country that doesn’t respect us enough to even pay what they’re supposed to be paying?”

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton -- Election Outcome 2 June 12016

This Prediction is dated 2 June 2016, but it is based on analysis done over the past five years.  Therefore, an analysis which is irrespective of the actual candidates and therefore relates only to the pattern to which they need to conform in order for America to survive five more POTUS.
As annoying as it might be for secular humanists, we can start with the Prophecy Timeline determined in "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"  and focused in on in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction".
 The real history will be in a book currently in production and tentatively titled "POTUS Cousins"
A Clinton Victory benefits the USA and sees the Republican Party fall to the point of requiring a major overhaul and the eviction of many of its more recognized leaders.
A Trump Victory also sees the fall of the Republicans -- but they take America with them.  There will be a major recession, possibly a Great Depression, followed by a War which will remove America from Superpower status.
Americans have not quite gotten to the point of being suicidal ... so TRUMP FAILS to win the election and goes home happy.
SO... THE 2 JUNE 2016 PREDICTION FOR THE NOVEMBER ELECTION: Hillary Clinton wins with a near record margin -- be it popular votes or Electoral College.
Another prediction that isn't based upon the above:  2018-2020 sees the death of someone significant ... it might be Bernie Sanders, it might be the Pope (OK last Pope is due to die so generically toss him in with the current one).
Expect an Attack on ROME ... but that was mentioned in  "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE"

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Leaving Donald Trump's America -- before he gets to destroy it..

Evidence of prediction-fulfillment continues to roll in. In this case, The much threatened "LEAVE THE NATION" Republican's destruction of America or themselves The worse case? The destruction of America. But we are on schedule ... if this interpretation is correct, then the next one should really be fun -- five months and counting.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to reduce or eliminate abortions.

Mandate the signature of the biological father before a fetus can be aborted.
That would be equitable -- since the father could be held liable for child support if the fetus is born.
Include in the legislation, or as a separate law, a mandate that the father must consent to the birth before child support can be imposed.
The Abortion Clinic and Doctor are to be held liable for an abortion that is done without paternal consent. The amount of the penalty against the clinic shall be not less than the average 18-year support payment that is assigned to, or associated with, child support.  That amount would NOT be less than the amount that Social Security pays for dependent children -- children whose parent died.
Immediately, abortions would be reduced.
Next, for the Evangelicals, the  religious basis for this is the Biblical Law governing an attack on a pregnant woman  which results in the loss of the fetus -- Biblically, the father is entitled to payment.
Of course, that seems to be too easy...

Monday, March 21, 2016

Christian religion is irrational.

In the books, GRANDPA WAS A DEITY, and SAINT PAUL'S JOKE, we have, respectively, the origin of the son of deity religion and the universally violated mandates of gentile Christianity.
We know from the biblical story of Noah that we are all descended from the deity, a fact intended to bring an end to the pagan son of God mythology.  Obviously, the Romans couldn't let it go and it persists to this day.
But the greatest irrationality is the judgement day and eternal punishment ...
Consider this, you shall receive pain and torment; why would you accept?
Since you receive pain, and there is no death, you can refuse and fight back ... you are, effectively, an indestructible super-being enjoying eternal existence.  There is no reason to submit.  Granted, rebellion is against a similar being, but who cares -- the torment becomes equal to all parties.
To hold someone down in the mud, you need to get into the mud with them.
Thus, all there could possibly be is oblivion ... non-existence, non-consciousness, non-punishment.  Added to which, punishment is inefficient ... a waste of energy in a universe that we know is extremely efficient... it is irrational to hold that the greater of a self sustaining efficient universe would be so wasteful.
But then, Christians insist that their DEITY is imperfect and inefficient ... and makes mistakes, gets things wrong, or changes things arbitrarily to meet the needs of the prayers of those who do not accept the perfect of existence.
So sad.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MINIMUM WAGE - Republican Logic

Republicans know how stupid their base really is ... Donald Trump has mastered the art of manipulating that level of stupid.
The Republicans will show two underpaid individuals and argue that the most underpaid, the one who justifies corporate welfare in the form of public assistance subsidies to their wage base, are to be denied a living wage because they are already paying the other individual just enough to keep them off the public dole.
Naturally, they would love to find a justification for LOWERING the higher paid wages -- but they don't believe you to be that stupid ... but they are achieving it ... they raise the taxes on the higher paid wage (while lowering the taxes on the corporate employers, but also increasing sales and property taxes and any tax weighted towards and imposed upon basic necessities).
Funny thing about the McD's wages -- it would mean $0.04 (FOUR CENTS) more on a meal.  But you -- who does NOT eat at McD's -- would rather pay a full percent more on purchases in the form of increased sales tax ... and  another full percentage point in income taxes ... then have those who eat at McD's pay 4 cents more.
YEP Republicans know just how dumb you are.
SO VOTE REPUIBLICAN and reward them for that knowledge.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Do unto Trump Supporters as they do unto others

There is a level of right-wing religious comedy in Trump and the violence or racism he has activated.  The Evangelicals should be sweating bullets -- they have spoken of "Judgment Day" and "End-of-Times", which are due in this century -- accordingly they are self-identifying for damnation.

Listen to the Pat Roberston types as they ask: "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"?   And then proclaim we are ... while telling you to send them money... If they are correct, we know they are RIGHT {wing}, then they are screwed ... let them know it.   

Was Jesus Middle Eastern?  Was he different? Is their candidate opposing those from the Middle East ... opposing ISA (the Islamic name for Jesus, who their faithful will follow .. noting that Terrorists are as disobedient to Islam as Christians are to the Gospel of St Paul)? 
{ah "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" has got them by that which Trump bragged was so big [ ])

Did Jesus preach the Good Samaritan and free healthcare, and recuperative support, for one who needed it?  Do they, as with Cruz, pride themselves in their opposition to Obamacare and thus the Good Samaritan teachings??

Did Jesus preach LOVE and aren't we seeing that the Republicans teach HATE?
Poor Evangelicals ... by their own deeds will you know, and condemn them ... but to understand that, they need to read the BOOK, and stop using it as a bludgeon.

And to those who object to my phrasing this in the Republican manner ... instead of objecting to their actions,  try exposing their hypocrisy in their terms, in terms they use ... speak to the hypocrites in their native tongue, then you can stomp them ... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you -- can be taken to mean that what they do, they are inviting be done to them  ... many times over.

Friday, February 19, 2016

PRESIDENT TED CRUZ -- the next level a court test

PRESIDENT TED CRUZ -- the next level
Case against Ted Cruz's eligibility to be heard in Illinois on Friday
By Theodore Schleifer, CNN Updated 2:11 PM ET, Fri February 19, 2016

Ah the fun, the board of elections in Illinois CORRECTLY declined to remove Cruz from the primary ballot -- there is nothing in Constitution which prevents running for the nomination to be a candidate for POTUS ... the Constitution says he just can't be sworn in if he were to become a candidate and be elected.
Cruz could run as an Independent -- otherwise, the Party would need to determine his eligibility at time of nomination -- basically deciding if they would run someone ineligible to be swrorn in, and thus negate any victory.

NOW, the Illinois might rule on the primary ballot without speaking to the FINAL eligibility issue, or it could cite the eligibility -- say he is ineligible to be POTUS, but still allow him to be on ballot, or say he appears eligible for Illinois purposes. The Illinois court does not have the jurisdiction for a national/federal determination.
"President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future"
states Cruz is clearly ineligible because he is a Natural-Born Canadian AND his citizenship in America is inherited via a NATURALIZATION LAW which allows it to be revoked.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pope Francis on Donald trump's Walls

This refers to a prophecy cited in "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE"
During one of the Pope's travels, Rome is to be attacked and destroys -- this is to happen during the time of Malachi's​ 112th Pope, who appears to be Francis (assuming he does NOT die during the time that Benedict is alive, otherwise his successor is the 112th).
As many people know, prior to publication the Vatican requested, and studied "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE", adding it to the archives several moths later -- immediately thereafter Benedict prepared his retirement​ Villa, and concurrent with publication, he announced his retirement (facts​ which are well documented).
[ ]

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Is the US ready for a socialist president

Actually, the title question is rather stupid -- and, while not asked by them, reflects the stupidity of the Republican Party and where it is leading the nation.
FDR -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt POTUS 33, originator of the New Deal and creator of the most prosperous era in American history, was the ultimate Socialist President. Any intelligent person would be hard pressed to find a program in his administration that was not, at its heart, pure socialism.
Socialism works -- Jesus was a Socialist though you would never know that from those who allege to follow his teachings.
Consider the nonsense over ACA (Obamacare) in which the "good Evangelicals" are at the forefront of trying to repeal and destroy it, and everything else associated with Healthcare -- that is, keeping the average person healthy and productive. It's "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" -- they would "come in his name and he would not know, recognize, nor defend them".

ACA is the Good Samaritan with Reagan privatization and payment requirements attached. In the Good Samaritan, the idea is that the evil ones walk by (they don't go as far as Cruz, who actively and repeatedly attacks the Samaritan for stopping to offer help); the good person, surprisingly the Samaritan, stops -- he does not ask for identification or citizenship proof, does not check to see is thugs had missed anything valuable which he could then take in payment for helping, he just helps. The Samaritan assists the man; takes him to a place where the man can get care and sees he gets it; then pays for the mans care during the recovery period and leaves -- with no no request for future repayment.
THAT is the socialism we see in Europe and every civilized nation -- especially those who are not boasting about how "Christian" they are...."SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and American Republicans are the butt of it.
The Vermont senator has never hidden his views but his proposed policies to overhaul tuition fees and healthcare have branded him a dangerous extremist