Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Election Prediction ... into 2022 and 2033

Bernie as POTUS and Hillary as VP ... that would give us a shot at the reforms Bernie has been promoting since the 60's and the State Department experience of Hillary to handle foreign affairs (VP's are perfect for that, they are out of the limelight; so can conduct negotiations and still have my favorite negotiation line, "I'll need to check that with my boss").
In terms of what I'm working on in the book department -- there are no historically correct candidates and this is a "mystical period/era".  Bernie is 74 (75 on election day), as POTUS he's good for one term ... he dies around 2022, so in their second term, if Hillary is VP (she's 69 on election day, 73 in the second term, 75 in 2022) ... she becomes first female POTUS.
Prophecy war is 2033 -- POTUS 49.
Total nonsense ... unless it happens ... then totally accurate prediction ... ����

POTUS 49 and 2033 MUST coincide.

The period for POTUS 47, 2025-2028 will be interesting -- whether good or bad can't be stated at this time.

Evangelicals should be warned that they are TOTALLY SCREWED -- based on the Book of Revelation and the probable timeline that began in 1929 

(Don't look for a RAPTURE, that was just for the 12 Tribes, and happened in 1945.  The Levites stayed around to handle the mess on the ground.  If the Evangelicals actually believed in a Deity, they would be voting for Bernie Sanders, supporting ACA, and quiet about Planned Parenthood -- but screaming about the excessively high Military Budget.  Fortunately, none of them believe; but that's "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and calls for an attack on Rome while Francis is traveling.)

The Effects of THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE Republican agenda will bring down "Babylon the great city" -- which we call Washington.  But, Donald Trump has said it has already fallen, hence the "Make America Great Again" and the fulfillment of that particular prophecy ... which only requires the words, or their equivalent, to be spoken in 2015/16.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rich Get Richer

Here is a curious reality, but one which is also economically rational: The BUSH 43 Great Recession, which was a global event, opened the door to the rich getting extremely rich.

In America, the jump was the greatest and seems to have "taken" wealth away from Singapore and France to a greater degree than any other nation -- based on the common starting point for America, Singapore and France.
 But none of the American growth has filtered down to the average citizen.  Given that America represents 5% of the world population, it should be possible to accumulate vast wealth across the demographic spectrum and still maintain the emerging wealth concentration structure.  In fact, were that to be done, the wealthiest Americans should see their holdings grow experientially,
There is a curiosity: Where are the Oil nations of the Middle east.  We see Mauritius, a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, on the list -- ahead of Sweden and Denmark -- but no oil rich nations?
. Working for the Few - Oxfam report

Global Economic Patter and America is on the bottom.

We hear about the divergence between rich and poor in America...
BUT, it's a GLOBAL pattern.
the issues become: How will the wealth of the top 62 affect America?  And How many of those 62 are Americans?
American Republicans allege America is the richest/Best whatever ... and yet that isn't where America seems to be in various international comparisons.  In fact, since the dawn of the Reagan Era,  Americ has consistently fallen behind.
Trump, as a Global Businessman, knows this and so can say "Make America Great Again" ... he can't, as a Republican, do it, because the Republicans caused the problem and are working hard to expand it (see Flint Michigan as an example).
America needs to discover where the wealth is, bring it home, and spread it around to the point where it is the Americans on top and then the rest of the world.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cruz argues Vietnam and other Amerasians are eligible to be POTUS

We have 1982 Amerasian Homecoming Act, and in 1988, the U.S. Congress passed the Amerasian Homecoming Act (PL 100-200). [8] The law took effect on March 21, 1988 and allowed Vietnamese Amerasians born January 1, 1962 through January 1, 1976 to apply for immigrant visas until March 21, 1990.

Ted Cruz claimed:  "Under longstanding U.S. law, the child of a U.S. citizen born abroad is a natural-born citizen. If a soldier has a child abroad, that child is a natural-born citizen. That's why John McCain, even though he was born in Panama, was eligible to run for president."
Now, Assuming this Harvard Law Honors Student, who worked for the Supreme Court, is not lying, then we have a problem: Why did we need the 1982 Amerasian Homecoming Act?

Those children are Natural-Born Americans entitled to a US Passport and, to grow up and run for the office of POTUS.   Granted, one needs evidence they are the children of Americans -- but it doesn't matter if they are born in or out of wedlock.  A Natural-Born American can be illegitimate ... hum-m-m, maybe we already had an illegitimate child who became POTUS ... What do you think?  Care to check the History Books?

Moreover, any effort to keep a natural-born American out of America would seem to be a violation of their Constitutional Rights,  and grounds for a massive lawsuit -- one that reflects denial of education, freedom, and all kinds of other very costly stuff (costly when the judgment comes down against Congress).
Under the laws, we are talking immigration for about 20,000 Amerasians and that means 20,000 future POTUS candidates -- if Cruz were being honest.  Statistically, it is claimed that By 2009, about 50 percent of all the immigrants who arrived under the law had become U.S. citizens.  But Cruz argued that, like himself, they are ALL Natural-Born Citizens and, therefore, all already were, from birth, FULL Citizens.
If you support Cruz, then you MUST support the fact that all the Amerasians are Natural-Born Americans and, if they meet the other requirements, could become POTUS -- without challenge or objection.
If you believe Cruz a LIAR and, therefore, unfit to be POTUS, then, naturally you believe Cruz and the Amerasian-citizens to be naturalized citizens and disqualified for the office of POTUS.   

Friday, January 08, 2016

Ted Cruz - NO AMERICAN ROOTS, Obama , that's a different matter

Obama is a cousin to all these presidents (including the Bush Clan)
[P01], George 'Major General' Washington 3rd cousin 10x removed
[P13], Millard Fillmore 7th cousin 6x removed
[P18], Hiram Ulysses S Grant 6th cousin 6x removed
[P19], Rutherford Birchard Hayes Half 6th cousin 5x removed
[P32], Franklin Delano Roosevelt 8th cousin 2x removed
[P30], John Calvin Coolidge 10th cousin 2x removed
[P33], Harry S Truman 6th cousin 3x removed
[P36], Lyndon Baines Johnson 4th cousin 3x removed
[P37], Richard Milhous Nixon 9th cousin 3x removed
[P41], George Herbert Walker Bush 10th cousin 1x removed
[P42], William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton Half 8th cousin 3x removed
[P43], George Walker Bush 11th cousin

Ted Cruz's family. aside from the Communist "Cuban Freedom Fighter" for Castro, Cruz's "American" family ran from the Irish Potatoe famine and can claim a 170-year history in America with no noteworthy accomplishments of relatives.  

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Republican's Spawn Poverty

It appears that the Republicans oppose "Socialism" because they want their states to be on the dole.  But they don't like admitting it.

That's OK.  America needs a Republican POTUS and a solidly Republican Congress.  Once that is achieved, the nation falls and the Islamic State is free to move unimpeded across the Middle East and into Europe.

2016 "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" the year America decides to commit suicide (or not).  Poor Republicans.  Imagine that the Democrats and Bernie Sanders were to win in November.
Imagine a return to the Nation FDR saw and sought to create.
Imagine a nation without poor, where the elderly could live with dignity, where the sick were treated as they are in all the civilized nations of the world -- imagine America becoming a civilized nation, instead of a nation of gun-toting radicals (like those in Oregon).
Imagine AMERICA as it was envisioned by the Founding Fathers of the Northern States ... and not the semi-literate slaveholders of the south.
Imagine AMERICA as a prosperous nation, a nation which followed from the programs instituted by FDR, before it was destroyed by the post-Reagan radicals who eaven Reagan would have denounced.

Shall America build its economy, or continue to outsource it and undermine its future?

Ah the fun ... the BIRTHER MOVEMENT seeks to nominate someone who is ineligible for the POTUS office because he is NOT a Natural Born American and admits it openly -- then lies about his eligibility.  And they attacked an American with roots going back to Washington and the Founders as being "foreign".
AH the hypocrisy of it all.
2016, the year the American Dream died.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Climate Change hits the North Pole ... foretelling the death of America

The FIRST CRACK in the effect Climate Change will have on the Poles:
"On Wednesday morning, temperatures over a vast area around North Pole were somewhere between 30 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and for at least a brief moment, surpassed the 32-degree threshold at exactly 90 degrees North, ..."

As the currents stabilize the warmth will become more regular ... Eventually, Sea Levels will rise between 20 and 40 feet ... Florida, the Island of Manhattan, much of Boston, and all of New Orleans will be under water.

The Republican Party is on record as not caring -- they are actually in full denial mode and so are working to ensure the destruction of much of the Coastal United States.

Granted, not much can be done -- but they could begin the migration away from coastal regions and encourage relocation to inland communities. The new construction would boost the economy and, when the sea levels do rise, the resulting displacement, or creation of flood zone refugees, will have been minimized.

Let us assume we have until 2100 -- 85-years to create A NEW and more prosperous America ... one where buildings are constructed with solar and wind-power incorporated into their self-powering designs.

Instead, we will incarcerate citizens and plan the mass murder of foreign nations -- funded with outlandish debt which will have to be paid in full when the water rise (which began in the late 1800's) becomes inescapable.

It is likely in the top five strongest storms on record in this region.
Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point
It's summer in December at the Arctic Circle this week.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Financial Fall of Washington comes closer -- the end of the American Century

Back in 1994, Osama Bin Laden declared he wanted America to go Bankrupt -- he also said he wanted Saddam Hussein dead. Well, Bush 43 gifted al Qaeda with the latter, and now the Congress is gifting them with the former.

Granted, it will take a little time for the debt to have its effect. The first Baby Boomer has only just retired, and the peak retirement era isn't going to hit until around 2025-2030. Between now and then, America will work hard to blck all new immigration and so undermine the labor force (taxpayer base). Thus, the bankruptcy is three POTUS terms away ... but it is coming.

The 1% have already begun outsourcing their wealth; they began outsourcing the source of that wealth decades ago -- around the time Reagan began training al Qaeda and recruited Bin Laden to represent USA interests against Russia in Afghanistan. Of course, Russia got the message and turned Capitalist. And, along with Communist China, which has now reclaimed its historic and traditional Capitalist ideology, is now lending money to America in hopes of foreclosing on it in in about 15 years.

Note, between now and the November election, America is on track to achieve what the Right-Wing Evangelicals have been seeking for half a century -- the fall of "Babylon {WASHINGTON} the great city" ... nice to know it remains on the schedule set out in the book: "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

UN-American in 1950's ... Totally Right-wing American in 2015

Franklin Graham America’s 2nd Generation Anti-Christ

Evangelist Franklin Graham, successor to Evangelist Billy Graham, has come to the forefront as the modern, 21st century, anti-Christ.
It appears that Graham has absolutely no issue with the Republican POTUS hopeful Chris Christie advocating, even boasting he would start, World War Three.
Graham has no problem with POTUS hopefuls Ted Cruz and Donald Trump advocating carpet bombing of civilians who have criminal family members – members of ISIS.  Obvious Graham is spitting on the Biblical prohibition against  holding children responsible for the crimes of their fathers, and parents responsible for the crimes of their children.
In that regard, the fact that ISIS is recruiting Europeans would seem to go along with Graham’s acceptance of the WW III scenario – clearly he would attack France and England for the sins of their children.
Naturally, in keeping with "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE", and bordering on the most radical aspect of Sharia Law, this American “Christian” leader is opposed to women receiving health care that involves any form of assistance in conception, fertilization and other reproductive services.
However, he has absolutely no problem with ignoring public and societal needs so that fund can be diverted to the production of sufficient numbers of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) as to allow his kind to destroy the world six times over.  Naturally it is in the name of “Military Readiness” and “Military Strength” for a military force that has been expending trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives fighting a band of underfunded terrorist criminals – after 14 years not only has it been losing, but the opposition is on the verge of obtaining formal international recognition … not bad for a territorially deprived band of  his fellow Satanists.
Being a good Evangelist, Graham is proud to leave the Republican Party over their failure to deny the medical assistance Jesus exemplified in the parable of the Good Samaritan; Graham has no problem with “Living By The Sword” – those who support his evil ministry are the same people whose economic survival depends on both making and using those swords, or sell the swords to any who, like ISIS, will use them to murder innocents.
It is interesting that Graham never had a problem with America leaving behind, abandoning, Billions of Dollars in combat ready equipment and munitions for ISIS to use.
After, he advocates THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE – even advocating the murder of women, rather than allowing them a life-saving termination of a fetus that is effectively dead and killing the woman who wished to be a mother.  Like a good associate of his terrorist brethren, Graham hates women – thinks “they need to be kept in the place,” and either produce a child or die.  But then, when they do produce the child, Graham supports those who would see it homeless, hungry and sick.  And should mom work, Graham wants to make sure she (and/or the child’s father) is paid below poverty wages and so is denied the ability to properly support that child.
Because the Republicans haven’t gone far enough to ensure harm to Americans,  Evangelist Franklin Graham,  has announced he is leaving the Republican Party. 

But for what Political Party?  What other Party in America is so proud of its desire to murder people and inflict harm on other nations?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ted Cruz -- Conning America out of MILLIONS (legally)

FUN: The constitution [Art 1 Sec 2] states: "No Person except a natural born Citizen,... shall be eligible to the Office of President.
Note the language. It does not state an ineligible person cannot run for, or that they cannot solicit donations to run for, the POTUS position. It simply says they are not eligible ... thus, if elected, they would be disqualified and the results [pertaining to their ticket] nullified.
Cruz was VER VERY careful to make it clear that he is a Natural Born Canadian -- thus inferring he is ineligible for the office (but he is, as he has stated, eligible to be in the race for the nomination).
WHY the semantics?
Cruz is a top-of-his-class Harvard Lawyer. He knows he cannot be charged with fraud if he has fully disclosed his status. Thus, Cruz has managed to defraud PAC's and donors of over 36 MILLION DOLLARS ... and there is no legal basis for them to complain.
If he actually were to be nominated to be POTUS or VP, there is the possibility that he would cross the line into outright fraud. However, note the positions he takes. Note how careful he is to be extreme and therefore, not the type of candidate who would, ultimately, make it onto the ticket and be elected.
If he is NOT elected, the possibility of his being charged with fraud is minimal -- far more embarrassing to the Republican Party than offering legal recourse to anyone. It is only if he is elected that, and the vote nullified, that the matter becomes and issue -- at which point it will be discovered he still holds Canadian Citizenship, and will escape across the border with whatever remains of his ill-gotten gains.
As stated in, "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", Cruz wants power in the Senate -- he does not actually want to be a candidate.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Going into Iowa 2015–pick the POTUS

Cruz can not escape the BIRTHER CURSE: we know he is a natural born Canadian citizen and an American by statutory inheritance. 
Thus he is Constitutionally Ineligible to be POTUS.
The beauty of the process, if he wins the votes for Nomination, and that yields a Convention Victory.  Donald Trump can nullify it with a simple Constitutional Challenge that only a landmark SCOTUS ruling can resolve.
Carson is dumb enough to think the Pyramids are Grain Silos build by Joseph – never mind the fact that the time periods associated with each are separated by roughly 1000-years, it is obvious  they were not capable of being used in that manner.
the fact he was a Brain Surgeon and the current evidence of gross stupidity are evidence of a serious breakdown in mental capacity – when Reagan left office, his Alzheimer's emerged; for Carson the evidence is showing even before he is nominated.
Donald Trump is a problem.  He knows what he is doing – what he is advocating.  He is in the game for the profit and enhancement of his Name Brand.
Trump has gone to court to stop renewable energy project – only because they spoil the view on a golf course he planned to build.
Partnered with another Billionaire, he is building a resort for Dubai millionaires – but pays his immigrant workers about a dollar an hour.
He has no respect for immigrants – and considers them slaves … but he holds a similar opinion of Americans.

Given the willingness of Congress to attack the best interests of all Americans, it is clear that these are the types of candidates the nation deserves.  Especially when ISIL makes its next scheduled attack.    

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Donald Trump–don’t want ta be President

The Washington Post article:
The Fix
These 3 sentences about Donald Trump should scare the hell out of Republicans

meet my response:

The message has been around in "politically incorrect" terms for a very long time. Donald has stated the message in clearly defined and positive terms -- not the "The Tea Party: America Upended" [ opposition without action terminology, but rather a clear call to action "BAN MUSLIMS!" and "BUILD WALL!". Even if they are unachievable and Constitutionally illegal, they are clear statements of actions. 
The right-wing Republicans and Cruz "it's bad" nonsense offers no answers ... no direction to try, or move.  
All the other candidates offer is stagnant and rather stupid (read Dr Seuss style) opposition. 
Promoting THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is standard for the Republicans -- it defines the nature of every vote and the budget-destroying borrow and squander build more WMD's mindset. 
"Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", require that they achieve their goal by 7 October 2016 and have it affirmed in the November General Election.[
It is true, "there is absolutely zero that establishment Republicans can do ... " It isn't going to stop, or slow, or collapse, because it is the message the Republicans have been delivering since Obama was elected. It is a message of HATE -- but the other candidates have expressed it in vague and politically safe terms. 
Is Trump "indestructible"? Of course not. But he also does NOT want to be POTUS -- he wants the power that comes with being the losing candidate when the winner  
Donald KNOWS THIS to be true -- he has the contacts in foreign locations and he hears the discussions the media does not report. He doesn't want the POTUS job -- he just wants to be the Candidate. 

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

If Republicans win in 2016

Hate unfolds and the ramifications get interesting. 
Uniformly, the right-wing republican position has been opposed to ALL meaningful and significant immigration. They want the Mexican border closed; they want to stop Islamic refugees; if any population actually sees a benefit in America over Asia or Europe, the right-wing is opposed. 
The population demographic projection -- compared to the apparently identical projection in The Revelation Prophecy -- indicates immigrants and their American-born children will constitute the overwhelming majority of America's workforce when the population peaks around 2050. 
This is the relevant chart:


As noted, eliminate the immigrants and all that is left is an elderly population that was promised retirement, or is far to old to work. Thus, there are no taxpayers and no soldiers. Hence no more nation.  
Americans have between now and 7 October 2016 to decide if that is really what they want. As of now -- with the ranting against Obama and calls for war, it appears the Nation wishes to fall. 
The 20 richest Americans have more assets and wealth than 152 million of their countrymen -- that means their families can get on their private jets and leave (wealth symbolically in-pocket, but electronically preceding them to their destination) at any time they decide to leave. 
Trump's family are among those who can leave. Their business interests are already global. Or, by then, his grandchildren can buy the nation for pennies. But your grandchildren will be refugees. 
The basis for the prophecy dating calculations appears in: "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

It should be noted that Revelation calls for a drop in population of thirty percent.  Which would bring the American senior population back from 84 million to roughly 60 million. 

OR, given a die off of 144 million, it could wipe out the seniors completely and eat into 690 million of the remaining population base. 

That would effectively yield a population that is under 60 years old.  That is, assuming the immigrants are in the picture.  If they aren’t, and since they would be the youngsters, the elderly still die.  The nation dies, or is absorbed by Islam, or India, or China.

Sarah Palin Pushes Crusade against 1.6 Billion Moslims


Sarah Palin apparently wants to declare war on ALL MUSLIMS.
In historic terminology, Palin and the Republicans are advocating the start of another CRUSADE ... a HOLY WAR against members of a Religion -- who also happen to number 1.6 Billion against America's 365 million.
Palin is advocating genocidal mass murder -- just as Cruz and Trump have with their killing the families and carpet bombing plans.

So Please vote Republican -- keep them in Congress and put one in the White House ... we need a good Third World War fought with NON-conventional terrorist weapons on top of the Middle Eastern oil fields that our tanks and planes and trucks need for their fuel (or we could turn off the fuel to our homes and donate that to the slaughter operation).

Sieg Heil !!! shall the Fuhrer be Heir trump or Heir Cruz? One of the previous Fuehrer's credentials was his birth in a different nation -- so Cruz seems to have the advantage there.
But the Fuhrer could also shout and roust people into anger -- advantage Trump.
OH the difficulty choosing who will destroy the nation. When it's over, will Saudis Arabia be like America was to Germany, and help rebuild what ISIL destroys?
Or will the kill ratio be such that there are no Americans and so no need to rebuild?
Yep ... let's have another mindless Crusade. The Armageddon that the evangelicals keep saying they want -- so they can escape the world and live in "heaven".

2016 Republican Candidates

The “Popular” Candidates speak out – and show their true America Values.


Watch the Congressional Budget Votes – they are opposed to producing a healthy population, but favor Weapons of Mass Destruction and anything that will cause harm to the planet.

It all goes to PROVE which side of that Bible they wave they are really on.  Their DEADline is fixed at 7 October 2016 – expect them to get assistance from ISIL.

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Sunday, November 29, 2015

“City on the Hill” America–Winthrop, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Rev 6:04

The focus is a build up to applying the prophecy which reads: "Babylon The Great City has fallen."
Franklyn Delano Roosevelt used a city reference in the rhetoric of one of his speeches.
Roosevelt’s address has been called a sermon -- the “City on a Hill” sermon -- and reflected that given in 1630 by John Winthrop.
Keeping in mind that Winthrop's sermon was delivered long before the United States came into being.
The image was also used by John F Kennedy.
By its detractors, Washington is often referred to as Babylon -- but, for Winthrop, the "City" image refers to the Nation which was to be built.

" Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are uppon us;
soe that if wee shall deale falsely with our god in this worke wee have undertaken and soe cause him to withdrawe his present help from us,
wee shall be made a story and a byword through the world,
wee shall open the mouthes of enemies to speake evill of the wayes of god and all professours for Gods sake;
wee shall shame the faces of many of gods worthy servants, and cause theire prayers to be turned into Cursses upon us till wee be consumed out of the good land whether wee are going: "

And, if these words resonate through time, the eyes of the world were upon US. And, did we deal falsely -- denying aid to the poor, and food to the hungry?
Did we deal falsely in arguing against health care for the sick?
Did we deal falsely by building our budget around a life by the sword -- and giving preference to the construction of Weapons of Mass Destruction of the needs of the many?
Did we deal falsely by proclaiming we were "pro-life" and killing those who provided, or sought, medical aid with regard to the coming of new life and the saving of existing lives?
Did we deal falsely by insisting that people life with the consequences of a failed conraceptive device, a rape, or a birth defect that will cause them to love one who will die within a brief time of gaining life?
Did we deal falsely by insisting that those who sought to escape a burden they could not afford, shoulder that burden -- while we do all we can to deny them the assistance to handle that burden which we insisted they be saddled with?
Did we deal falsely by insisting we have the right to invade and murder with impunity -- just because we don't care for the free choices other make?
And thus do we cause our prayers to be turned into Curses upon us, and condemn us to be consumed and removed from the good land that is Now the modern Babylon -- a "city-nation" which will fall in the eyes of the world, and be cursed as being beneath the heel of the most immoral of the terrorist kind.
Evangelicals have wished for it to be so, and their people only have until 7 October 2016 to make it so.
If they fail -- even in the slightest detail -- the real prophecy will come to pass ... one based on Climate Change and a simple and natural passing of life.
Well, a third of humanity pass in violent war? Or in the old age that befits a baby boom generation which, for a brief period of time, distorted the natural demographics?
That will be decided and locked into place in November 2016.
Either way, the prophecy will be fulfilled -- and the schedule held to.
Look at the image that heads this page, what significance has the Red Horseman and the years 1939/1977/2001/2015?
Were those dates in the News for any Red Horseman [WAR or military death] related events?

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Saturday, November 28, 2015

In Both Politics and Religion: Idiots to the RIGHT of me; Idiots to the LEFT.

Consider the great age we live in -- Social Pages and other Net resources have now made it clear how many people fall into some categories.
On the RIGHT, we have those who deny science and evolution; they hold that magic rules the world; because they deny the evidence of science, they worship a creator who lies and produced false evidence.  Thus worshiping a deceiver of mankind.
On the LEFT we have those who deny that all things have a beginning; they deny the term we have for the emergence of something from absolute nothing; then too, they justify that denial by asserting an eternal existence in which there was a point dubbed "The Big Bang" -- but they also denying the existence of that which is called eternal and that which begins with a "word", where that "word" is nothing but a form of noise ... not unlike a "Big Bang" ... used to express what we relate to an explosive beginning event in the soundless vacuum of space.

To the Right of us, to the left of us, the same irrational idiots in opposition to each other -- and over what?  Only the words that should be used to describe the exact same reality.

Is it any wonder that an intelligent people, known throughout the world for their high IQ's and grasp on reality, should say that there would be a predictable time when those two sides will meet in combat -- in a world suffering the effects of Climate Change -- and finally annihilate each other?

When you are caught in the middle, how do you get to the sidelines?  How do you get out of the way, so you can have your "Tailgate Party" while watching the idiots destroy each other?

 "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" ?  More and more, the evidence is pointing to a resounding YES.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why Homosexuals? Why have them?

We have a group in society which opposes Homosexuals and Transsexuals.  They wave the Bible around and thus declare the one they assert is the All-Wise Creator of all things is a completely incompetent idiot.

Why an incompetent idiot?  Well, the answer is actually quite simple – research, which is unrefuted in terms of a presentation of proper evidentiary objections, proves that homosexuality and bisexuality is standard to all mammals roughly the same 5-10% proportion of their natural populations.

Thus, their alleged intelligent-design is either a rather complete incompetent, or had an intelligent reason for the necessity of homosexuality – and to a related extent, bisexuality.

Naturally, terrorists, evangelicals, Republicans and a few other groups who assert they “talk to God”, devote themselves to the violation of the scriptures they hold so dear.  Thus it is fully consistent for them to hold that they worship an idiot, and therefore need not adhere to anything which does not suit their immediate purpose.

Now that I have chased those idiots away – as well as those idiots who believe the universal rule that you cannot get something from nothing does not apply to the universe – we can get to the topic of Why there is the need for “gays” throughout the animal kingdom and for humans, why homosexuality in humans.

Phrased another way, in terms of evolution, why has the homosexual trait, which is counter reproductive and is therefore should NOT be genetically passed in anything approaching a consistent ratio … why has it survived?

The answer is.  It is a necessary trait and passed by those who are otherwise heterosexual (“straight”).

First, there are – as recognized by oft misrepresented laws in the Book of Leviticus – two genders, with two manifestations of homosexuality: Male and Female, the purely same-sex orientation, and a bisexual orientation.

Bisexuality in males allows diseases that are unique to male homosexuality to cross into the female realm and then into the straight community.  Thus the Leviticus health code declares male bisexuals to be a sinful, and, in that context, condemns the females who assist in the male bisexual activities.

In that case, the women serve as the conduit for a male disease which could have reproductive consequences of a type which, when introduced into straight sexuality by those women, would adversely affect the conception and health of any offspring.  Thus contaminating, or in some manner ending, the genetic line and, ultimately, the race – maybe even the human species.

But note, the Leviticus rule does NOT condemn either the homosexuality of either gender, nor bisexuality in women that does not involve a homosexual male.  That is because bisexuality in a polygamous structure can be seen as a bonding force between the females who are in some terms, “sister-wives”.   Female bisexuality could create a bond between wives, as between each and the male, with the male serving the necessary function of common sperm donor to the female family reproductive unit.  As a result, the total family structure becomes stronger.

Given male roles in society (or the animal kingdom), the idea that a male is gay serves to bond him with his male co-fighters, or co-hunters.  That he would be bisexual is necessary for reproduction.  But, logically, we should recognize that the reproductive element is overruled by the health factors which could threaten survival of the tribe.  Thus the condemnation of what is actually that reproductive potential for disease transmission.

Why focus on the male?  Again, it’s mandated by a role based decision.  Men travel, women stay at home; in the act of travel, the males are exposed to a wide range of diseases that are not generally present in their home environment – or which were eradicated by the creation of that environment.

HIV spread, in Africa and India, has given us a model for this disease introduction.  In both locales, male truckers engaging in bisexual liaisons, while conducting their normal long distance hauling, have  managed to introduce the disease to their wives.  Interestingly, those women engaged in prostitution in HIV prevalent areas have been noted to have evolved a counter agent to the disease – thus they are protected, while their clients are not.

Eliminate the bisexual behavior and you prevent the infection of prostitutes and any possibility of a faithful wife from contracting it through anything short of direct blood transfer.  But not, Biblically, any foreign blood is deemed a biohazard to be avoided – and the rule was extended right down to female menstrual blood cycles which suggests that a female is open to an introduction of contaminated blood from other parties.

In terms of cultural survival, if we accept that it was common for women to die in childbirth, and for families to lose their adult members, it follows that male desire and ability to care for orphaned children is a survival imperative.  By that imperative is at odds with the division of labor, or gender roles, evidence among all animals, but most easily distinguished in humans.

Having males whose emotional bias is feminine actually helps the tribe to survive.  Those males readily abandon traditional male roles to assume the female ones that are left empty when something that deprives the tribe of its females also leaves children to be cared for.

Once again, we have the issue of bisexuality.  Deprived of females, the straight males might be tempted to “turn gay” – at least until such time as appropriate mates can be acquired.  Again we have the Biblical example of the Exodus – where all enemy males, and their women who are sexually experienced, are to be killed … but where the remaining females are taken as wives.  This tells us, or suggests, there was a female shortage among the invading Israelite force.  It is, however, a practice that was consistent with the times, and was found evident in the DNA examination of 4000-year old remains found in a cemetery at Goseck in the Burgenlandkreis district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany – the site of the German Stonehenge discussed in both "Grandpa Was A Deity: How a Tribal Assertion Created Modern Culture" and its sequel "GENESIS OF GENESIS".

At Goseck, all the male yDNA demonstrated that the males were of a common and closely related family.  But the female DNA, in both the male and female remains, showed a wide range of genetic associations related to rather diverse geographic regions – only a small portion being endemic to the Goseck region. But that was consistent with the yDNA being Brahmin/Central Asian.

Homosexuality is actually a genetic necessity when we are speaking of creatures with clearly delineated gender based roles.  It therefore follows that any attack upon it could actually be an attack upon the species as a whole.

If homosexuals are removed from the social structure, also removed are the beneficial supports that are their natural bias.

Consider the attacks on same-sex marriage (actually mandated by St. Paul for Christians, and exempted, by Jesus himself, from those regulations set down to govern heterosexual marriage – see: "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" for the in-context chapter and verse analysis).

Same-sex marriage is framed as an attack on the institution of marriage.  Yet it is an attack upon those who desire to be a party to that institution, and all who actively support all it represents.  As a result, the more it was described as an attack on marriage, the fewer people decided that marriage was worthy of support, thus we see a sharp decline emerging in heterosexual marriage participation.  thus demonstrating the real, and rather successful, attack on marriage was waged by those opposing same-sex marriage.  Had they really been intent on supporting the institution, they would have cheered the entry of a group previously considered to demonstrate “ sexually loose morality” into the ranks of committed monogamy.   But then, most of those opposing same-sex marriage tend to engage in serial polygamy (progressively violating the very explicit no divorce mandate which they lie about honoring).

SO: Why Homosexuality?  Because it actually serves, or provides, a multitude of positive social needs.  Those needs appear, in an evolutionary context, to require a 5-10% participation in order to function properly.  As the society evolves, the need for homosexual marriage will increase – again to provide for the health and well-being of the society at large.  And, whereas gays once tended to orphaned members of the tribe which were their genetic kin, now we need them to provide the two parent home to care for the world’s orphans and raise productive members of the next generation of reproductive adults.










two forms  Homosexual  have   

Friday, November 20, 2015

Republicans Assist ISIS Against America

Voters who defend Bush 43 and his Saudi alliance fail to understand they are in a state ",,, of denial, and denial has a price: preserving the famous strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia at the risk of forgetting that the kingdom also relies on an alliance with a religious clergy that produces, legitimizes, spreads, preaches and defends Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on."
Hussein was killed because he was a strong force against the Saudis and their Terrorist minions.  Bush 41 and then Bush 43, attacked Hussein because they are in the pay of the Saudis oil cartel.
The new neo-nazi right-wing republican party, which has, since Bush 43, attacked original Republican New Deal Programs (and attack the privatized Medical Health program designed by Reagan, which in order to distance themselves from it and Reagan, they named OBAMACARE).
They want to engage in mass slaughter of Muslims -- knowing full well that this would demonstrate the truth behind the Crusade Bush declared and thus unify the 1.6 Billion Muslims against the United States and West.
It is a dangerous game -- we are in the Revelation Era and the evangelicals want and end-of-times scenario when Global Warming would easily fulfill all the mandates and result in a happy and prosperous world ... rather than a world of ashes that the evangelicals have promoted for so long.
Have fun -- to achieve their objective, they must do so before 7 October 2016, with their position affirmed by voters a month later -- in the general election.
Neo-Nazis, right down to opening the possibility of an elected  Fuhrer ... Hitler was born in Austria and Ruled German; Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Canadian (legally ineligible to be POTUS) yet they have paid millions into his campaign ... and have done so while accusing Obama of being ineligible based upon false accusations that he meets all the criteria which Cruz has admitted he meets.

The New York Times has finally begun to report on the links between the terrorists and the Saudis.  Eventually they will report on those links and the Bush connection.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Missouri Earthquake overdue


ISIS here’s what the plan is.



The idiots that the Tea party (read: Koch Brothers et al) are pandering to are too stupid to understand those two Arab/Islamic concepts.

Obama has the advantage of having spent considerable time in the Islamic world (for which the devout, habitual, liars in the Tea Party routinely attack him)

When you represent the World, and are in conflict with an Arab group, the idea is to DIVIDE the cousins, not give them a reason to bond more closely together.

Trump, Cruz and the rest  would kill their women and children -- thus give the cousins a reason to bond tighter against their common enemy.  If France promotes broader attacks and does not stop with its destruction of  the destruction of the ISIS buildings,  the problem will escalate

Of course, I am betting that the idiots in the red states will promote escalation.   They need to.  Their clock is ticking and they need to destroy Washington before 7th of October 2016 -- so they can win in November.  (Yes there apparently was a reason for the idiotic eBible Fellowship book -- mostly to get you to ignore the pre-election threat.)

Ideally NOBODY CARES.  We actually want World War Three, or something approaching it.  Asia will sit it out -- China already has a 60 million man surplus that can be devoted to soldiers and thus defense.  So China, which is developing its production capacity and a solid capitalist base by lifting its poor our of poverty, is immune.

America (read: Tea Party,  Koch Brothers et al) is pushing its Middle Class into poverty -- with attacks on Social Security and Medical Care at a time when the Baby Boom is turning 70 and will expect the services/income it paid for.

How is the 7 October date derived?  It is the Day After the end of the current Hebrew Year -- a year that mathematically suggests the fall of Babylon the great city, in a system that already corresponds to 1929/Hitler, 1939/WW2, 2007-8//"Great Recession" and other dates/events we can test against.
The system is explained in: "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Watch the attack on refugees expand into a reinvigorated attack on immigrants in general -- anything which can serve to weaken America.  The Saudis, who funded BUSH 41 & 43 also fund the terrorist groups -- bin Laden was one of their's, and from one of their most powerful families -- have worked hard to manipulate oil prices so America would deplete its reserves and thus have no fuel when the time comes (like German, when the tide of war turned because they had no oil access).  NOTE: They also oppose solar and wind or any form of renewable energy development -- all the better to weaken and disarm a nation that spends all its money on weapons systems which will, ultimately, be dependent upon Middle Eastern Oil reserves.

The long game for to 2030 -- so 15 years more ... assuming the Republican right-wing can both hold and enhance its current power position.  If the nation moves to the left, then the plans are worth less than burnt toast.  Just saying that ensures the push to the right ...

Yep.  The allies are The Tea Party and ISIS.

They are aligned with the BUSH clan to bring down America (remember Prescott Bush loved the Nazis and helped fund them, and the Saudis provided the Nazi oil until Allied forces cut the supply lines).

History is revealing.

You’ve Been Warned,

Now you are responsible.    

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tea Party, Nazi Party and ISIS … is there a difference?


Are we going to repeat 1929?  And 1933?

Then repeat 1939 and 1944/45?

Or is America going to set aside the idea of WMD’s and spending more on military murder machines that the next seven highest military spending nations combine?

Self defense is one thing, murdering elected leaders and instituting destructive “regime change” for short term corporate profits is another.

ISIS KNOWS, it need only kill a handful of people (ten percent of the number that American police have killed in the first ten months of 2015 alone), and that is all its Tea Party buddies need to justify murdering tens of thousands of innocent Muslims Women and Children.

"The Tea Party: America Upended"

"President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future"

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

The Hebrew Bible tells the story of Solomon discovering that what he thought was correct behavior to honor God was actually wrong – from that was derived the RULE OF SOLOMON:

You sin,

when you are told your actions are wrong

and you still do them.

You’ve been told.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ted Cruz agrees with Islamic Terrorists

Islam requires “the body of Christ” to rise up as the “Army in White”, which is the Army of the True Jihad (as opposed to the current terrorists using the Jihadist identity).

Basically, Cruz is declaring he seeks the end of Washington, the fall of Babylon the great city.  He will do all in his power to ensure that fall occurs, on schedule, in 2015/16 … as shown in the timeline charts for the Book of Revelation, as expressed in Hebrew Calendar cycles in the book "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Minimum Wage Realities.

A Quick Look at the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines Used for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and Beyond Persons in Household  2013 Federal Poverty Level threshold 100% FPL  (first pair of columns)
1    $11,490    $5.52
2    $15,510    $7.46
3    $19,530    $9.39
4    $23,550    $11.32
The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. A full-time minimum wage employee earns $15,080 annually.  In 2012, the poverty threshold for a single person was $11,945. For a family of four with two children it was $22,283.
To qualify for public assistance a household needs to have a per-person gross income less than less than the second pair of columns.
1    $16,086    $7.73
2    $21,714    $10.44
3    $27,342    $13.15
4    $32,970    $15.85
Working 40 hours/week 52 paid weeks/year means 2080 hours requires column 2 free of taxes and transportation to and

from work, or net of work related costs and taxes, roughly the amount in the third pair of columns.
1    $20,108    $9.67
2    $27,143    $13.05
3    $34,178    $16.43
4    $41,213    $19.81
Raising the minimum to $15 places single individuals well above poverty and provides them with enough disposable

income to boost their local economy significantly. 
That means more demand for goods and services and more job opportunities. 
PLUS they are off welfare and paying taxes, thus reducing government costs and increasing government revenues. 
Their money will also lift revenues for Social Security and place it on a firmer footing.
Since the benefits achieve everything Republicans allege they want to achieve, the reason for their opposition is clear -- as with everything else REPUBLICANS ARE LIARS who want to hurt the economy by undermining it at the grassroots level ... basically poisoning the roots so the National tree will die.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bible as Science

It’s amazing how many idiots there are in society.  You can always tell one – they’re the ones who either assert the magical interventionist “God said” and “God did” are to be taken literally;  they are also the idiots who dismiss all things mentioned in the Bible based on the same “God” statements.

The first set of idiots generally assert “Creationist” style beliefs in which the “magical events” are literally the personal handiwork of their alleged deity.  They are too stupid to realize they are saying they worship an incompetent idiot who is itself too stupid to create a self perfecting machine … one that self-regulates and improves (evolves).

Those idiots assert an all-knowing entity, one that is perfect, and is eternal.  Eternal meaning time is irrelevant and perfect meaning perfect, with all knowing meaning the entity knows how things will end before they begin.  Thus “evil” is no surprise … it was a function of the design and would serve a purpose.

DEATH OVER LIFE postulated fulfillment of prophecy on a Hebrew Calendar timeline – one which simply states there are cycles in all things, and eventually, or periodically, those cycles coincide for a “perfect storm”.

Taking a mystical view -- Hitler is seen as the White Horseman … more mystically … the RAPTURE requires the vanishing (death) of 144,000 Jews … explicitly stated to be 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes.   Therefore NO modern Christian can be part of the Rapture – they are not Jewish and have no tribal affiliation to the Israelites.  REVELATION is explicit in the fact that the Twelve Tribes are what the Rapture is about …. when did a host of Jews die or vanish?

Wasn’t that Hitler’s Holocaust?  Can we account for EVERY Jew, midget, homosexual and black who was allegedly murdered?   We know of the millions who actually were murdered – we have pictures of many of them.  But are there not at least 144,000 “dead” who are unaccounted for?  People who were allegedly taken away, and simply vanished?

Hitler was the angel of the Holocaust – he achieved two goals: Engineered the Rapture in plain sight of the whole world, and allowed the evil people of the world to self-identify … allowed the anti-Semites and bigots to self-identify.

More are self-identifying with the attacks on Same-Sex Marriage.  Leviticus is clear; the structure of the laws in the Old Testament are clear; bi-sexual males are the only ones who are denounced … and because bisexuality requires a female, the females who explicitly partake in that acts are also condemned.  But that is because bisexual male behavior is directly associated with the spread of STDs to innocent women (their wives).  It is a sound scientific health law from a time when there were no tests and medications to deal with STDs.

Take away the idiot deity that the idiots needed in order to get them to accept the science, and all that is left in the Bible is sound science: Wash when you are dirty, and make sure you take a bath at least once a week; watch out for biohazard’s like blood, if you come in contact, wash it off, and to avoid spreading any infection you need to be watched for a period of time (isolated if need be).  All the laws fit that description – they invoke safety and health.

You might yell about mandatory death sentences.  But when you do, remember that the laws were written for a nomadic people; they had no fixed prisons of places in which to incarcerate criminals – and to set them free in the desert would mean the criminals could band together and bring about creator harm.

Of course, the idiots reject science – they should really be marveling at the fact that 2000-2300 years ago, a people were able to project the current effects of climate change and the death of a third or more of all life (and nail the current era as the era in which it would occur) … since 1970 have a marine life utilized for food has died.

Climate change is killing vegetation and raising sea levels to kill life along the global shorelines.  The Baby Boom generation, combined with a decrease in reproduction, means the global population will soon peak, and then decline to about 50-60% of that peak … at which point it will (or should) stabilize.

That too fulfills the prophecy.  There is no need for a war to end all life … and the prophecy does NOT say life will end… but it does say there will be a nasty war.  It will be a war in which the idiots end up dead, and the science based, wise men and women of the globe will emerge to live wondrous lives … until the time when, hundreds or a thousand years hence, the idiots again emerge to screw things up.