Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why Homosexuals? Why have them?

We have a group in society which opposes Homosexuals and Transsexuals.  They wave the Bible around and thus declare the one they assert is the All-Wise Creator of all things is a completely incompetent idiot.

Why an incompetent idiot?  Well, the answer is actually quite simple – research, which is unrefuted in terms of a presentation of proper evidentiary objections, proves that homosexuality and bisexuality is standard to all mammals roughly the same 5-10% proportion of their natural populations.

Thus, their alleged intelligent-design is either a rather complete incompetent, or had an intelligent reason for the necessity of homosexuality – and to a related extent, bisexuality.

Naturally, terrorists, evangelicals, Republicans and a few other groups who assert they “talk to God”, devote themselves to the violation of the scriptures they hold so dear.  Thus it is fully consistent for them to hold that they worship an idiot, and therefore need not adhere to anything which does not suit their immediate purpose.

Now that I have chased those idiots away – as well as those idiots who believe the universal rule that you cannot get something from nothing does not apply to the universe – we can get to the topic of Why there is the need for “gays” throughout the animal kingdom and for humans, why homosexuality in humans.

Phrased another way, in terms of evolution, why has the homosexual trait, which is counter reproductive and is therefore should NOT be genetically passed in anything approaching a consistent ratio … why has it survived?

The answer is.  It is a necessary trait and passed by those who are otherwise heterosexual (“straight”).

First, there are – as recognized by oft misrepresented laws in the Book of Leviticus – two genders, with two manifestations of homosexuality: Male and Female, the purely same-sex orientation, and a bisexual orientation.

Bisexuality in males allows diseases that are unique to male homosexuality to cross into the female realm and then into the straight community.  Thus the Leviticus health code declares male bisexuals to be a sinful, and, in that context, condemns the females who assist in the male bisexual activities.

In that case, the women serve as the conduit for a male disease which could have reproductive consequences of a type which, when introduced into straight sexuality by those women, would adversely affect the conception and health of any offspring.  Thus contaminating, or in some manner ending, the genetic line and, ultimately, the race – maybe even the human species.

But note, the Leviticus rule does NOT condemn either the homosexuality of either gender, nor bisexuality in women that does not involve a homosexual male.  That is because bisexuality in a polygamous structure can be seen as a bonding force between the females who are in some terms, “sister-wives”.   Female bisexuality could create a bond between wives, as between each and the male, with the male serving the necessary function of common sperm donor to the female family reproductive unit.  As a result, the total family structure becomes stronger.

Given male roles in society (or the animal kingdom), the idea that a male is gay serves to bond him with his male co-fighters, or co-hunters.  That he would be bisexual is necessary for reproduction.  But, logically, we should recognize that the reproductive element is overruled by the health factors which could threaten survival of the tribe.  Thus the condemnation of what is actually that reproductive potential for disease transmission.

Why focus on the male?  Again, it’s mandated by a role based decision.  Men travel, women stay at home; in the act of travel, the males are exposed to a wide range of diseases that are not generally present in their home environment – or which were eradicated by the creation of that environment.

HIV spread, in Africa and India, has given us a model for this disease introduction.  In both locales, male truckers engaging in bisexual liaisons, while conducting their normal long distance hauling, have  managed to introduce the disease to their wives.  Interestingly, those women engaged in prostitution in HIV prevalent areas have been noted to have evolved a counter agent to the disease – thus they are protected, while their clients are not.

Eliminate the bisexual behavior and you prevent the infection of prostitutes and any possibility of a faithful wife from contracting it through anything short of direct blood transfer.  But not, Biblically, any foreign blood is deemed a biohazard to be avoided – and the rule was extended right down to female menstrual blood cycles which suggests that a female is open to an introduction of contaminated blood from other parties.

In terms of cultural survival, if we accept that it was common for women to die in childbirth, and for families to lose their adult members, it follows that male desire and ability to care for orphaned children is a survival imperative.  By that imperative is at odds with the division of labor, or gender roles, evidence among all animals, but most easily distinguished in humans.

Having males whose emotional bias is feminine actually helps the tribe to survive.  Those males readily abandon traditional male roles to assume the female ones that are left empty when something that deprives the tribe of its females also leaves children to be cared for.

Once again, we have the issue of bisexuality.  Deprived of females, the straight males might be tempted to “turn gay” – at least until such time as appropriate mates can be acquired.  Again we have the Biblical example of the Exodus – where all enemy males, and their women who are sexually experienced, are to be killed … but where the remaining females are taken as wives.  This tells us, or suggests, there was a female shortage among the invading Israelite force.  It is, however, a practice that was consistent with the times, and was found evident in the DNA examination of 4000-year old remains found in a cemetery at Goseck in the Burgenlandkreis district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany – the site of the German Stonehenge discussed in both "Grandpa Was A Deity: How a Tribal Assertion Created Modern Culture" and its sequel "GENESIS OF GENESIS".

At Goseck, all the male yDNA demonstrated that the males were of a common and closely related family.  But the female DNA, in both the male and female remains, showed a wide range of genetic associations related to rather diverse geographic regions – only a small portion being endemic to the Goseck region. But that was consistent with the yDNA being Brahmin/Central Asian.

Homosexuality is actually a genetic necessity when we are speaking of creatures with clearly delineated gender based roles.  It therefore follows that any attack upon it could actually be an attack upon the species as a whole.

If homosexuals are removed from the social structure, also removed are the beneficial supports that are their natural bias.

Consider the attacks on same-sex marriage (actually mandated by St. Paul for Christians, and exempted, by Jesus himself, from those regulations set down to govern heterosexual marriage – see: "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" for the in-context chapter and verse analysis).

Same-sex marriage is framed as an attack on the institution of marriage.  Yet it is an attack upon those who desire to be a party to that institution, and all who actively support all it represents.  As a result, the more it was described as an attack on marriage, the fewer people decided that marriage was worthy of support, thus we see a sharp decline emerging in heterosexual marriage participation.  thus demonstrating the real, and rather successful, attack on marriage was waged by those opposing same-sex marriage.  Had they really been intent on supporting the institution, they would have cheered the entry of a group previously considered to demonstrate “ sexually loose morality” into the ranks of committed monogamy.   But then, most of those opposing same-sex marriage tend to engage in serial polygamy (progressively violating the very explicit no divorce mandate which they lie about honoring).

SO: Why Homosexuality?  Because it actually serves, or provides, a multitude of positive social needs.  Those needs appear, in an evolutionary context, to require a 5-10% participation in order to function properly.  As the society evolves, the need for homosexual marriage will increase – again to provide for the health and well-being of the society at large.  And, whereas gays once tended to orphaned members of the tribe which were their genetic kin, now we need them to provide the two parent home to care for the world’s orphans and raise productive members of the next generation of reproductive adults.










two forms  Homosexual  have   

Friday, November 20, 2015

Republicans Assist ISIS Against America

Voters who defend Bush 43 and his Saudi alliance fail to understand they are in a state ",,, of denial, and denial has a price: preserving the famous strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia at the risk of forgetting that the kingdom also relies on an alliance with a religious clergy that produces, legitimizes, spreads, preaches and defends Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on."
Hussein was killed because he was a strong force against the Saudis and their Terrorist minions.  Bush 41 and then Bush 43, attacked Hussein because they are in the pay of the Saudis oil cartel.
The new neo-nazi right-wing republican party, which has, since Bush 43, attacked original Republican New Deal Programs (and attack the privatized Medical Health program designed by Reagan, which in order to distance themselves from it and Reagan, they named OBAMACARE).
They want to engage in mass slaughter of Muslims -- knowing full well that this would demonstrate the truth behind the Crusade Bush declared and thus unify the 1.6 Billion Muslims against the United States and West.
It is a dangerous game -- we are in the Revelation Era and the evangelicals want and end-of-times scenario when Global Warming would easily fulfill all the mandates and result in a happy and prosperous world ... rather than a world of ashes that the evangelicals have promoted for so long.
Have fun -- to achieve their objective, they must do so before 7 October 2016, with their position affirmed by voters a month later -- in the general election.
Neo-Nazis, right down to opening the possibility of an elected  Fuhrer ... Hitler was born in Austria and Ruled German; Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Canadian (legally ineligible to be POTUS) yet they have paid millions into his campaign ... and have done so while accusing Obama of being ineligible based upon false accusations that he meets all the criteria which Cruz has admitted he meets.

The New York Times has finally begun to report on the links between the terrorists and the Saudis.  Eventually they will report on those links and the Bush connection.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Missouri Earthquake overdue


ISIS here’s what the plan is.



The idiots that the Tea party (read: Koch Brothers et al) are pandering to are too stupid to understand those two Arab/Islamic concepts.

Obama has the advantage of having spent considerable time in the Islamic world (for which the devout, habitual, liars in the Tea Party routinely attack him)

When you represent the World, and are in conflict with an Arab group, the idea is to DIVIDE the cousins, not give them a reason to bond more closely together.

Trump, Cruz and the rest  would kill their women and children -- thus give the cousins a reason to bond tighter against their common enemy.  If France promotes broader attacks and does not stop with its destruction of  the destruction of the ISIS buildings,  the problem will escalate

Of course, I am betting that the idiots in the red states will promote escalation.   They need to.  Their clock is ticking and they need to destroy Washington before 7th of October 2016 -- so they can win in November.  (Yes there apparently was a reason for the idiotic eBible Fellowship book -- mostly to get you to ignore the pre-election threat.)

Ideally NOBODY CARES.  We actually want World War Three, or something approaching it.  Asia will sit it out -- China already has a 60 million man surplus that can be devoted to soldiers and thus defense.  So China, which is developing its production capacity and a solid capitalist base by lifting its poor our of poverty, is immune.

America (read: Tea Party,  Koch Brothers et al) is pushing its Middle Class into poverty -- with attacks on Social Security and Medical Care at a time when the Baby Boom is turning 70 and will expect the services/income it paid for.

How is the 7 October date derived?  It is the Day After the end of the current Hebrew Year -- a year that mathematically suggests the fall of Babylon the great city, in a system that already corresponds to 1929/Hitler, 1939/WW2, 2007-8//"Great Recession" and other dates/events we can test against.
The system is explained in: "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Watch the attack on refugees expand into a reinvigorated attack on immigrants in general -- anything which can serve to weaken America.  The Saudis, who funded BUSH 41 & 43 also fund the terrorist groups -- bin Laden was one of their's, and from one of their most powerful families -- have worked hard to manipulate oil prices so America would deplete its reserves and thus have no fuel when the time comes (like German, when the tide of war turned because they had no oil access).  NOTE: They also oppose solar and wind or any form of renewable energy development -- all the better to weaken and disarm a nation that spends all its money on weapons systems which will, ultimately, be dependent upon Middle Eastern Oil reserves.

The long game for to 2030 -- so 15 years more ... assuming the Republican right-wing can both hold and enhance its current power position.  If the nation moves to the left, then the plans are worth less than burnt toast.  Just saying that ensures the push to the right ...

Yep.  The allies are The Tea Party and ISIS.

They are aligned with the BUSH clan to bring down America (remember Prescott Bush loved the Nazis and helped fund them, and the Saudis provided the Nazi oil until Allied forces cut the supply lines).

History is revealing.

You’ve Been Warned,

Now you are responsible.    

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tea Party, Nazi Party and ISIS … is there a difference?


Are we going to repeat 1929?  And 1933?

Then repeat 1939 and 1944/45?

Or is America going to set aside the idea of WMD’s and spending more on military murder machines that the next seven highest military spending nations combine?

Self defense is one thing, murdering elected leaders and instituting destructive “regime change” for short term corporate profits is another.

ISIS KNOWS, it need only kill a handful of people (ten percent of the number that American police have killed in the first ten months of 2015 alone), and that is all its Tea Party buddies need to justify murdering tens of thousands of innocent Muslims Women and Children.

"The Tea Party: America Upended"

"President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future"

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

The Hebrew Bible tells the story of Solomon discovering that what he thought was correct behavior to honor God was actually wrong – from that was derived the RULE OF SOLOMON:

You sin,

when you are told your actions are wrong

and you still do them.

You’ve been told.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ted Cruz agrees with Islamic Terrorists

Islam requires “the body of Christ” to rise up as the “Army in White”, which is the Army of the True Jihad (as opposed to the current terrorists using the Jihadist identity).

Basically, Cruz is declaring he seeks the end of Washington, the fall of Babylon the great city.  He will do all in his power to ensure that fall occurs, on schedule, in 2015/16 … as shown in the timeline charts for the Book of Revelation, as expressed in Hebrew Calendar cycles in the book "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Minimum Wage Realities.

A Quick Look at the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines Used for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and Beyond Persons in Household  2013 Federal Poverty Level threshold 100% FPL  (first pair of columns)
1    $11,490    $5.52
2    $15,510    $7.46
3    $19,530    $9.39
4    $23,550    $11.32
The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. A full-time minimum wage employee earns $15,080 annually.  In 2012, the poverty threshold for a single person was $11,945. For a family of four with two children it was $22,283.
To qualify for public assistance a household needs to have a per-person gross income less than less than the second pair of columns.
1    $16,086    $7.73
2    $21,714    $10.44
3    $27,342    $13.15
4    $32,970    $15.85
Working 40 hours/week 52 paid weeks/year means 2080 hours requires column 2 free of taxes and transportation to and

from work, or net of work related costs and taxes, roughly the amount in the third pair of columns.
1    $20,108    $9.67
2    $27,143    $13.05
3    $34,178    $16.43
4    $41,213    $19.81
Raising the minimum to $15 places single individuals well above poverty and provides them with enough disposable

income to boost their local economy significantly. 
That means more demand for goods and services and more job opportunities. 
PLUS they are off welfare and paying taxes, thus reducing government costs and increasing government revenues. 
Their money will also lift revenues for Social Security and place it on a firmer footing.
Since the benefits achieve everything Republicans allege they want to achieve, the reason for their opposition is clear -- as with everything else REPUBLICANS ARE LIARS who want to hurt the economy by undermining it at the grassroots level ... basically poisoning the roots so the National tree will die.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bible as Science

It’s amazing how many idiots there are in society.  You can always tell one – they’re the ones who either assert the magical interventionist “God said” and “God did” are to be taken literally;  they are also the idiots who dismiss all things mentioned in the Bible based on the same “God” statements.

The first set of idiots generally assert “Creationist” style beliefs in which the “magical events” are literally the personal handiwork of their alleged deity.  They are too stupid to realize they are saying they worship an incompetent idiot who is itself too stupid to create a self perfecting machine … one that self-regulates and improves (evolves).

Those idiots assert an all-knowing entity, one that is perfect, and is eternal.  Eternal meaning time is irrelevant and perfect meaning perfect, with all knowing meaning the entity knows how things will end before they begin.  Thus “evil” is no surprise … it was a function of the design and would serve a purpose.

DEATH OVER LIFE postulated fulfillment of prophecy on a Hebrew Calendar timeline – one which simply states there are cycles in all things, and eventually, or periodically, those cycles coincide for a “perfect storm”.

Taking a mystical view -- Hitler is seen as the White Horseman … more mystically … the RAPTURE requires the vanishing (death) of 144,000 Jews … explicitly stated to be 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes.   Therefore NO modern Christian can be part of the Rapture – they are not Jewish and have no tribal affiliation to the Israelites.  REVELATION is explicit in the fact that the Twelve Tribes are what the Rapture is about …. when did a host of Jews die or vanish?

Wasn’t that Hitler’s Holocaust?  Can we account for EVERY Jew, midget, homosexual and black who was allegedly murdered?   We know of the millions who actually were murdered – we have pictures of many of them.  But are there not at least 144,000 “dead” who are unaccounted for?  People who were allegedly taken away, and simply vanished?

Hitler was the angel of the Holocaust – he achieved two goals: Engineered the Rapture in plain sight of the whole world, and allowed the evil people of the world to self-identify … allowed the anti-Semites and bigots to self-identify.

More are self-identifying with the attacks on Same-Sex Marriage.  Leviticus is clear; the structure of the laws in the Old Testament are clear; bi-sexual males are the only ones who are denounced … and because bisexuality requires a female, the females who explicitly partake in that acts are also condemned.  But that is because bisexual male behavior is directly associated with the spread of STDs to innocent women (their wives).  It is a sound scientific health law from a time when there were no tests and medications to deal with STDs.

Take away the idiot deity that the idiots needed in order to get them to accept the science, and all that is left in the Bible is sound science: Wash when you are dirty, and make sure you take a bath at least once a week; watch out for biohazard’s like blood, if you come in contact, wash it off, and to avoid spreading any infection you need to be watched for a period of time (isolated if need be).  All the laws fit that description – they invoke safety and health.

You might yell about mandatory death sentences.  But when you do, remember that the laws were written for a nomadic people; they had no fixed prisons of places in which to incarcerate criminals – and to set them free in the desert would mean the criminals could band together and bring about creator harm.

Of course, the idiots reject science – they should really be marveling at the fact that 2000-2300 years ago, a people were able to project the current effects of climate change and the death of a third or more of all life (and nail the current era as the era in which it would occur) … since 1970 have a marine life utilized for food has died.

Climate change is killing vegetation and raising sea levels to kill life along the global shorelines.  The Baby Boom generation, combined with a decrease in reproduction, means the global population will soon peak, and then decline to about 50-60% of that peak … at which point it will (or should) stabilize.

That too fulfills the prophecy.  There is no need for a war to end all life … and the prophecy does NOT say life will end… but it does say there will be a nasty war.  It will be a war in which the idiots end up dead, and the science based, wise men and women of the globe will emerge to live wondrous lives … until the time when, hundreds or a thousand years hence, the idiots again emerge to screw things up.


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Edgar Cayce–Great Lakes into Gulf

Chart of sea level rise, 1880-2014

This graph reveals the factual basis for the Edgar Cayce (“The Sleeping Prophet”) for his 1930’s prophecy of the Great Lakes flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

As covered in 1978 book, THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK, Cayce simply utilized public knowledge that was not widely known to the public.  That which was, and was accepted, like the legend of Atlantis (1895/6 book) was also utilized.

That which is now denied by Republicans – global warming and rising sea level – has been a scientific fact for well over a century.

There are other goodies in the field of prophecy which show, as proposed in nearly four decades ago in THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK, prophecy is simply a knowledge of science shrouded in mystical belief so as to convince the ignorant.   One simply says: “God Said, … ”

That said, there is a range of science that has yet to be understood.  How did the authors of REVELATION manage to call what they seem to have called correctly – GLOBAL WARMING in the 21st century, and the death of a third of all life … animal, fish, fowl, plant.

Cycles come in cycles and eventually they come together in a PERFECT STORM.  Why is it that humanity lost the knowledge?  Why, in the Middle Ages, did humanity lose the knowledge of washing, or the dangers of contamination from blood.

DEATH OVER LIFE is the current game.  And the current period, 2015/6, is a test period for the interpretation and dating.



Monday, August 31, 2015

Is Modern Orthodoxy Reaching Its Breaking Point?

Is Modern Orthodoxy Reaching Its Breaking Point?  Was the title of a FORWARD article to which I responded:

“We are really experiencing the collapse of the Conservative movement here, ... We are trying to talk about Torah and commandments that belong to the whole Jewish people. No one is secular."
The Conservative Orthodox movement has made itself a movement of exclusion, and therefore MUST collapse. We can look at the rules it follows, compare them to Torah, and see how they evolved through a desire to "Build a Wall around Torah" which no longer needs to exist. Look to two examples:
1. Milk & Meat to the point of separate dishes when the restriction is a calf being cooked in its mother's milk -- the rule is adhered to simply by NOT boiling meat, and certainly not boiling it in milk. The rule came into existence at a time when water was hard to come by (as we can still see in some third world regions). But it also came about when meat and milk were produced by the family that consumed them. The meat and milk from the local grocery are not from the same animals, and we roast our meat, even braze it before boiling in a stew and so do not boil raw meat (humans have an adverse reaction to the raw protein, a protein which is broken down by high temperatures associated with roasting/broiling/brazing, and many have an adverse reaction to milk that warrants not sneaking it into the meat by boiling one in the other.) Thus they are demonstrating irrationality.
2. The idea of "Mother Know, Father May Be" -- that the Jewishness is pass by the mother and not the father. "Mother Know, Father May Be" is a rule associated with those who do not know who the father is. If the Orthodox wish to proclaim that of themselves, that is their assertion of their troubled morality and moral problems. Torah looks to the FATHER -- caring little, if anything, about the mother. To say the mother is Jewish means you can certify her mother, and her mother's mother, and the mother's mother''s mother were all Jewish, But no Jew has the genealogy of their maternal line, and modern DNA shows most -- most notably Hasidim -- do NOT carry middle eastern genes, and therefore are not historically Jewish. Conversely, we have the CMH (Kohanim Modal Haplotype) which can trace to the time of Aaron and marks the male lines who have historic claims to being descended from the Biblical Aaron. Levites, apart from Kohanim, are predominantly yDNA group R1a1 and therefore conform to the claim by Josephus that the Hebrews (Levites) originated in India -- where but the R1a1 and J2 (which is the CMH group) dominate the Brahmin in the same way they dominate the Ashkenazi-Levites. Thus again demonstrating irrationality based on evidence, in association to a bold claim to marital infidelity that renders certification of paternity so impossible that it cannot be utilized to establish Jewishness.
The collapse of the Conservative movement is a self-fulfilling prophecy -- it denies the oft mandated achievement of "Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding" which is the primary goal of the Hebrew faith.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Birthright Citizenship and YOUR Rights


Vote Republican and your children lose the right to vote.

Republicans Support Islamic State

The chart shows that Republicans promote Sharia Law.

These are same Republicans who, under  BUSH father and son, attacked and killed the only strong Arab Leader  standing against ISIS & al Qaeda … a man that Bin Laden stated (around 1994) he wanted dead.  Note, after 9/11 Bush labeled the same Bin Laden “Wanted Dead or Alive” so as to get authority to kill Hussein … and when authority was granted, immediately declared Bin Laden (and by association al Qaeda) “irrelevant to the ‘War on Terror’”.

Today, Republicans oppose the restriction on Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East – basically seeking to allow the ISLAMIC STATE full access to the finished and functional warheads.

The Republicans will nominate those how seem best suited to promote their MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE agenda.  The issue will be implementation on a National or Global scale – or Both.  Achieve Bin Laden’s second announced goal – the destruction of American Economy … Trump could achieve that (his investments are international and immune from American collapse, ne might even prosper from one).

Death Over Life … the 2000-year old prophecy of the fall of Washington in 2015/16.  About Fifteen Months and Counting.

“May You Live in Interesting Times.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Global Population, Bible Mathematics and related Prophecy – Count OMER in with Fibonacci Sequence.

There is no exact means of establishing a starting date, and in this case the final year seems to be off by the number of Hebrew Tribes.

The Fibonacci Sequence depicted in the image is 7.8 Billion people in the year 2008 (it would be more accurate with possible adjustments, but there is neither practical, nor purpose, for that level of enhanced accuracy – after all, even the population numbers we use are just estimates).


Charting OMER, the Patriarch 49: The importance of Hebrew 49 and other matters

OMER is a number count 7x7 years with the 50th year as the celebration.  The Book of Revelation modified the Davidic Prophecy so that the original loss of half of all life became the loss of a third.  If that is true, and the reports from the scientific community would seem to support it, then we can expect the population to peak at 12.6 Billion and then reduce to around the 8.4 Billion mark.

We need not believe in mystical powers to assert there is a scientific and mathematical basis for the calculation.  It doesn’t matter if you are religious or a secular humanist – the reality seems to support the idea that the prediction is proving accurate.  We need to wonder about the Evangelical types who are not onboard with it – after all, it is what they have said they believe.   Why are they acting as if they don’t believe their own book?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"First Amendment Defense Act"

This article takes the wrong view:

The "First Amendment Defense Act" Is The Next Attack on LGBT Rights July 28, 2015 10:36 AM EDT ››› RACHEL PERCELAY”


Once again we have "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and because the writer of the article hasn’t read the book, or Bible, they do not understand the legal ramifications of a law that allows cross-examination on the Bible based beliefs, or assertions, of hypocrites.

The beauty of Republican legislation is that they support a Bible they have never read, or enjoy lying about.

The freedom of religion is defended by violating the establishment clause.

"Traditional Marriage" -- define it. OH DO NOT use the Jesus mandate, but focus on TRADITIONAL marriage.

Cultural anthropologists will tell you polygamy I the most common marriage form across cultures (though in raw numbers monogamy dominates).

But let's look at Jesus: he starts his instructions to his followers by acknowledging that polygamy is traditional -- specifically the OT states two wives per man and its the man's option to have two.

Jesus then mandates one-man-one-woman BUT exempts Homosexuals (eunuchs from birth), the castrated men and those who are celibate in service to heaven. Thus Gay men are exempt for the mandate and gay woman are not mentioned at all -- it is phrased from the male viewpoint, and nothing in the OT denies females right to be gay or bi, while men are explicitly (via Leviticus) prohibited from being bi.

So let's assume they assert, in court, they are following the Jesus tradition and not the real traditional marriage that even Jesus recognized for non-followers. They would, as part of same mandate, need to oppose all those who are divorced; if gay is used as service denial basis (through some unsupported inference), then they must show they deny service to the divorced who are explicitly forbidden. Failure to do so should result in charge of perjury being leveled against them, and dismissal of their case.

However -- since polygamy IS THE TRUE TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE -- the law is intended to allow men to have at least two wives, in accordance with the "if a man has two wives" statement in the OT, as acknowledged as God's law by Jesus.

LOVE IT. A Federal Law to prove that American Christians are hypocrites who routinely violate their own scripture.
It's "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and the punchline is a killer

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Abortion MUST be legal–to create life.

An article I wrote -- for a NYC newspaper back around '73/4 -- predicted the legalization of abortion results that appear in the chart in The Economist article


Park Management INC (Remsen Street office building) housed one of the first post Roe abortion facilities -- it was build/renovated to hospital standards and did quite well ... the article was an economic assessment of the type which soon saw me receiving international recognition and being listed in foreign biographical references before gaining recognition in Who's Who in Finance and Industry.

Fortunately, the average person favors the misrepresentations of Right-Wing groups whose sole objective is to inflict THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.  As Christian would have learned, if they took the trouble to actually read their Bible, HELPING others is the proper course of action.

The reason abortion is opposed is so third parties (the woman) can acquire an 18 year $250,000 debt liability; children can be produced so they can be denied SNAP (food) and medical care (as with the attacks on ACA) and tortured until a reasonable number of the turn to a life of crime (thus hurting more people); there is also the opposition to birth-control, which ensures the need for abortions; opposition to abortion when woman's life is at risk -- thus killing BOTH mother and a wanted/desired fetus.

Recently we even saw news of a pro-life attack on Planned Parenthood -- aimed at attacking the use of donated stem cells which offer the chance of a healthy life to millions.  THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE takes many forms -- and begins with the simplest tactics and lies.

OH -- why the decrease in abortions was predicted?  When illegal a woman must think about finding an illegal abortion; when legal, she gets to think about the benefits of being a mother, and eventual grandmother ... and given the latter option, woman who can, will accept the financial burden of being a parent (it's human nature).  To help the latter and push the numbers down further, society need only support the basic, and long term needs of children -- which is why the right-wing opposes providing for those needs and insults any who need assistance in fulfilling them.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Response to The Federal Reserve Easy, now

The ECONOMIST published this article “The Federal Reserve -- Easy, now’, Jul 11th 2015, 11:57 BY D.D. | LONDON and cited the PCE standard used by the Federal reserve as the basis for its manipulation of interest rates and other economic actions.

Using old standards like the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) index, and comparing it to past recoveries is a fallacious comparison.
Last year, the first of the Baby-Boom generation turned 70 and thus hit full retirement -- something not factored in to, or even a factor in, past recoveries.
Over the next few years America will see the Baby-Boom-Baby-Peak retire and that process will continue for the next two decades.  Thus we have a change in  the peak earner investment focus and objectives.
Consumption should be on the decline for those entering, or above their, 50's.
The depressed and sun-poverty minimum wages paid to those just beginning their careers, along with the sub-poverty Social Security being paid to current elderly, combine to enhance dependence of Public Assistance [PA] and decrease consumption.
For the PCE to grow, Minimum Wages will have to exceed $15/hour, and the current average Social Security payment of $800/month will need to be raised to $1400-$1600.
Since Jeb Bush has stated -- indicating the Republican approach -- that workers should work more hours at current pay, he clearly has indicated that depressing consumerism is the Republican objective.
Working more hours to get a poverty level income does NOT enhance consumerism (which creates jobs) but it does deprive other workers the opportunity to work the hours the already employed would command as either overtime, or a second job. Thus ensuring prolonged dependence on PA for those already dependent, a depression of tax revenues due to lack of consumer expansion, and a total collapse of the American Economy -- which would take with it several other economies.
This pattern, which seems to be the basis of political debate and objective for 2015/16, then ensures that Washington will fall as a global leader, and the book "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" will have properly identified the nation standing in for Babylon.

NOTE, were America to become rational, Greece seems primed to fulfill the role -- with far less global impact.

The American distribution version of "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" is at this link.

The ECONOMIST article carried this chart series:

Nothing in the chart data allows for the Baby-Boom – yet the B-B reality is reflected in the data – look at the sharp drop (reflected in the lower right chart) compared to previous periods – 36 months ago, the first of the B-B were in their 60’s; they have since left the work force and therefore are not counted.  Thus the drop would be sharp, as would the apparently peak unemployment as they transition from being “laid off” – thus gaining the ability to receive unemployment while making room for new hires or permanent termination of their position, as they enter the retirement phase of their lives.

Note the middle-right chart: Wages apparently have been intentionally depressed – a fact matched by the call for an above poverty minimum wage.

Were that wage doubled to the poverty and above level, the 2 would be 4 and on track with prior wage gains.

The lower left chart simply reflects the aging population and the fact the elderly are retired, or have no reason to work prior to their entering retirement qualification age ranges – that is, reflecting population born around or before 1954-1952 (36 months ago). 


Thursday, July 02, 2015



THE RAPTURE – those who say they are Jews but are not; they claim to come in the Name of Jesus, and while they attempt to destroy others, beseech all things in that name … these are people Jesus said he would not know.  They are the deceivers.

In the BOOK OF REVELATION says 12,000, taken from each of the Twelve Tribes, will be scoped up – without alerting everyone else that the “end of times prophecy” had begun to unfold.

How could that happen?  How is it possible for 144,000 people to vanish and nobody notice?

The timeline presented in   "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" and then in its sequel, "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", reveals that Hitler was the 1st Horseman – the White Horseman – and, in 1929, having been saved from mustard gas (or his spirit replaced when he was killed by it) in World War One,  he appeared, on cue, in 1929 …

World War Two began, on cue, with the appearance of the Red Horseman, in 1939.  The other Horsemen, death and famine always accompany, or follow, war.

But then there is the RAPTURE – in his book, Hitler announced what was to happen; it happened; then the 144,000 vanished along with more of righteous Hebrew faithful.

And, even though the Wizard demonstrated it in both Black & White and Living Color, the World could not see what was behind the curtain being constructed before their very eyes.

Now we are well into the prophetic period – or so they should proclaim.  Yet they see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing.  Sergeant Schultz would be so proud.

They have not the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear.

Of course, there are those who refute scripture and will always  deny prophecy – they are kindred to those who deny Global Warming and the melting glaciers or ice caps.

Prophecy is just inexact prediction – you know certain things are coming together, that they will interact, and that the result must take certain forms.  But the exact – to the minute timing – is never there.  However, if “A” then “B”, and if “B” then “C & D”.  then events, once begun, continue to unfold.

The period 2015/16 should see “the fall of Babylon the great city”.  But what city (nation state, or nation) is that modern Babylon?

Babylon was a city-state or nation in Mesopotamia;  it is said it was a "holy city", a city comparable to Vatican City in Rome; at one point, it was the largest city in the world – in terms of population – and therefore could be held comparable to Tokyo.  It’s name, in Hebrew, is comparable to BABEL, "confusion", and so reminds us of the story of the Tower of Babel and the confusing of language – a place where, today, we might say rhetoric outshines substance or meaning … which reminds of of politics and the “legalese” utilized in Court, Parliament, or Congress, to deceive and mislead.

In 1595 BC Babylon was overthrown – it fell under the might of the  Hittite Empire … that was in Hebrew Year 2077, so it is hard to relate it to our year 2077.  Though it could relate to the forces which shaped America in our year 1595 and thereafter.

No matter --- the key is it was powerful, and under Hammurabi produced the first true Code of Law … a code much like the American Constitution.  But is there a nation of Hittites that can bring down America?  Or is it something which happens internally?

So many possibilities …

Bu the end of January, 2017, we should have the answer to the significance of this period 2015/16.  But, for now, it would appear that the RAPTURE has occurred under the cloak of the Holocaust.  And, it would seem, all things are on schedule.






Monday, June 29, 2015

Puerto Rico–first kink in economy with more to come

'Until 2006 [when Bush was setting nation up for Great Recession that triggered the following year] the economy was buoyed by tax incentives for American firms that manufactured there. ... and Puerto Rico’s economy has shrunk virtually every year since. ... No growth and heavy debt are a toxic combination. "
The MOST HARM TO MOST PEOPLE Bush style -- takes time for the full effect to be felt. The Wars and Debt burden -- and his creation of the situation which gave rise to ISIS -- still have some time before their true effect and harm is apparent.
Obama has countered the "no growth" element -- but the Tea Party right-wing anti-American cause is growing in its vehemence and they only have 18 months in which to achieve their agenda.
[NOTE: The subsidies and tactics used in Puerto Rico are identical to those being used throughout Republican States -- attack Social Security which is well below poverty, and keep the minimum wage level below poverty, and you force the society to rely on subsidies like SNAP; once those subsidies are attacked and removed, the economy collapses. It's basic economics and the heart of the republican drive to destroy America ... but, like melting ice caps don't support global warming, the republican base will deny the observed reality.]

However, you know this, and expected something like it, because you read DEATH OVER LIFE …  you did read it?  didn’t you?

Greece in the Caribbean

IT WILL not be long till Congress and the White House start squabbling again about the budget in Washington, DC. But before they create another artificial debt...


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Most gun related killing is done with legally owned guns

Another example of THE MOST HARM TO MOST PEOPLE Right-wing Evangelical
Republican agenda -- if you own a gun, you probably live in a "Bible-Belt" or Republican state ... where people openly assert they hate the elected government.
BY A WIDE MARGIN Most gun related killing is done with legally owned guns ... so naturally, to increase the number killed, one must increase the level of legal handgun ownership. If you can make it legal for anyone to openly carry a handgun, you make it even easier for them to decide to kill on a whim.
Naturally, those who support the murder of their neighbor will be upset by this share -- those who respect their neighbor as they would have their neighbor respect them ... those people will share this share.

But ... reality ... those evangelical types pray that "Babylon the Great City" will fall on schedule ... and so they promote the concept behind: "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

11 essential facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States

The critical context you need to know about guns and mass shootings in the United States


The world of 1984 is upon us

Watching NetFlix -- PG13 adventure movies like the TRANSFORMERS ... have you noticed the common theme? In all the movies, the GOVERNMENT CANNOT BE TRUSTED ...
Back in the 1970's, when I wrote THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK, one criteria I had for debunking prophets was that the scientific knowledge related to their prophecy was known during their lifetime.
EXAMPLE: Edgar Cayce always referenced Atlantis -- which was a popular book when he was a child ... the "lost Island" mythology is derived from that 1896(?) book (and some ancient myths about an land beyond the gateway to the Mediterranean). Cayce also talked of the early global warming / sea level rise warnings which were known in the 1920's.
THE POINT: What is entertainment for the young shapes their perceptions when they age. The old academic saying -- "Give me the child for the first 8 years and I will return you the adult" -- is in play. The popular entertainment is pushing American and global culture.
There is no way to control it ... though we can predict and prepare for where it is going. Or, as in the case of The Tea Party, use it to shape the platform of lies we know the people have been programmed to accept.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

King v. Burwell

Daniel Marans [], at the Huffington Post, wrote a small piece on Obama's statement about the Supreme Court accepting to hear the challenge to the Affordable Care Act as presented in the case of King v. Burwell.  Under the wording of the subsidy provision of ACA -- which means "6.4 million people in 34 states will lose their subsidies, leaving many unable to afford insurance." [Health Care Reform Efforts Throughout History]

This appears to be the research and history as he found it.  In my two books, which referenced the history as Republican based, I started with Reagan's Privatization, Marans doesn't mention that, but does mention COBRA. 

Regardless of minor details, it is clear that the Health Care initiative is largely Republican with clear Democratic acceptance.  Exactly who opposes it? 

Well, Russian Revolution was in February 1917 -- that allowed for the haters to begin asserting that Health Care was "SOCIALIST"... an argument which they still use today.  Granted, the Haters hate and trust that their audience has never read the Bible, therefore do not know that Health Care without means testing is a Mandate imposed upon all "TRUE" Christians. ... SAINT PAUL’ S JOKE -- Jesus was a

Socialist.  Therefore to rant against Socialism is to rant against the basic requirements of being a follower of Jesus.  PLUS Jesus mandated that, if you use the money, you pay the taxes (Look at the face on the coin, and "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars").

If we are in the Revelation Era -- 2000 years after the era when Jesus walked the Earth and the Hebrew Temple stood in Jerusalem -- which we are ... then Judgment Day, if such is a real thing, will fall hard upon the Right-Wing Allegedly Christian, but clearly ant-Christ, Modern Republican [Tea Party or Conservative] Party.

Fortunately, it appears you are only doomed if you are a “Conservative Abrahamic” [Conservative right-wing Christian,  Israelite Hasidim, or Jihardist Moslem] – secular and Atheistic individuals who care about their neighbor and actually obey the Golden Rule, as defined by Hillel, Jesus and Mohammed, seem to be assured survival.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt champions national health insurance as he unsuccessfully tries to ride his

progressive Bull Moose Party back to the White House.
[Russian Revolution allowed opponents to label this "SOCIALIST"]

President Franklin D. Roosevelt favors creating national health insurance amid the Great Depression but decides to push for Social Security first.

Roosevelt establishes wage and price controls during World War II. Businesses can't attract workers with higher pay

so they compete through added benefits, including health insurance, which grows into a workplace perk.

President Harry Truman calls on Congress to create a national insurance program for those who pay voluntary fees.   The American Medical Association denounces the idea as "socialized medicine" and it goes nowhere.  [AMA members also overcharge the poor and uninsured, and seems to be another group which values DEATH OVER LIFE , even though their job and oath is to save lives.]

John F. Kennedy makes health care a major campaign issue but as president can't get a plan for the elderly through Congress.

President Lyndon B. Johnson's legendary arm-twisting and a Congress dominated by his fellow Democrats lead to

creation of two landmark government health programs: Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor.

President Richard Nixon wants to require employers to cover their workers and create federal subsidies to help everyone else buy private insurance. The Watergate scandal intervenes.

President Jimmy Carter pushes a mandatory national health plan, but economic recession helps push it aside. 

President Ronald Reagan signs COBRA, a requirement that employers let former workers stay on the company health plan for 18 months after leaving a job, with workers bearing the cost.

Congress expands Medicare by adding a prescription drug benefit and catastrophic care coverage. It doesn't last long. Barraged by protests from older Americans upset about paying a tax to finance the additional coverage, Congress repeals the law the next year.

President Bill Clinton puts first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in charge of developing what becomes a 1,300-page plan for universal coverage. It requires businesses to cover their workers and mandates that everyone have health insurance. The plan meets Republican opposition, divides Democrats and comes under a firestorm of lobbying from businesses and the health care industry. It dies in the Senate.

Clinton signs bipartisan legislation creating a state-federal program to provide coverage for millions of children in families of modest means whose incomes are too high to qualify for Medicaid.

President George W. Bush persuades Congress to add prescription drug coverage to Medicare in a major expansion of the program for older people.

Hillary Rodham Clinton promotes a sweeping health care plan in her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.   She loses to Obama, who has a less comprehensive plan.

President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress spend an intense year ironing out legislation to require most companies to cover their workers; mandate that everyone have coverage or pay a fine; require insurance companies to accept all comers, regardless of any pre-existing conditions; and assist people who can't afford insurance.

With no Republican support, Congress passes the measure, designed to extend health care coverage to more than 30 million uninsured people. Republican opponents scorned the law as "Obamacare."

On a campaign tour in the Midwest, Obama himself embraces the term "Obamacare" and says the law shows "I do care."

Monday, June 08, 2015

"Death Over Life: … “ 18 months remain.

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"
Curious title -- a book which looks at prophecy and asks why, when phrased in terms of the Hebrew Calendar that would have been used by the prophet, there is such coincidence in the factual timeline of modern events.
1929 starts it -- Hitler, Germany, the Roman era symbol of which was a White Horse, or Horseman on a white steed.  Is that really the first Horseman of the Apocalypse?
1939 The second Horseman -- WAR.  No disputing the interpretation there.
The Rapture in which JEWS are lifted to the sanctuary before the real apocalypse period begins ... the period in which a third of all life dies (as is now predicted by scientists with Climate Change as the culprit).  That Holocaust was an interesting way to conceal the Rapture ... and take with it more than the predicted 144,000, while ensuring that the ones to be taken were.
COINCIDENCE -- dismiss it ... ignore it ... ensure that you do nothing to interfere with the fulfillment of prophecy ... or maybe it is JUST COINCIDENCE.
Politics ... what city-state, what nation, what city is synonymous with a nation?  What City could possibly be equated to Babylon the great city -- the city our timeline says falls in 2015/16?
Could that be Washington, The United States of America?
What does "fall" mean?
In Babylon, the city continued but its "global" influence ceased to exist.  For America to fall -- the government would need to be shut down, maybe the debts go unpaid -- a process the Tea Party attempted, but failed at, in 2013.
Obama is under attack -- yet no credible charges, no facts, support that attack ... but Obama is symbolic of the Presidency, which is symbolic of the leader of the free world, which, if he or his programs were to fall, would symbolize the fall of "Babylon".
Two things are mandatory -- It's the "Rule of Solomon, set down in the Bible -- you must first be told what you are doing is wrong, and then you must ignore that reality and continue to do it.  In an era of judgment, you determine your fate:
This and other books in the 'what if it's real' examination series tells you.   Whether of not you read them, pay attention, think about the possibility that coincidence is not coincidental  and act accordingly -- well, that is how the "Rule of Solomon works.

As of this writing, 18 months remain in the 2015/16 period assigned to the fall of Babylon.  Will something significant happen?  Will another city-state fall and fulfill the prophecy while allowing for the survival of Washington and the American experiment?  Will the prophecy fail and allow us to look at the prior date/event coincidences as just that?

One thing for sure – the modern religions of Islam and Christianity are tied to the fulfillment.  The Davidic Prophecy of Israel and the Jews was fulfilled when the Biblical Health laws became universal and Israel once more became a free and independent nation – so the Davidic Prophecy is, to a arguable degree, is almost off the table … all that remains is the reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple.   

Sunday, May 24, 2015


There's no value in value,
if the value has no value.

Obviously: If you cannot make use of it, why have it?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

get a job

Curious thing about Republicans complaining about people who are on welfare not wanting to work ... most seem to be women and children.
But the Republican agenda is built around the idea that women should have children -- even unplanned for or one know in the womb to have a limited life span with minimal ability to function.
Republicans argue that women should not work, should stay at home with the children, yet those are exactly the people the Republicans castigate and punish for following the Republican ideal.
If mom is home, and needs money to survive, she needs to abandon the kids and work at a job where she need 20 hours overtime just to earn a poverty level wage.
With mom gone, who's caring for kids?
Do Republicans pay child care to do what mom did for free?
Get a job ... but Republicans use tax money to fund the outsourcing of jobs to other countries ... and give tax breaks a to firms which outsourced manufacturing and keep their profits outside the nation.
Hum ... MOST HARM TO MOST PEOPLE seems to involve deeds which contradict words ... and they wave a book which said, "you will know them by their deeds" ...
Yep, on track for the fall in 2015/16 ...…/…/1497427169

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

King OBAMA–a Tea Party Annoyance

Various right-wing idiots – the loyal FoxNews types – have been saying Obama is behaving like a King (some have said ‘Queen’, as in Gay).

There is a harsh reality that, if it continues to prove true, both makes those racist derogatory assertions implicitly correct, and reveals those who cannot win the White House in 2016.

First – yes the nobility assertions are racially motivated – they have worn out the Kenyan bit.

Next, it appears that all of the past 44 POTUS are members of the same family.

We know – thanks to a 13-year-old California girl – that every POTUS, except Van Buren, is a descended from King John {signer of Magna Carta}.

I’ve been posting to charts on Pinterest, POTUS 45 – the common POTUS Genealogy.  These charts link each POTUS or FLOTUS to their common Colonial grandparents.  Many cases they share the same ones, occasionally there is a “marry-back” – where a POTUS and FLOTUS are actually cousins via their Colonial Ancestor.

Here’s an example, based upon cousin relations, as opposed to common Grandparent is POTUS 14 Franklin PIERCE:

FLOTUS/POTUS 14 Pierce brings in Reagan, Wilson, the Bush clan, and FDR.  But takes three couples for only six POTUS.

POTUS 40 – Ronald REAGAN;  41 & 43  George Bush, father & son; 28, Woodrow WILSON; 32,  Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT.

The America POTUS are American Nobility, who descended from European Nobility, were in charge of Colony formation,  and were comprised of Military and Naval Officers and the Deacons or Reverends who were the spiritual leaders of the Colonies.  In many ways, they were the LEVITES founding the American Israel – with the States as the Tribal Colonial Territories.

For now, as much as the heathens object, Obama is our Chief Rabbi.  Granted, there is an Edomite movement to elect “Herod the Great” who will be loyal subject to whatever Rome emerges.  But who he is, and what state is the new Rome, that we have yet to learn.  We might well learn it – if the Biblical Prophecy continues to prove true, and Washington falls in 2015/16.

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"  Will the Revelation timeline – which became on cue with the emergence of Hitler in 1929 – continue to unfold?  Or will it be disrupted?

But for now, a genealogy of American leadership seems to dictate the next POTUS will be one whose roots trace back to the Virginia, Massachusetts, or New Amsterdam Colonies – and from there to European Nobility.

Of the potential non-qualifiers, only Bernie Sanders, a Jew, would be the true “American” President to end the historic lineage…. but that’s for a different BLOG.

Friday, April 24, 2015

American Earthquakes

Earthquakes are now in the news – no so much when, back in 1978, I wrote about them in  THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK.

Look at the New Madrid Fault – that big red thing just under Indiana … last time that went off, in 1812, it triggered the ones to the east (or they triggered it).  and if it went off to the same degree in 2016, it would disrupt a third of the population and most of the economy of America.

The California fault zones are also overdue for their next disruption.

Edgar Cayce said the Great Lakes would flow into the Gulf of Mexico – but he wasn’t a prophet, he was simply subconsciously processing known history and science as it stood between 1900 and 1930.

Would be interesting to see what would happen if the Oil Fracking triggered a string of seismic events.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Most Harm to the Most People


Guns Kill – because Republicans own guns and like to kill.

Republicans spend $605 Billion a year getting ready to cause Armageddon.

Military Spending, in terms of a percentage of GDP, reveals Russia spends 30% more than the United States.   However, in real money – this chart tells us the USA spends TEN TIMES as much … in fact, the USA is so devoted to the killing of other that it spends 160% of the combined sum total spend by the other four nations shown:


If America cut its Military spending by $200 Billion a year, it would effectively reduce Federal spending by Ten Percent – more if we subtract the pay-as-you-go self-funding elements like Social Security.

Eliminate the costs associated with going to other lands to murder people, and the Military Budget can be cut by ten percent, then, what’s left, can be cut reduced by another 40%.

But Republicans LIKE KILLING people … so it isn’t going to happen – at least not until America crumbles under their self-hatred and disrespect for POTUS and the people.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Anti-Scripture rules East and West

-- Islamic Jihad was designed and intended to fulfill the Book of Revelation call for a "Army in White" led by the Messiah ... That Messiah would be the one fulfilling the Davidic Prophecy, and therefore Jewish.
Which makes the Terrorists interesting -- they are NOT led by the Messiah, so NOT involved in a legitimate Holly War (Jihad), and they are attacking Israel -- which means they are attacking the nation of Isa (THEIR name for Messiah).
Thus, Islam is need not be seen as evil, but rather it is the Terrorists who are in violation of the Koran who are evil -- and just happen to be using Islam as their excuse in the same way Christians used the Bible to justify the Crusades, Inquisition and even Nazism (Hitler even made it a point to note that he was Christian).
The same anti-"Holy Book" approach applies to the Anti-same-sex marriage crowd. Paul Mandated Marriage regardless of the gender pairing, and Jesus explicitly exempted gays (eunuchs from birth) from the one-man-one-woman-for-life marriage requirement. Also exempted was anyone who chose not to have Jesus represent them on Judgment Day -- in that crowd, men are allowed the option of two wives and divorce. Read the Bible; or "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE: 'The Punch Line's A Killer'", and get chapter and verse.

The hardest reality to face – the Atheists are closer to the scriptures than those who wave them about and use them as a bludgeon to suppress.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Republicans test water on bombing Iran

For Republican logic check the link below -- argues that Pearl Harbor was justified and, on 7 Dec 1941, Japan was correct to bomb America and destroy its Pacific Threat potential.
But remember -- Negotiating makes no sense -- The Re[publicans have already declare the agreement null and void on January 2017.
THE MOST HARM TO MOST PEOPLE Right-wing Republican agenda promotes Hardship and Death over Life.
It also is aimed at causing the fall of Washington from the World Stage and fulfillment of the Prophecy it's evangelical base has promoted for the past five decades.
"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

The point Kyle makes is that the Republicans side with ISIS -- they want to help the Islamic State expand ... it wasn't enough to kill Hussein and make ISIS possible.
Yep, they are working to produce the "End-of-Times.".

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pope Francis – Pontificate Limited

Ah the beauty of "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE: 'The Punch Line's A Killer'".

In  2011, the Vatican got wind of the book and asked for copies.

In September 2011, they issued a letter stating it have been added to the Archives – and Pope Benedict ordered a retirement residence be prepared.

In 2012, knowing the publication was eminent, Pope Benedict announced his retirement – concurrent with that publication.

An apparent goal was to circumvent a prophecy reported in the book – one that stated Benedict’s successor would witness the destruction of Rome.

Now we have Francis saying his tenure would be limited – maybe another five years – could he be referring to the reality of his age?  Or would he too resign?  Is his tenure intended as an attempt to circumvent the prophecy – make it fail – and thus save both Rome and the Church?

But the Book of Revelation, and the Malachy Prophecy, demand an end to the Satanic elements and with that an end to Christianity and Islam … Islam, true Islam (not the terrorism we constantly hear about) is the Army in White of Revelation … the army of the Messiah.  It shall arise – unless the prophecy can be broken – by 2034.

"Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" offers up a possible timeline which began with Hitler in 1929, World War Two in 1939, and placed the “Rapture” in 1945.   It demands the fall of Babylon  (believed to be Washington DC, but the Saudis Capital of Riyadh, or the Russian Capital, Moscow, could serve as well – in any case, Babylon Falls in 2015/16.

Senator Ted Cruz, in a series of recent speeches, in which he is presenting himself as a possible "President Ted Cruz", has indicated that Washington has already fallen.  If that is the case, we move on to the next phase of the prophecies – Disease, Famine, Pestilence, and finally the death of a third of all life on the planet.  All to be clearly visible by 2034.

The Vatican – whose whole justification for existing is the Davidic Prophecy – certainly believes it.