Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saint Paul’s Joke – next step

In words which infer his predecessor's resignation was an attempt to circumvent the St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes, and avert Rome's destruction, Pope Francis "repeated that he did not rule out resigning as pope like his predecessor Benedict XVI if he felt he could no longer rule the 1.2 billion member Roman Catholic Church, saying that he would ask God for guidance “when the time comes”."

If Francis were to resign, or die, prior to Rome’s destruction, it would simply infer he was a false Pope (an anti-pope).  Benedict needs to die, in order to affirm Francis.  But even the death of Benedict would not, necessarily affirm and validate Francis – the 112th Pope in the prophecy is supposed to assume the mantle of St. Peter. 

But how is that defined?  What is the ‘mantle of Peter, the association which would bond this pope in the same way Benedict was bound to the Benedict/Olives  prediction?  Orthodox Jew?  True follower of the Doctrine or Peter and Paul?  

Read more:

Pope Francis Defends Pius XII on Charges He Turned Blind Eye to Holocaust

Pope Francis has strongly defended his wartime predecessor Pius XII against accusations he turned a blind eye to the Holocaust, saying the opening of Vatican archives will shed light on the controversy.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development lists the highest current minimum wage as Luxembourg' at $10.66 an hour, followed by France at $10.60, Australia at $10.21, Belgium at $9.97, and the Netherlands at $9.48. The U.S. minimum wage of $7.25 came tenth on the list. The OECD adjusted figures for spending power.
With the Swiss taking first place by setting their minimum wage at $24.40 an hour.

Think about this: the USA is, based on GOP policies, wildly anti-immigration; internationally, minimum wages attract labor ... skilled and unskilled. The unskilled come for the obvious reason, the skilled need to learn a language to better use that skill, so the higher wage allows them better status while they are learning.
As a nation opposed to foreign workers, it,will be difficult for the presidential in-sourcing efforts to work ... those foreign firms will want to bring their low level specialists to initiate systems while training American workers. While low minimums make products cheap, they also require domestic education be equal to the foreign alternatives ... and again, GOP policies oppose education.
Given the opposition to all things Obama, we can expect the current state of the TEA PARTY agenda to continue and the economy to drag at slightly better than 2007-2008 levels... at least for the next two years ... at which point expect the TEA PARTY to throw the USA into a recession comparable to, or greater than the Bush recession of 2007/8.
Climate Change will then create a dust bowl of 1930s proportions while the rest of the world prepares ... leaving the USA to choke on its own policies.
Fun times ahead ... all determined by the 2014 midterm election results ... which I forecast as national suicide on historic levels ... for DEATH OVER LIFE is the way the nation will vote.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pope Francis to Shun Popemobile on Mideast Trip: Vatican – because he read Saint Paul’s Joke

Because he read “Saint Paul’s Joke” – which is part of the official Vatican Archives -- Pope Francis I is going to Shun Popemobile on Mideast Trip.


The 900 year old St Malachy Prophecy said the Benedict was the last but one in the lines of popes.  Rome is to be destroyed in period of 112th Malachy Pope.

So … if you want to break the prophecy resign and the 112th Pope survives.  Or, the true 112th pope comes after him and Rome survives – the Vatican survives, and the religion survives.

If Francis IS the 112th pope, he is INVINCIBLE.  He must be alive when Rome is destroyed – or the Malachy prophecy is broken.  So, the worst thing that can happen, Francis is assassinated and the prophecy is broken.  But it all depends on whether of not Francis qualified as an ‘anti-pope’ … a pope who is not really official.  There have been several in history and they have not disrupted the Malachy list.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” – Francis must behave like Peter to be the Peter of the prophecy.  He must also die after Pope Benedict, or he could qualify as an anti-pope within the tradition of papal succession.   Thus, so long as Benedict lives, and Rome is not destroyed, Francis is INVINCIBLE.  He has no need for a popemobile.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gay Marriage or Same-Sex Marriage

Have you ever noticed, when speaking of Gay Marriage or Same-Sex Marriage the term “Gay” seems to apply only to male homosexuals?  The reference is to the LGBT community – indicating that there are three types of non-heterosexual, or non-birth-gender consistent, ways to be sexually identified: Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender.

"Saint Paul's Joke" points out that there is NO biblical basis for being anti-gay ... the only laws (Leviticus etc) involve males ... and then only when they are bi-sexual. There are NO laws dealing with females and therefore nothing against homosexuality.

So "abominations" are mentioned in New Testament texts, but they refer to Old Testament Laws, and also carry the admonition that, if you adopt any of the old laws you MUST adopt ALL of them. 
Jesus and Peter spoke to the circumcised Israelites & Hebrews, Paul spoke to the Gentiles. Paul mandated that new convert males be exempted from circumcision -- but also that they obey ALL the Laws.

Gentiles couldn't even criticize a Jew who disobeyed or ignored the laws -- unless they themselves obeyed all 613.  Of course, the ultimate form of criticism is anti-Semitism; among other things, among other specific teachings of Jesus, that means the Inquisition condemned all participants – as did the Holocaust and any neo-Nazis movements.

[Note the Vatican studied multiple pre-publication copies of "Saint Paul's Joke" for two months, they added them to archives and Pope decided he was better being a rich man on earth, so he planned his retirement; when book was published he announced it].

To assert a Religious basis for being anti-gay, or anti-gay marriage goes against the western Bible.  Those who subscribe to other religions have their own texts, and are strictly bound by those texts.  But, in the case of the Koran, the anti-Semitism also applies – to be anti-Semitic is to attack and possibly allow the killing of, a Jew for being a Jew.  Jesus, who in the Koran is Isa, was, is, and always will be, a Jew.  Thus, any anti-Semitism is actually an attempt to kill Jesus/Isa before he has the chance to come to power.

If we were to exclude Jesus from his Christian status and allow the status of Prophet, as granted by Islam, then Isa could be a separate entity and conform to the Hebrew Messiah.  But it remains that anti-Semitism, directed at the Hebrew community (some Arabs are also Semites), is still an attempt to kill the Messiah.  Which brings us back to the doctrine of Paul to the Gentiles:

At a time when even the Emperor of Rome publicly married a boy, Paul not only did NOT condemn it, he told his followers that, if they really needed sex, than they had to marry. Thus there is an argument that the New Testament mandates gay weddings if the gay cannot be celibate.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ode to idiot son

Well, every now and again – especially when you are a senior senior citizen – you see something that reminds you of your idiot kids.  In my case it’s an oldest son who is now comfortably middle aged and has yet to figure out how to produce children.  Or maybe he just was incapable of finding a gal willing to carry his whatever for 9 or 10 months.

Any who …   there was a Washington Post article today which declare that, in 31 states day care costs more than college.  Article rang a bell because his mom died when he was 16 months old and I had to have two jobs  -- one to pay for the babysitter, and the another which would pay for all our expenses.  Obviously that was back in the days before the safety net entitlements came into being.

Of course, we lived in a state (New York) where even today the costs of daycare are excessive – as excessive as the rents.

Per the article: “The biggest gap is in New York, where day care will set you back nearly 15 grand, but in-state college tuition is only $6,500 -- a difference of over $8,000.”  Back then, with the payroll tax, I was losing about three percent over my take-home pay for the nanny.  Phrased another way, the nanny salary was 103% of my take-home pay as a teacher.  Fortunately I had a weekend job which paid better than the city teaching position

it wasn’t long before I realized I could work less, make more, and still have the fulltime nanny – if I quit teaching and just added one day of work to my weekend job.

Reality.  Most who might happen on this article really will not be able to relate – at least not beyond the no kids point.  We have entered an age of Zero Population Growth – which countered “The Population Bomb, described by Paul Ehrlich in his book of the same name.

Funny thing about ZPG – those who ignore it and have at least three kids who have kids (ideally three or more) will be the direct ancestors of those who rule the world five hundred years from now.  In a shorter time if “Death Over Life” proves accurate in its assertion that the Book of Revelation prophecy actually began in 1931, with Hitler’s emergence, and was affirmed with WW2, in 1939.

The 2001 World Trade Center nonsense and 2007 economic debacle were also in that timeline and now we look to 2015 for the next phase.  Then a brief period with the mess scheduled for 2033/4 as the finishing touch which will raise those with surviving children to the pinnacle of global power – as the ones who survived.  Naturally, those who have no children are dead – with their ancestral lines terminated.  It is about “Death Over Life” and “Saint Paul’s Joke”



It’s also about idiot children who disrespect their parents and all their  ancestors – who, through centuries and millennia, struggled to survive so that they could come into existence.  ZPG does not mean a person should not have children – it means they should have no more than two (maybe three).  Simple population replacement needs 2.4 children per fertile woman – any nation which fails to achieve that level of fertility will vanish from the planet; any nation which exceeds it will inherit the world.  As they say, the “meek” inherit – where the meek are those who are now  Third World, or Chinese.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Russia into Ukraine


A defense concept from the 2014 book “Death Over Life”: “The current point of significance here is, the Ukraine is not a member of NATO, despite years of speculation that it was poised to join, in 2013, the government did decide against joining, and therefore it afforded no protective status under the North Atlantic Treaty, Article 5 – more important, the NATO powers have no legal basis for asserting any direct involvement.”

As of 8 March 2014, there appears to be a Russian military buildup.  In all probability a defensive one – but the Russia News does report American ‘Greystone’ mercenaries are actively involved in the internal Ukraine conflict.  While their presence could be a problem, the bigger issue is the reported or alleged outdated nature of the Russian military.


© CNES 2014, Distribution Astrium Services / Spot Image S.A. / IHS

On page 83 of Death Over Life” it says: “Internal divisions in Ukraine are historically real and can be expected to endure long after the current situation has faded into history.  But in many ways, the Crimea situation is analogous to the Texas and the Alamo, but with some notable differences.”
Ultimately, the book holds that the Russians will remain on the sidelines – unless actively dragged into the fray.  “If we look at Russia, which has, for the past half-century been the big bad bogeyman, we see a nation whose troops seem to remain home.”

The book goes on to say exactly what the Russians will do.


Monday, April 07, 2014

Opps, Obamacare is working

Number of Americans without health insurance reaches new low

The level is at its lowest since before President Obama took office, says a Gallup survey that indicates 8 million people have gained coverage since September.

The Tea Party: America Upended Seems the Tea Party is being undermined by reality ... or reality according to Gallup.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saint Paul's Joke said that  Judgment Day would fall between 2034 and 2064.

The problem is how you define it. 
Phrase I have often cited, "Half the people who ever lived are alive today" - means all the souls there ever were are here today - now think about it in this context:by 2060 the number of Japanese will have fallen from 127m to about 87m, of whom almost 40% will be 65 or older  (when the over 65 die: 87*.6= 52.2m vs 127m about half; Judgment day prophecy fulfilled)

 Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation - eBook gives the Book of Revelation data
Print edition will be live by April First.... don't be a fool -- read it!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

When Civilization Will End

This story only reports on another story, which says what was said in Saint Paul’s Joke in 2011/12… It pinned the date at 2034 … Study says 2029 …

We can expect fun: Biblical Prophecy… the Book of Revelation dating is due to end NOW.  But for the Study … they are off a bit.   


NASA Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It's Not Looking Good for Us By Tom McKay March 18, 2014


NASA officials released this statement on the study on March 20, which seeks to distance the agency from the paper: "A soon-to-be published research paper, 'Human and Nature Dynamics (HANDY): Modeling Inequality and Use of Resources in the Collapse or Sustainability of Societies' by University of Maryland researchers Safa Motesharrei and Eugenia Kalnay, and University of Minnesota's Jorge Rivas, was not solicited, directed or reviewed by NASA. It is an independent study by the university researchers utilizing research tools developed for a separate NASA activity. As is the case with all independent research, the views and conclusions in the paper are those of the authors alone. NASA does not endorse the paper or its conclusions."

Writes Nafeez Ahmed at The Guardian:

"Although the study is largely theoretical, a number of other more empirically-focused studies — by KPMG and the UK Government Office of Science for instance — have warned that the convergence of food, water and energy crises could create a 'perfect storm' within about fifteen years. But these 'business as usual' forecasts could be very conservative."


“Always play the other guy’s game – when they lose they have no right to complain.” – W. Lawrence Lipton, 1958

also phrased as:

“Always play by the other guy’s rules – you aren’t expected to win, and when they lose they can’t complain.”

“If you are knocked down, get up.  Then knock the other guy down and make sure he doesn’t get up.” – Bernard Lipton, 1926

Monday, March 03, 2014

Glenn Beck misleads his listeners

Glenn Beck misleads his listeners by asserting  in this Audio That Beck Says Should Sink Obama’s Poll Numbers to the ‘20s’

A New book, which focuses on realities but from the viewpoint of prophecy based on socio-economic-political cycles, points to America post 2014 (and 2016) as "Babylon the great city" and Russia as an equal driving force in historic events: "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"
Of course the religious freaks will freak out over some things said in book ... and the Tea Party types will really freak over their role in events ... but there is a reality which Russia is demonstrating: It will protect access to a warm water port.  It has done that in the past and will in the future (Google the historic occurrences).
Obama is irrelevant to unfolding historic events -- unless he goes militaristic ala Bush 1 & Bush 2, in which case he will accelerate them.
The Eastern Ukraine is not, nor will it become, of any strategic interest to the United States.  If Russia were to turn int into a nation (or absorb it), it wouldn't matter in the least to American or EU interests.  It is the Western Ukraine (with no ethnic Russian connection) which has historic connections to the American population, and serves our interests (because it serves EU interests).

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era

Looking at Biblical Revelation: Are we in the Revelation Era?

The Book comes out in March 2014, and will be available on Amazon, in bookstores and here.  Imagine these to be the relevant dates of the prophecy:



Friday, January 17, 2014

The Tea Party: America Upended

Live on Amazon The Tea Party: America Upended

Valley of the other kings: Lost dynasty found in Egypt

Look at our timeline and these words from the referenced article: "in 1997, a Danish Egyptologist, Dr Kim Ryholt, deduced from a highly damaged ancient Egyptian papyrus, that a lost dynasty should theoretically have existed at Abydos between 1650 BC and 1600 BC - part of an era of political disunity known in Ancient Egyptian history as the Second Intermediate Period."

The timeline is part of the book GENESIS OF GENESIS  (Kindle & Print editions).
Note that the divided period in Egypt matches the period of Jacob & Joseph.  This is NOT coincidence, it is history.  The restored dynastic period is believed to have begun around the time the Biblical Joseph was born.  As an outsider, he fits the history of the restoration.  As the article tells us:
"n around 1550 BC, after at least 50 years of war, the southern kingdom defeated the foreign-originating dynasty in the north and succeeded in re-uniting Egypt. However the new archaeological discovery at Abydos now shows definitively that there was a previously unknown third state (the' Kingdom of Abydos'), ruled by the lost dynasty, which existed for a time between the native Egyptian south and the foreign-occupied north. It may have served as a sort of buffer state (controlling 100 to 150 mile stretch of the Nile Valley) - and its demise in around 1600 seems to roughly coincide with the beginning of the native South's struggle to liberate the North from foreign rule."
The Tea Party: America Upended, is now Live on Kindle.

This is The Tea Party, their proposed platform points, and the non-negotiable core points.
This is the reality of where they should be going.  But, unfortunately, the reality appears to be distinctly different.  In November 2014 the world will discover if America is going to define the twenty-first century, or if that will be the century when America passed into history.

The Tea Party: America Upended, is now Live on Kindle; the print edition should follow soon..

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Qur'an meets 1 Thessalonians and prophecy

1 Thessalonians 4 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

"What can such expect but God should come down to them overshadowed with clouds."-Qur'an 2:210

Those “who are STILL alive” – after the time when “dead in Christ will rise first” – “we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep.”

The dead come to life and the living will see them descend from heaven – or from the clouds – or be brought up into the clouds.  Surat Al-Baqarah [verse 210] - Do they await but that Allah should come to them in covers of clouds and the angels [as well] and the matter is [then] decided?  "And he (Jesus), shall be a Sign of the Hour"(Qur'an 43:61)

We are told in the NT that we will not know the day and hour, and the Qur'an tells us that time shall be the return, or appearance. of the Messiah. 

"That they say (in boast): 'We killed the Messiah Isa, son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah, but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of Isa was put over another man (and they killed that man), and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no certain knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely, they killed him not, but Allah raised him up unto Himself. And Allah is ever All-Powerful, All-Wise. And there is none of the people of the scripture but must believe in him before his death. And on the Day of Resurrection, he (Isa) will be a witness against them." (Qur'an 4:157-159)

It was the Roman servants who boasted of the killing, in the Roman style.  As for Jesus, we are told “He will come again and when you see him, you will recognize him. He is of medium height and his complexion is reddish-white, he will be wearing two garments, and his hair will look wet, although no water had got to it."

"Allah will send the Messiah, son of Maryam, and he will descend to the white minaret in the East of Damascus, wearing two garments dyed with saffron, placing his hands on the wings of two angels. When he lowers his head, beads of perspiration will fall from it, and when he raises his head, beads like pearls will scatter from it. Every Kaffir (unbeliever) who smells the fragrance (of his breath) will die, and his breath will reach as far as he can see. He will search for the Dajjal until he finds him at the gate of Ludd where he will kill him. Then a group of people whom Allah has protected will come to Isa (as), son of Maryam, and he will wipe the traces of hardship from their faces and tell them of their place in Paradise. At that point, Allah will reveal to Isa (as): 'I have brought forth some of My servants whom no-one will be able to fight. Take my servants safely to Al-Tur.'"

“The Imam will step back to let Isa (as) lead people in prayer but Isa (as) will place his hands between the mans shoulders and say: 'Go forward and lead the prayer for the iqamah (call to commence prayer) was made for you, and so the Imam will lead the people in prayer.'"

The symbolic gesture from Isa dissociates him from an Islamist place in the religion, just as he would turn down a place in any Christian leadership role that is that of a functionary, or follower.  Jesus is a leader and teacher … a Rabbi without a congregation, but with a SCHOOL in the manner of Beit Hillel.

If the calculations in “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” are correct, then all will be answered in 2034/5 through 2064/5.

Of course, it might be that religion is just religion borrowed from previous religions … which are just a way of making sense of a world when there is no scientific manner in which to make sense of it.  Then we might make it through – but that presupposes that nobody does anything to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy  [even if it is sans the appearance of the dead in the sky].

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pope Francis affirms SAINT PAUL’S JOKE

“We renew our closeness and solidarity to the Jewish people, our big brothers, and pray to God that the memory of the past and of the sins of the past helps us to be always vigilant against every form of hate and intolerance,” Francis told thousands in St. Peter’s Square in his Sunday mass [10 Nov 2013].

In saying that, Francis affirmed that former Catholic  actions were sins of the type described in “Saint Paul’s Joke” .

Attacks on Jews, along with efforts to convert them, are basically an attack on Jesus himself.

Would Jesus worship Jesus rather than HaShem?  Would he eat pork, or shellfish?  Would he, as they did in the Middle Ages, avoid bathing and refrain from washing when touching something dirty?

At one level, Francis has denounced the Inquisition – as well as all those connected with it.  It is, in terms of the 900 year-old prophecy of St. Malachy, an act which PETER would be expected to perform.

 We Are Family: Pope Francis called the Jewish people the ‘Big Brothers’ of his Roman Catholic flock during a speech in memorial of Kristallnacht.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Ann Coulter Triggers A Thought

From the  Ann Coulter Wikipedia page:

“Talk show host Dennis Prager, while disagreeing with her comments, said that they were not "anti-Semitic", noting,

"There is nothing in what Ann Coulter said to a Jewish interviewer on CNBC that indicates she hates Jews or wishes them ill, or does damage to the Jewish people or the Jewish state. And if none of those criteria is present, how can someone be labeled anti-Semitic?”

“Conservative activist David Horowitz responded,

"If you don't accompany this belief by burning Jews who refuse to become perfected at the stake why would any Jew have a problem? Why do some Jews think that Christians should not really believe what they believe while it's okay for Jews to really believe they are God's Chosen People? I don't get it."

Do I detect sarcasm in the Horowitz response?  After all, in the gentile mind, you stop short f asserting the use of gas chambers or some other “final solution”, you are not being anti-Semitic.  However, it is rather comical that they would have a pious Jew like Jesus appear and begin worshipping himself.   Is worth noting that the self-worship logic is the type of logic which Coulter uses to sell her books – basically, ignoring reality.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” – to be a recognized follower of Jesus, one must also follow all the Old testament laws.  To even criticize a Jew, even one who disobeys, or ignores, all those laws, the gentile must first be an devout adherent to those very same laws.  This is why Jesus said (warned) that many would come in His Name – proclaim themselves followers of His – and he would NOT KNOW Them.

Of course the fun part – if Sir Isaac Newton was correct in his calculations, or if the related calculations presented in “Saint Paul’s Joke” are correct, is that we only have until 2034/5 before we see the forming of the new [post-apocalyptic] world – a series of events which will hold in force until 2064/5.

To occur, those events require precursor events.  They require a war brought on by Jihad against the “evil Christians” – those Jesus does not know and will not protect; it will also require the fall of the United States as “Global Policeman” – the USA is to far for Jihadists to attack in any meaningful militaristic fashion, and it would also need to lose the ability to attack them.   This means an oil shortage in which the USA, like Nazis Germany in WW2, is dependent on the Jihadist stronghold nations for petroleum products – currently predicted to begin in 2016, and certainly in full force by 2025.

 “Saint Paul’s Joke” … the Evangelicals and the Tea Party are working hard to ensure the prophecies come true.  They are working hard to ensure that they and their followers are destroyed.


FREE  eBook copies of “Saint Paul’s Joke” will be available on … December 10-13, 2013. 


Friday, November 01, 2013

FREE eBook Promotions

1. To allow those who love Bible History a chance to learn the real meaning of the Patriarch Ages -- and have an accurate Biblical Calendar (in Hebrew and Common year chronology)  There will be a  FREE 4 day Amazon (Kindle Direct) eBook Promotion of Genesis of Genesis beginning November 10 thru November 13, 2013.   This will be your opportunity to learn the True meaning of the Patriarch Ages.  [eBook is also offered free with all print edition orders].  Learn the real Biblical History concealed within the numbers -- this includes why, since King David designed it, the First Temple wasn't built until the fourth year of Solomon.

2. There will be a Free 4 day eBook Promotion for “Saint Paul’s Joke” on Amazon (Kindle Direct) December 10, 2013 December 13, 2013.  So five weeks warning ... eBook should also be free with the purchase of the print edition.  Prior to publication,“Saint Paul’s Joke” was studied by the Vatican experts for two solid months – at the conclusion of that period, it was added to the Vatican Archives, and the Pope began converting a nunnery into retirement residence; the month after it was formally published, Pope Benedict XVI, became the first Pope in 600 years to enter retirement.
NOTE: in the context of an episode entitled “The Real Jesus” – to appear on the History Channel [on December 2, 2013] Bible Secrets Revealed” series ... “Saint Paul’s Joke” provides the history of Jesus & his cousin John, and offers a never before conversation which suggests why Herod might have wanted Jesus dead, and why Joseph would accept a pregnant Mary as his wife ... without invoking "son of god" mythologies.

Friday, October 11, 2013

TED CRUZ–ashamed of his name?

His name is Rafael Edward Cruz and he seems ashamed of it … which is why he Americanized it to Ted.

His father fought for fought for communist revolutionary Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution – of course, being pro-Castro and entering America (in the pre-Reagan, or Reagan era) doesn’t wash, so he plead stupidity about what he was fighting for.  Did he come to America as a Cuban Deep Cover Communist Agent?  Is that why he married an American?  Was he circumventing background checks?

In 1993 Osama Ben Laden declared his objective to totally destroy the American economy.   After Ben Laden’s death, that goal was reasserted as an al-Qaeda objective.  Now, a Canadian born, son of a Communist revolutionary fighter, has led an action which threatens to achieve the longstanding al-Qaeda objective.   Is it possible that ‘Ted’ Cruz – the man ashamed of the fact he carries the given name of his father – is really an al-Qaeda agent?

If he brings down the nation – specifically while asserting he wants to demy Americans health care -- it is apparent that he works for al-Qaeda.   Be it that he does it knowingly, or because, with all his proven intelligence, he is, in reality, an anti-American idiot.


LIVE BY THE SWORD, DIE BY THE SWORD is derived from the Book of Matthew {26:52} “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.

Some use this to say that Jesus opposed war and fighting, but, in reality, Jesus had no problem with fighting – or swords.  If he did, how could his followers be carrying them? 

The adage begins with “50 Jesus said to him, 'My friend, do what you are here for.' Then they came forward, seized Jesus and arrested him.

51 And suddenly, one of the followers of Jesus grasped his sword and drew it; he struck the high priest's servant and cut off his ear.”

If we think about it, Jesus is saying that the sword should only be used when it is worth you life.  Jesus being grabbed was not worth the life of his followers – it was an event that befell his cousin John, and would befall many.

More important, what is worth TAKING a life?

Modern Christians will point to martyrs who died for their faith – so will Buddhists, and Shoah (the Holocaust) Jews.  It is OK for you to die for your beliefs, but not to make others, who do not hold those same beliefs, to die for them.

To kill others for not holding your beliefs is MURDER.  To be a modern Christian is to be the result of centuries of mass murders perpetrated by those who made you Christian, by making your ancestors Christian under the threat of death.  They did not come willingly to the faith, and the faith  based on converting Jesus into Hercules and retaining all the Herculean traditions under new names and connections.

It is “Saint Paul’s Joke” … but they don’t get it … nor will they get it before the time is too late.  By then, they will be the unquestioned butt of the Joke – students of Augustine of Hippo who insulted Jesus, Peter and Paul … and denied everything that is the stated premise for the teachings.  As Jesus is reputed to have said: “They will come in my name and I will not know them” (Which means he will NOT be their advocate on the real, or figurative, Judgment Day.)

Should we care?

We have an obligation to warn – to inform – to tell people they are wrong … only then can we hold them libel for the actions which are improper.

As of October 1st, 2013, the American Congress – led by the Tea Party Republicans – has made it a point to insult and denigrate those who fought just wars, wars in which saving lives meant killing.  These should not be confused with the military actions aimed at innocents – that is a Jihadist way.  The Jihadist, the terrorist, the al-Qaeda member who, like their Christian counterpart, murders people at prayer and on the way to prayer – murders children and woman who are on their way to market so they can feed their families.

Christians kill … that is what they do.  Like the Jihadist, they murder Hebrews … but Jesus was a devout Hebrew, and Peter was as Orthodox as they come – save for Paul who declared himself “A Hebrew among Hebrews”.  So the modern Church (in all its denominations) came about by symbolically murdering Jesus, Peter and Paul … It is a matter of indisputable history.

Mohammed, The Prophet and author of the Koran, decreed that his people should HONOR the HEBREWS … Like the Christians, his modern followers dishonor him by attacking Israel – they are among those who, will not be known, when it counts the most.

Look at the Tea Party … it attacks OBAMACARE which, like the parable of the GOOD SAMARITAN, holds that we should care for people – not look into their wallets, or ask a lot of questions about their past, or blame them for past misfortunes (pre-existing conditions) which might have led to their current need for help.  The Tea Party holds that, to be a good Christian, the first step is to deny Christ and his teachings – they will work hard to deny the old, poor and the orphaned Social Security.  They will work hard to deny those who fought Just Wars, their medical care and, if they died in those wars, the benefits which accrued to, and should have been paid to, their families.

Fortunately we do not have to fight the Tea Party … we can let them have their way … within limits … limits which include not accepting them or their ways, and expressing our opposition in a peaceful manner … at the voting poles.

Remember, the Tea Party is charged with sorting those who will see the new world from those who will join their ranks and be consigned to everlasting purgatory.  The Tea Party has only one goal, they demonstrated it with the current shutdown – a shutdown over their desire to deny the sick medical care, to cause the deaths of as many people as they can before their lies become so visible as to be revealed to even the blindest of those who have accepted them.

THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE, is, was, and shall always be, their sole reason for existing.  If you doubt that, find something positive they have advocated and placed before the legislature to be enacted into law.  But don’t allow them to lie, or accept the lies, that make the correcting of damage they have caused and simply re-caused in a different way, to be taken as a positive.  Seeing they have failed to beat the nation to death, they might well call an ambulance – but be careful … for  their next attempt to kill will be to attack the ambulance.




Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ted Cruz Rushmore View

Canadian Ted Cruz brought the American nation to its knees.  But was this really what he was doing?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Willy Wonka Wonders about funding education

What happened to our priorities?

DUH … the answer  is simple, they’re Evangelical Republicans and they live to kill.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Syrian & American Suffering

“Suffering is a privilege, it moves us toward thinking about essential things and shakes us out of shortsighted complacency.”  But is that any reason to bring it upon yourself?

Evaluate responses to a child gassed to death, born with AIDS, or, as we now see Democrats in Washington proposing,  hit by what they call a “limited strike”.  Which is worthy of US expending A BILLION DOLLARS every two days?

Democrats (and a few Republicans) do not care about the children with AIDS, and certainly have no concern about the thousands they will kill with their “limited strike”.  Why should we believe they have any concern at all for the average American?

Let us reduce the military dedicated to the war the Bush family saw fit to impose upon us – and now engage in a new war … one which will see the whole world choosing up sides and going for the “Final Solution” to the religious wars begun fourteen centuries ago.

“Suffering is a privilege” … Is it a privilege we can allow others to enjoy – without imposing it upon ourselves?



Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Royal Society Publication confirms, and amplifies on, 2012 “Genesis of Genesis” dates

Those who have purchased "GENESIS OF GENESIS" might realize that Wednesday's issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society A (4 Sept 2013) has filled in and explained the time between the Birth of METHUSELAH and that of his son LAMECH. It represents the first eight Pharaohs from the establishment of Egypt as a State.

The story was reported by NBC News as "Who Ruled Egypt When".  The actual article is at "Researchers rewrite Early Egyptian timeline".



But we already knew that, apart from the astronomy, there was a correlation between those dates and Egyptian history. Isn't nice to see that the specifics are being published in peer review journals... ? LOL 

Have you read "GENESIS OF GENESIS"

Coincidently, effective 4 September 2013,  Amazon has a new promotion – buy the print version and receive the Kindle version at a deep discount, or possibly free.   And the dating chart, from Adam to Noah, is now on our "GENESIS OF GENESIS" Facebook page

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

the fun continues

More than two million Syrians are now refugees, more than 700,000 of whom have fled to Lebanon... meaning more Syrians are now displaced than any other nationality.

Apparently, France and the US are continuing to push for military action over alleged chemical weapons use by Syrian forces. of course, the question is, which group of idiots in America are pushing? we already know that France is composed of idiots ... they oppose and destroy ... have since the age when they were simply THE FRANKS; the also hate,ale Semitic races... so any excuse to see Arabs dead... so long as they don't actually launch the missiles.

problem remains, why would any sane nation want to get involved in the suicide of Syria? America has no interest in playing a role there... at least not while a civil war is raging.

This is, after all, the same nation that St. Paul fled 2000 years ago... and fled because they were engaged in a civil war of sorts. Syrians don't know how to be at peace... never have...and history tells us that, any foreign intervention, when they are at war among themselves, will bring down the empire that intervenes...
Time to butt out... if France wants to get involved... they've already had their ads kicked by every Arab group they've fought...why not by this one?


Monday, September 02, 2013


Back in the 1920’s, Edgar Cayce said the Great Lakes would flow into the Gulf of Mexico – as an ocean-like river.  Now Global Warming is a known reality … still denied by those who hate reality and love inflicting hardship on others.

Oxford-based scientist Prof Norman Myers - including one published in 1995 and another in 2005.

Continue reading the main story

The disappearing map

Map of world

A claim made by Norman Myers, that 50 million people would become climate refugees by 2010, was shown in 2011 to have been wrong – the UN Environment Program dropped the map they posted to their website…  But that doesn’t mean the sea levels are not rising and the illustrated areas will not sink below the waves… it just means that the timing assumptions were off… the melting ice caps are a reality and, in parts of the world, the increased rain is also a reality.

THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK (published c.1980,and now out of print) covered all this as interlocking prophecies chosen with the criteria that the individuals cited had to be dead before the prophecy could be deemed qualified to be tested.

For our purposes, the major population centers of America and China – and all of the Philippines – seem to be the focal points:


How many contiguous locations are less than five feet above current sea levels?  Those will be what vanishes…

How many homes and businesses are there?  How many people?

New York City?  Think an American Venice with it’s current streets forming the undersea foundation of a new city – one with a fraction of the people.  The Philippines?  That will be gone… as will most of the Caribbean … When?  Give it 100 years … so, in reality, why should we care?  We will all be dead before they have to deal with the realities.

Of course… there will be a level on migration much sooner … but, again, todays baby boom generation will be gone before it really becomes a problem.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Need a New Organization

We need a New Political Watchdog Group (Based on my post about Ted Cruz: …


Whatever the name… should the Republicans nominate Cruz, the group should be prepared – have the paperwork ready for filing – to challenge the Constitutionality of the nomination in Federal Court.

The papers should be filled immediately upon the opening of the Court  the morning after the nomination – or the day of the nomination … if the Court is open when the vote tally is declared.  It is only necessary to get an injunction against the Ted Cruz name appearing on the ballots until the Supreme Court Rules … clearly any Federal Court can decide the matter … but if it is judged that a Canadian by birth can be an American President, then the Supreme Court will be called upon to make a decisive ruling.

Monday, August 19, 2013

2050 and counting

Coastal Flooding Damage: $1 Trillion a Year by 2050 By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer   |   August 18, 2013 01:58pm ET


Love the article title – SAINT PAUL’S JOKE … damage fits right into the “end of the world” predictions we discussed in July.

Back in 1978, when I wrote “The Prophecy Notebook” – which is now out of print, and thus a collectors item – I wrote about  the Nostradamus prediction of the “manmade mountains” near “New City” being destroyed (New City is a town north of New York City, which, at the time, was New Amsterdam).  As we know, the prediction came true, with the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Towers.

“The Prophecy Notebook” also discussed Edgar Cayce prophecies in which the ocean would rise and the Gulf of Mexico would connect to the Great Lakes.  As I said in the book, the rise of waters would also have an impact on Florida and New York City – multiple ancient predictions or prophecies point to it.   New York City subways will be flooded – think the practice session represented by SANDY.

Things are coming together – of course, when they do, I’ll be long gone … or easily over 100 years old.

Some Republicans get it!

seems there is an exodus of elected Republicans – sadly, not a mass exodus" … Congressional Republicans who have disavowed the RNC & Party stated:

“the House Republican leadership’s utter disdain for the United States Constitution, specifically the 4th Amendment, was on full display as they worked overtime to kill the Amash Amendment which would have gone a long way toward constraining the NSA to the boundaries of the Constitution and seriously curbed their ability to conduct mass surveillance of Americans.  Be it known that we cannot and will not support nor defend these actions.

“In the United States Senate, we see Republicans all too willing to pass unconstitutional bills related to subjects such as the Internet Sales Tax and Immigration. Whether through arrogance or ignorance, they fail to understand the simple fact any revenue generating legislation must originate in the House of Representatives.

“Additionally, the Senate Republicans continue to support undeclared wars, meet in secret and supply arms to our “terrorist enemies” who we vowed to destroy after 911, and then tell us they love our troops – so long as it’s our kids and not theirs who have to go fight.

“Lastly, all too many Senate Republicans are more than willing to pass new “feel good” gun control legislation that would do nothing to stop another Sandy Hook massacre, all the while restricting 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens. We cannot support nor defend these actions in good faith.”

Here in Maine they declared: “the Republican Party has lost its way and the donors know it.”

OF COURSE on the national level, those who wish to destroy America are still going strong.  The Republican Party is the Anti-freedom, pro-murder party it has always been.  It was that way when it pushed Prohibition, pushed the Vietnam “WAR” (which was never a Constitutionally legal war – Congress MUST DECLARE a war against a defined enemy, or it is not legal… Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are also illegal Republican ‘wars’, or should we be honest and call them “MURDER FESTIVALS” …)

The anti-Abortion policies are the same murder festival agenda:  No abortion after 22 weeks, even if the fetus has no brain and is therefore legally dead, or will certainly kill the mother (and itself) if there is an attempt to carry it to term.  OH YES! and make sure that this dead fetus and its mother are denied medical coverage … so if she does survive she & her partner need to pay enormous medical bills, and if she dies, her partner will be both grieving and saddled with the enormous cost – a cost which could have been avoided, and saved her life, if the fetus had been terminated.


It is the Republican Way to Govern.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

THE FORWARD hates intelligent comments

Seems the Jewish (once Yiddish) publication, THE FORWARD, has an administrator who opposes scholarly comments on articles – thus, proudly deletes them.

The most recent action was my comments on their review of a new book -- “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” By Reza Aslan, a Religious Scholar, Phd, author, who happens to be Muslim … and seem to have written a book for Random House which discusses the same material which opens my own 2012 book, “Saint Paul’s Joke”.  Specifically, Asian focuses on the history and events associated with the beginnings of the Jesus story.

The reviewer claims: “For the Jesus he finds when the accreted layers of centuries of worship are scraped off is rather different from the one we might be used to, and all the more interesting, human and relevant for that.

As covered in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, Jesus appears to have been real, human, and a scholar in a line of scholars.  As acknowledged by the reviewer: “Aslan, an Iranian born scholar, surveys the literature around Jesus — what we might know of a man of his time, what the Gospels tell us of his life, what we can discover from contemporary writings and archaeology — and weaves together this material into a highly convincing account of Jesus the man.”  But, in reality, had he read it, the reviewer would have realized that Asian has done little more than what was done in the opening chapters of “Saint Paul’s Joke”.

Is it “preposterous” that Jesus was born in Bethlehem?  On page 39 of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, I pointed out that, “On horse or camel, Bethlehem is a day’s journey from Jerusalem.”   Associating a trip to Jerusalem with the 6bce census was LUKE … who made it a universal requirement that all Jews go to their birth city (as opposed to Tribal area, or identify themselves with their Tribe) …  since there would be a record of such a highly disruptive requirement, it is “preposterous” that they were their as Luke describes.  But Mary was a Kohanim – or so we can assume from her relationship to the parents of John the Baptist … described with the words “thy cousin Elizabeth, she also hath conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her that is called barren.”  [cited on page 35 of “Saint Paul’s Joke” as part of Chapter “Birth of a Nazirite”]

Aslan points out, that Jesus would have been able to read or write – an idea which denies the fact he was doubtless a Kohanim who was certainly (via his mother) a cousin to the wife of a Temple Priest who routinely entered the exclusive inner sanctum.  His knowledge of scripture, and explicit quoting of Hillel, indicate he had a better than average education.  Added to which, he was raised in the territory set aside for scholars (we have no real knowledge of Joseph, other than the fact he made a living as a carpenter, but then, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Hillel, was a woodcutter).  So we can say Asian screwed up of the education bit.

It is pointed out that Jesus “calls himself instead the “son of man”” – that he is mortal, we know the deity element comes in 100 years later … so Asian is OK here.  We are told by the reviewer that “Aslan asks, was Jesus crucified? “If one knew nothing else about Jesus of Nazareth save that he was crucified by Rome, one would know practically all that was needed to uncover who he was and why he ended up nailed to a cross…. His offence… was etched upon a plaque and placed above his head for all to see: Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. His crime was daring to assume kingly ambitions.”” And here is where “Saint Paul’s Joke”  mentions something that Asian avoids concluding – Jesus was KING, or he had the right to assert a lineage that placed him in line for the throne held by the Roman Edomite puppets… Mary ha gotten pregnant while in Jerusalem; Joseph is specific is saying it isn’t his kid, but  for reasons of propriety  -- “political reasons” he would accept her and the child.  Mary might have been raped by Herod – so Jesus was Herod’s son and only Jewish Heir …

Why is this significant?  A) Jesus would be “King of the Jews”, as far as the Jews were concerned; B) it explains the killing of children myth.  NO! No all males were killed (in the Moses mold) by only the Jewish Heirs to the Thrown – we know that Herod killed his sons by the Jewish Queen Miriam … so why not a bastard son by Mary, who was in the line of David and related to an important Temple Priest?

Look at the quote asserted to have hung over the head of Jesus on the cross: “’Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.’ His crime was daring to assume kingly ambitions.”  Now, if we realize that the city of Nazareth does not appear to have existed in the era when Jesus was born (neither archaeological nor official textual evidence exists to show Nazareth existed before 100AD, even a city list by Josephus omits it).  So let’s say the quote refers to something written later from oral history … “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”  might have read “Jesus THE NAZERITE, King of the Jews.”  Now it makes sense… John and Jesus were NAZERITE … that is, they were chosen by birth to speak/teach the Words of the Lord… they had a religious calling which was accompanied by intelligence and learning. … if you read, you will discover Sampson was another Nazerite … symbolized by the long hair and sexual abstinence during a specified period of purification/commitment.

The reviewer concludes: “Aslan’s triumph is not in original research or speculation. This is a deft, concise, respectful and accessible summary of — dare I say it? — the truth. It’s a summer afternoon’s read that explains, essentially, how Western civilization came to take the pattern we see today. And it’s hard to think of anyone, really, who wouldn’t benefit from reading it, if willing to accept its message. What’s most surprising is that a story so well accepted by scholars should still come as such a shock to us.”

But, with the exception of Herod (or one of his sons) being the father of Jesus, the same can be said for “Saint Paul’s Joke”

SO why would The Forward selectively delete comments which agree with, and augment, those of it’s reviewer?