Friday, December 02, 2016

Trump changes American International Politics

FUN. The USA recognized the Republic of China -- and sidelined Taiwan in 1779.
But now, on 2 December 2016, POTUS-Elect Donald John Trump has shown he is serious about America First and has, with this action, indicated he has the means and will to stop China from dictating policy to America.
Many who are still stuck on the way politics as it was in the Nixon Era or even back in the Era of McCarthyism are going to need to rethink their views ... There is a new sheriff in town -- and he is a salesman.
Just what he plans to sell -- that we shall learn in February.


This is what we get when 44% of registered voters sit home on election day.

Friday, November 18, 2016

How Trump Improves ObamaCare

POTUS-Elect Donald John Trump has a serious image problem.
More important, he has a personal ego problem which mandates that he be a successful POTUS.
He can NOT be impeached -- that's failure, no POTUS has ever been successfully impeached.  He could pull a Nixon, and resign -- but that would self-label him a crook, a liar, and the worst POTUS in history.
This brings us to reconciling the idea of improving ObamaCare (or replacing it with something better) and his other positions -- such as putting an end to Roe v Wade.

OK, many out there are not too bright and do not see a direct connection between Obama Care and Roe v Wade (or abortion).  But there is one.
Pro-Life groups yell they are "pro-life" but still say mom should die if the fetus is tubular and therefore will kill itself and its host.  That alone ensures that the Pro-Life group is, in fact, an organization of random murders seeking to increase their victim could -- a position supported by the reality that after Roe V Wade, the number of abortions among fertile women DECREASED.  That's right.  Free and legal access to abortion allowed women the time needed to consider is they actually wanted and could afford to have a baby at their stage in life -- and the commensurate increase in out-of-wedlock births affirms they decided  in the affirmative.
But we are talking hard facts supported by statistical analysis ... and talking to the same crowd that denies Global Warming while simultaneously witnessing the melting of Ice Caps and the melting of Glaciers with the resulting sea levels rise.
OK, some idiots will yell/argue that it exists but that it is NOT manmade.
WHO CARES if it is 100% manmade, or if humans are simply contributing to the acceleration of a natural cycle?
If CO2 is involved and connected to fossil fuels, and reducing dependence on a resource which will, within a few decades, no longer exist, it is simply an argument that denies reality.  Fossil fuels are a depleting resource, while both wind and solar are universally constant and offer the opportunity to build a new generation of industrialization with all the employment and expansion of GDP that comes with it.  So why are people fighting against the expansion of the economy and elimination of the most negative aspects of the electrical grid?

But, the topic is ObamaCare and abortion, not the evidence of just how stupid people are, or how often they work to prove their own counterproductive stupidity.

Consider this:
1. What good is a fetus coming to term if it is sick, or will die soon after birth? 
2. What is the benefit of the fetus being born and complication rendering the mother infertile the mother -- or worse, killing her?
3. What good is a baby whose health, or a lack of health care, precludes them from becoming a productive member of society?

If  POTUS-Elect Donald John Trump really wants to achieve and become renowned for his achievements, he will propose that ObamaCare should be modified to provide UNIVERSAL FREE prenatal and postnatal care to the children of American Citizens and LEGAL residents {and include, if necessary due to birth complications, their mothers}.  He will also say that any child born in the United States, and thus a Natural Born Citizen, shall be entitled to the same UNIVERSAL FREE postnatal care.  The mother can be excluded if she is not a citizen or documented legal resident.
Since the right-wing would not want to encourage women to come to the USA simply to have a baby all prenatal care would be excluded to pregnant women who lack documented legal resident status.
However, the exclusion would NOT apply to the care of a pregnant woman here on a valid visa.  The visa shows legal entry status and there certainly is no reason to jeopardize the health of a tourist or other LEGAL visitor to America.

Why is there a connection between abortion and ObamaCare -- or health care access?  Simple, many women will decide on abortion because they cannot afford the medical costs of a pregnancy.  So it eliminates that problem.
It also eliminates the murderous immorality of the Pro-Life types who insist that a child be brought into this world, while also taking no responsibility for ensuring it comes in health -- and thus is not a burden to society.
Of course, their response to social burden is to advocate the termination of Public Assistance programs.  
But note this problem is also carried into the area of the Minimum Wage...  these right-wing murderers refuse to raise the minimum wage, while the Federal Reserve is working to raise inflation to 2% {seeking also to increase interest rates to strengthen the dollar} and thus devaluing the purchasing power of the minimum wage.   
But, while the government wants to make full-time minimum wage workers more dependent on Public Assistance, the Right-Wing that control the government is also seeking to reduce or do wayPublic Assistance.  Interestingly they are also pulling the same murderous action against the elderly dependent upon with Social Security.  {WOOPS, here too we can look to the effects of a lack of prenatal and postnatal care -- because it often causes the birth of children who will be, for life, dependent on Public Assistance and, if the birth defect only triggers in adulthood, some form of Social Security Disability.}

NOTE: If you decrease Social Security or Minimum Wage purchasing power, you immediately undermine the foundation of the economic structure (the local retailer who services these recipients).  The effect is to undermine the economy as a whole.  Thus, addressing base level income issues builds up and strengthens the foundation of the national economy.          

POTUS-Elect Donald John Trump could solve all these problems -- lower the cost to government and increase the GDP ... all in one shot.

Will Trump do it?
Or will he bow to those seeking THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE? For now, the bet seems to favor an incompetent POTUS who will destroy the nation and make America the laughing stock for HISTORIANS.

[CONCURRENT with this BLOG post, the news reported that TRUMP settled the Trump University fraud case for $25 million.  That might eliminate one key basis for impeachment since it should preclude criminal charges -- assuming a no discussion/comment agreement is also involved, and so precluded testimony by those defrauded and now made whole by the settlement.].    

Friday, November 11, 2016

The left-wing "simpletons" are now reacting to TRUMP. Post Election Riots are fun.

How did Trump do as well as he did?
He understood Hitler's analysis of Propaganda as utilized by the British in 1915.
"Nowadays when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor; the decision lies in the hands of the numerically strongest group; that is to say the first group, the crowd of simpletons and the credulous." ~ Adolf Hitler, "Mien Kampf" (1923)
43% of eligible voters sat on the asses because they belong to Hitler's second group, "those who no longer believe anything" and therefore do nothing.
Hillary captured the regions dominated by Hitler's third group, "those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly." This group is and, throughout the history of the nation, always has been concentrated in New England and California.
The first group are the voluntary slaves, those who work with their hands and strength of their backs -- they are the ones who lived in Company Towns, bought from Company Stores, and were enshrined in songs like "16 Tons".

NOW Trump has to deal with the new demographic, the one which states instead of voting -- those who write the history and render judgment of the deeds and events of by-gone eras. These are the ones who will write the Trump story on the day he dies. These are the ones who will decide if his children and grandchildren should be proud or ashamed of being associated with the name TRUMP.

When Trump declares he will create the BEST and GREATEST -- that he will make everything better -- he could be a liar, a man who cares nothing for public opinion, or if he has an ego and a sense of history which demands his name be on everything, he could be stating the reality of what he will try to achieve. If the latter, than those who do not assist him will be harming themselves far more than they harm him... because the historians will make note of their obstructionism and liken it to the obstructionism Obama had to overcome.

The next four years should be fun. Will America destroy itself?
Will it create a venue for a POTUS PENCE and allow the right-wing Republicans free rein to destroy America's future?
Will the idiot masses, the "simpletons" -- "the simplest portion of the nation" -- destroy themselves?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Karen Sue Batten-Whitaker-Pence next VP Wife.

Mystery of Karen Sue Pence
Apparently, she was married & divorced -- yet the Catholic Church allowed her to marry a second time in a religious ceremony.
Nice to know Catholics don't honor their own rules.
Guess we have a touch of "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" entering into the game.  That does explain how Mike Pence can be so anti-Bible ... even his Church disobeys the rules.

Her Parents?  That was the mystery.  Still trying to track down their genealogy, but we have some names:
1. Her mother: twice married Lillian F HACKER-BATTEN-BARCIO, probably the daughter of Gene & Pearl HACKER.
2. Her father: {appears to be} John BATTEN, son of Lavern A. BATTEN & Nadine Lucile Hering-Batten.  (Father's name is on her Wikipedia bio, still  his confirming parents).
3. First Husband: John S. Whitaker, married 1978 in Texas

It is nice to have a marriage record that establishes the Catholic "anti-Christ" status of both Pence and his wife.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Republicans want classified data to be in the open

Seems that over a year ago the AP reported that the State Department server was LESS secure than Clintons private one.
This means the Republicans are arguing that then unclassified, but now classified, data should have been transmitted by the least secure method available. Republicans are arguing data should have been effectively OPEN ACCESS to hackers. Ah, the beauty of a MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE Republican agenda -- it permeated all aspect of life and government ... and as of Tuesday might become official American policy.
"What makes Clinton's case different is that she exclusively sent and received emails through a home server in lieu of the State Department's unclassified email system. Neither would have been secure from hackers or foreign intelligence agencies, so it would be equally problematic whether classified information was carried over the government system or a private server, experts say.
"In fact, the State Department's unclassified email system has been penetrated by hackers believed linked to Russian intelligence. [Associated Press, 8/26/15]"

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Millennials Gog for Hillary Clinton ... Southern Tea Party idiots for Trump

OK THE DONALD has lost one group.  Yet he holds his target demographic -- the Li'l Abner types in the old Confederacy.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

GOP says its chosen candidate is a loser.

The assumption behind "Good luck with recount" is that the race will be a photo-finish and a recount will be necessary and justified ... but Trump will lose.
So GOP says its chosen candidate is a loser.
Then, ???? why did the nominate him?
Was it to fulfill the prophecy and its interpretation that is the prediction?

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE -- OR, Pence affirms he wants to murder people

Well, the 4 October Vice Presidential Debate is now done and gone. The pundit puns begin...
The Destruction of America is a plausible possibility.
Rachel Maddow raised a neat point on her show -- one that goes to the 2014 prediction/prophecy in DEATH OVER LIFE. It is now mathematically plausible to have a 269:269 electoral college result ... and there are only eight SCOTUS justices ... so a tie is possible.
How does it get settled? How valid is the POTUS?

As for the debate itself -- Pro-Life concluded it ... THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is clearly the issue ... Pence/Trump are anti-Obamacare and that means opposed to pre-natal and post-natal care for the infants they insist be born... so they are actually rooting for children who are sick, deformed, or die soon after birth.
But that goes with the Pre-Roe v Wade mentality of pro-life groups... who openly stated no abortion, even to save the mother ... because they actually wanted to KILL BOTH. They want DEATH over LIFE ... and will fight to kill everyone anywhere they can ... pro-war, pro-nukes, pro-death. It's the alt-right conservative Republican way of DEATH

Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 Echo of Hippy era voter -- realizing Republicans will achieve their true goal

Back in 1967/8/9 we had the Hippy Era ... Johnson was POTUS  and Nixon was coming around for a second run... criminal entourage in tow.

2016 ... Shoulds of criminals -- liars -- taint both sides.  The Hippy Candidate, Bernie Sanders, fails to gain a place, and the nation reacts.... a reaction of old hippies who have reached 70-years and sees those around them dying off.

It's now or never -- if we are to defeat the nation we must bring it down ... learning from the last time ... better to elect the Republican and ensure destruction than hope the Democrats can overcome Republican obstructionism and bring about the happy land envisioned in the days of cannabis and Woodstock.

1967 ... what was it like?  One OMER later ... 49-years have passed ... and it is the end of the ABBY ROAD... 

 The old Hippy, those who protested Vietnam ... tripped on Acid ... and touted "PEACE LOVE AND ROCK'N'ROLL" with a healthy helping of free sex.  Well, they realized the battle, for them, was at an end ... and destruction of the system had to be achieved before they could have victory.

Who better to destroy something than the Party whose platform and agenda entailed THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE ...

OK, you can ask, "what of their children and grandchildren?  Do they not care for them ?"

If the young do not care enough about themselves it is their choice.  Will they support Clinton ... remove all Republicans from Washington?  Or will they vote to allow the system to continue ... and so ensure America's destruction.

There is a prophecy of Islamic power -- an apocalypse which will clean house ... killing off the Evangelicals as the sinners they truly are ... erasing a third of the global population (most who die anyway from old age) ... and leveling judgment on all who remain.

Happy nobody believes, so everyone will fall victim to "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"  ... It's the scene in "Willy Wonka" where Wonka warn the obnoxious little girl ... but does so in a way tailored to ensure she does not take the warning seriously ... and so .. suffers the consequence of her stupidity and related actions.

As of now, 43 days until we see if the little girl fails to heed the warning.


Sunday, September 25, 2016




An article dated 20 September reports on guy who did the Washington Shooting:
"Cetin also allegedly had posted material suggesting sympathies with the ISIS terror organization on social media. On one account, Cetin allegedly had the phrase “Subhan Allah” (Glory to Allah) written, along with a link to a pro-ISIS website."

Now we are on schedule -- the media has not yet begun the feeding fest ... but the first debates are tomorrow, Monday 26 September.

If things are on schedule, TRUMP will cite the explosions in NY & NJ then draw a line to Washington shootings.  That will begin the blame Terrorist group ISIS rhetoric and that, in turn, will build the pro-Trump  anti-Muslim drive to enhance his voter base.

POTUS TRUMP becomes a reality in November.
Ideally, that is followed by impeachment and a chain of events which will make for interesting history.
Unless Americans prove more intelligent than they have demonstrated themselves to be ...  

Who are the parents of KAREN SUE BATTEN-PENCE

Here's a touch of frustration that the Republicans would turn into a mystery conspiracy:

Why a "mystery" -- for the wife of a Governor who is now a VEEP candidate, there is nothing about her ancestry.
I don't mean a genealogy.
I mean there is mention of a sister, niece, father --- but NO NA MES.
Normally, you look on Wikipedia and see "child of" data.
Or news items that mention the name of a mentioned parent or sibling.
But NOT in the case of Karen Sue Batten-Pence -- she seems to have appeared with an undocumented biography.
Checking BATTEN in 1940, there are interracial ones whose families originated with former slaves in Virgina; Virgina super-rich; a family which came to Indiana via Wisconsin... but nothing that seems to explain and substantiate her alleged origins.
Well, after the election, when Pence becomes VP, then Trump is impeached or resigns and Pence becomes POTUS ... she, as First Lady, will certainly need to create a plausible genealogy.
But for now -- she is less well documented than a Cold War sleeper-agent whose cover identity was that  of a Public School Teacher...  


Monday, September 19, 2016

New York Explosion bombing Saturday, 17 September 2016 -- was it predicted

Monday, 19 September 2016 the news reports included: The man suspected in Saturday's bombings in New York and New Jersey... Ahmad Khan Rahami was charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer after a shootout Monday with police in Linden, New Jersey, Union County... Rahami is suspected of bombings Saturday in New York City and Seaside Park, New Jersey, and is believed to be connected to pipe bombs found Sunday night in Elizabeth, New Jersey.   

Who is Ahmad Khan Rahami and does he have a connction to ISIS or the Jihadist movement? 

Why do we care ... well it goes back to posted comments made months ago, a sample of which is this one from 2 August.  

Aug 2, 2016 - Bill O'ReillyKhizr Khan's Convention Speech Was "Contrived,"  COMMENTS:  Shreknangst • 
"Trump may well have saved the Nation, by destroying the GOP (as redicted)... However, Islamic Jihadists will do something in Late September / Early October to assist Trump in being elected. They need him ... he will make them stronger than they could ever get on their own. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Curious Hillary Clinton 9/11 Collapse Video Question

We can start with the idea that, in one video, we have a Secret Service Agent drop as she approaches the same vehicle we see Hillary Clinton drop when she too approaches it.
Apparently, the curb was the problem
 or trigger ... as shown in these images taken from the video.  Note red parallel lines were added for reference within a frame, and across comparison frames (with a common reference element also aligned: frames 2&3 the vehicle roof; frames 3&4 the cement post):

There is a very real and different problem -- the videos of Hillary's collapse.  This one is the one the above frames were captured in
NOTE the vehicle engine is on the left... but here is the same video, with the engine on the right

Take a look at the male Secret Service Agent relative to the fence and look at his feet in the left frame of this set:
In the video it becomes apparent he is standing on the curb and when he steps off it, he drops roughly the height of his whole head -- you also have the female Agent as a comparison.  Let's add the next frame -- where the male agent vanishes behind the female agent suddenly he is the same height as a woman a head shorter than him: 

Continue watching the video and the female agent steps down once, and then twice as we see the effect in these frames where a different male agent, and the same fence and concrete post provide height references for the female agent:

 Look how she gets successively shorter -- even when reference against herself (her white shirt meeting her belt vs the fence) -- but the video shows she takes only one step, but that step drops her lower.

It would appear that the "DRAMIC" fall of Hillary Clinton was, for the most part, simply her stepping down while slightly out of balance.
Here is a final comparison series where the head of an agent serves to emphasize the size of the drop -- in this case, the same image series is duplicated and reference lines added:  

Note the agent begins below the upper red line, moves  to the other side of the open door, steps up and is as much above the reference as he was below; Clinton's head remains steady, as does the collar of the female agent.  The bottom line shows that the images, hence reference lines, are level with the edge of the fence. 

But why the mirror image of the event? 

Monday, September 05, 2016

ECONOMIST magazine catches on to DEATH OVER LIFE

OK in March 2014 -- a full year before either Hillary or Donald announced their candidacy -- you were warned this election would be a choice between negatives.

FINE now the media has come around with the specifics -- which are candidate based.

"AMERICANS dismayed by the 2016 elections should brace themselves: next year political divisions will probably deepen. With a hot-headed, thin-skinned President Donald Trump in charge of the nuclear codes, the worst-case scenario would resemble “Dr. Strangelove”."

"Should Mrs. Clinton win, a dangerous number of voters seem certain to think she should be in prison, agreeing with delegates in Cleveland chanting “Lock her up!” or (as Lexington heard more than once: “Hang the bitch!”)."

"The forces needed to elect Mrs. Clinton president would probably leave the Senate narrowly controlled by Democrats but the House still in Republican hands, albeit with a reduced majority."

If the voters want to say no, they have a simple choice -- vote CLINTON and remove every Republican, defeat every Republican candidate in the 2016 election. Anything else would see Social Security destroyed -- just in time for the Baby Boomers, who have now started to turn 70, to be denied survival. Remember NO SNAP or public assistance and no Social Security Trust Fund -- GOP spent that decades ago.
Voters wanted Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush ... why not THE DONALD, or a Congress that is more anti-Clinton as they have been opposed to Obama.

DEATH OVER LIFE -- -- it is the choice of millions of voters, and that scares the world ... while making the Islamist Extremists CHEER.
Another year ... and the media might catch on ... another 60 days and the Voters Decide.  

ECONOMIST magazine catches on to DEATH OVER LIFE

OK in March 2014 -- a full year before either Hillary or Donald announced their candidacy -- you were warned this election would be a choice between negatives.

FINE now the media has come around with the specifics -- which are candidate based.

"AMERICANS dismayed by the 2016 elections should brace themselves: next year political divisions will probably deepen. With a hot-headed, thin-skinned President Donald Trump in charge of the nuclear codes, the worst-case scenario would resemble “Dr. Strangelove”."

"Should Mrs. Clinton win, a dangerous number of voters seem certain to think she should be in prison, agreeing with delegates in Cleveland chanting “Lock her up!” or (as Lexington heard more than once: “Hang the bitch!”)."

"The forces needed to elect Mrs. Clinton president would probably leave the Senate narrowly controlled by Democrats but the House still in Republican hands, albeit with a reduced majority."

If the voters want to say no, they have a simple choice -- vote CLINTON and remove every Republican, defeat every Republican candidate in the 2016 election. Anything else would see Social Security destroyed -- just in time for the Baby Boomers, who have now started to turn 70, to be denied survival. Remember NO SNAP or public assistance and no Social Security Trust Fund -- GOP spent that decades ago.
Voters wanted Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush ... why not THE DONALD, or a Congress that is more anti-Clinton as they have been opposed to Obama.

DEATH OVER LIFE -- -- it is the choice of millions of voters, and that scares the world ... while making the Islamist Extremists CHEER.
Another year ... and the media might catch on ... another 60 days and the Voters Decide.  

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Donald Trump has canceled a planned campaign event -- he's SICK

In August 2016, for the fourth time in a week, THE DONALD canceled a planned campaign event -- this one in the battleground state of Arizona.

I would be interesting to discover THE DONALD is too sick to take office.  But that's unlikely.  The reality would be closer to him throwing the campaign and ensuring that he does NOT win.

2022 is the year in which is expected to be marked by the death of an important public figure...

We also have the problem of the destruction of Rome -- but that goes to  "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" rather than "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction".

Could it be that Trump is on the verge of a nervous breakdown?
It would explain his behavior, his lack of coherent thinking, his repeated examples of indecision leading to reversals.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

DONALD TRUMP understands

DONALD TRUMP understands the rules of the game:

Look at team sports.  Most of the team is there to STOP the other team from scoring points, gaining ground, or improving their position in any way.
Look at the military.  You attack and force the other side to give up people and territory ... and rack-up loses.  Body count: they lost ten to our one, and the battle was a victory, even if the war was lost.  "They paid dearly for their victory" is the slogan.

TRUMP shock up everything when he said he would force America's creditors to settle for ten-cents-on-the-dollar.  They would lose.  Yep.  America would be "broke", but the other guys would have lost their money while America still had whatever that money bought.  The fact that America squanders the borrowed money and therefore would fall -- as the Nobleman-Merchant who borrowed from Shylock was doomed to fall because he borrowed and never profited.

Terrorists die in suicide attacks.  But they take ten with them and therefore show the positive claimed by America's military in Vietnam.  In the case of the World Trade Center, their ratio was 200 to 1 and a great victory which caused America to go deeply into debt.
Now, Jihadists and Terrorists kill a dozen before they die -- who has lost more?  The one who killed and died?  Or the society he attacked?
TRUMP said, kill the Terrorist families.  Terrorists are assured their families will be provided for, and so are willing to die.  Kill their families and anyone who lives near those families, and the game changes for the terrorist.  But, it also means those who survive will be angrier and more likely to be anti-American.  TO WIN, MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE ... which suffers the greatest loss?
Who will lose when the Republicans retain power?  They attack the poor, and the sick -- so they attack the Biblical mandates to care for those groups ... the religious LOSE!  The poor are the foundation of the economy; only if they can buy goods and services does the economy prosper.  Undermine the poor, deprive them of the resources to survive, and you undermine the whole economy.  The poor cannot buy food; therefore they cannot shop for groceries; therefore the grocery stores cannot survive and the neighborhood dies.  Look at "POOR" communities, count the grocery stores and calculate how many there are per person -- do the same in a Middle-Class neighborhood.
It's like Global Warming -- something Republicans deny.  But the hard evidence is clear, basic services cannot exist where there are no basic resources.  Undermine the resources and you undermine the whole economy.  Provide health care and people can work, study, have families and make the society grow and prosper.
Be a good Conservative Republican and you MUST undermine the foundation of the Economy.  MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE ... make him too poor to prosper.  Then you get to buy their homes for pennies.  Or buy their Nation for pennies ... so make sure you export your resources so you will have them when the economy falls.  Republicans sponsor Outsourcing.  They sponsor not paying taxes -- not rendering unto Caesar, and so violating the Bible (while waving it for the benefit of the idiots) -- and then export those resources.   There is no "Trickle Down" ... that is for the idiots.  The intelligent know to grab what they can and MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE.
You win by still standing.

Friday, August 12, 2016


THE DONALD is the first "Businessman" in 40 years. So to be fair, which nobody ever is.  His tax returns carry "business secrets" and data which would never be found in "POLITICIAN" tax returns -- where the most they will reveal are the bribes Bush Sr. got from the Saudis for killing American Soldiers to stop Hussein... and the probable Bribes Jr. got for achieving the 1993/4 dual-stated al Qaeda objective of killing Hussein and also damaging the American economy with the Great Recession.

Fortunately, Hitler's Idiot masses will always be idiots.
Purely by accident, the "show the returns" forces might tap a few of them... but the reality ... Idiots remain Idiots ... they were in Hitler's day and they have been for the past 35 years.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Conservative Birther Fraud Corey Lewandowski

Ah-yes, the beauty of the TRUMP Right-wing idiotic demographic.  Nobody considers the ramifications and facts of the Birther Movement when their nonsense is asserted at this stage of the game?

"CNN and contributor Corey Lewandowski continue to embarrass themselves, this time as Lewandowski wondered on-air if President Obama was “brought into Harvard University as a citizen who wasn't from this country.” Dozens of media figures slammed the former Trump campaign manager and CNN for allowing “birther crap” on its airwaves."

OK -- by the numbers:
Fact ONE: Obama is out of office in January, so five months and he's gone. Whatever was or wasn't, is or isn't, on his Harvard Transcript has no relevance to either the remainder of his term of who becomes the next POTUS.

Fact TWO:  As pointed out in "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", in terms of their personal biographies and educational achievements, there is basically no difference between Tex Cruz and Barack Obama.  In terms of birth, both men were born to American Citizen mothers and foreign citizen fathers; which means that, by law, regardless of where they were born, both men are entitled to American Citizenship through inheritance -- they had no obligation to claim it, but they are entitled to claim it.
One issue involved in claiming citizenship is when the claim is made.  It shows parental intent and individual intent.  But that's part of the Naturalization laws and do not apply to those born on American soil, under American sovereign jurisdiction, or on the HIGH SEAS and therefore outside any other sovereign jurisdiction.

Fact THREE:  As pointed out in "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", Cruz was born in Canada ... GOOGLE: "Born: December 22, 1970 (age 45), Calgary, Canada" ... It's in all his biographical data.  He was born in Canada, and only those too stupid to google him would assert he is American born.  Cruz has even given press-conferences in which he mentioned the intention to surrender the citizenship he retained since his birth and which he claims to only have known about since he was 18.  That alone is strange, after all, what teenager or child does NOT know where they were born?
Obama was born in Hawaii; in 1961, the HEALTH BUREAU STATISTICS provided the local newspaper with a routine list of births/marriages/deaths that was -- in the  normal course of business -- published.  as we can see here, Under HEALTH BUREAU STATISTICS, IN LEFT-HAND COLUMN, FROM Bottom reading up WONG, HATCHIE, ASING, OBAMA -- all born on Aug 4th

That list is based on a Hospital report of birth and generates a Birth Certificate (or Proof of Live Birth, as it is sometimes called).  At age six, Obama received a US Passport -- again, stating the Hawaii birth, while Cruz's passport, received at age 18, shows the Canadian birth.   Both are noted as citizens -- technically Cruz being Naturalized and Obama being Natural Born.  Doubters like those targeted  by Corey Lewandowski would seek to see those passport documents -- they reflect the US Government statement of, or position on, legal citizenship status.  School transcripts have no legal status -- but can be probative in seeking documents which do have relevance and necessary legal status.

Again, with regard to Obama's last 5 months, the data is meaningless.  However, in terms of Ted Cruz, they govern his right to be sworn in and therefore the value he holds as a viable candidate.

Fact FOUR:  There MUST be a reason for the insistence on challenging Obama's eligibility.  This infers the reality: if he was not legally eligible then he was not legally the POTUS; if not the POTUS than laws signed by him might well be null and void.  Granted, some laws do not actually need to be signed, but become law automatically unless they are vetoed.

This raises the point that any law that would have been automatic, but was vetoed, was not vetoed by legitimate POTUS and so was not vetoed at all; any law signed, was not legally signed by a POTUS and might not actually be law.  Thus OBAMACARE might not be the law -- if Obama were found to be a non-citizen.  But to do that, Cruz would also have to be found a non-citizen in terms of the Natural Born Clause of the Constitution.

Impeachment is meaningless in five months at a time when Congress is not in session.  So we can ignore whatever grounds might be asserted prior to January 2017.  At best, the Congress could deny Obama his pension and Secret Service protection and bar him from public office; if he lied on his Bar Association documents, he could be disbarred.

But all such actions would bring into question the validity of the laws he signed and the appointments he made to SCOTUS or Federal courts.  That would mean there would only be SIX Justices on SCOTUS instead of NINE.

Effectively, SCOTUS could not hear and rule upon any cases until a legitimate POTUS is elected and sworn in, and justices are appointed.  Naturally, the court could function, but Constitutionally the legality of the situation would be at issue.

As Commander in Chief, those military orders then come into question.

At this point in time, the Birther issues are for one purpose only.  They are intended to create a Constitutional crisis in which all laws over the past eight years are brought into question.

Any elected POTUS would wisely pardon Obama before any further action could be taken -- thus negating the Birther actions.  Unless that POTUS wanted the Constitutional crisis.

NOTHING asserted by Birther's allows for a valid status for Ted Cruz and thus renders his campaign donation system to be a FRAUD on the voters supporting him.  Given his knowledge as a Harvard Trained Lawyer, the issue raises to that of an intentional criminal act of consumer/campaign fraud.

Donald Trump is really utilizing the stupidity of the Conservative Republican Demographic as reached by his "employee" Corey Lewandowski. 


Friday, August 05, 2016

Donald Trump vs Warren Buffet and the importance of 2016 Election

Idiots will not get what THE DONALD is really saying.
Warren Buffet?
100 years from now nobody will know him -- We know Rockefeller ... from Rockefeller; Carnegie from Carnegie Hall; Vanderbilt from Vanderbilt University.
What is Buffet ... other than a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves?
Donald Trump is in the History Books -- like many secondary candidates, he will be mentioned as the "also ran", the one who ran against Hillary.

But this is a critical juncture in history, a key Biblical Cycle which the Evangelicals have Prayed for and a prophecy the want to have fulfilled.
If Donald brings down the Republican Party, he ends the Reagan Era of alleged Conservatives -- those who are really lying ass deceivers of men ... and again the Evangelical Prophecy is fulfilled ... with the benefit that THE DONALD gets a second mention in the History Books to be written after 2050...
The bigger picture is revealed in:

The even bigger picture is the fact that most who read this will dismiss it as nonsense (fulfilling the prophecy again). Humans fit patterns and the ancients -- the guys who could afford to build Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids; the guys who knew saturated fats were bad, that some humans were deeply allergic to shellfish, that blood was a biohazard, and that you need to wash when dirty -- plus a wealth of other medical laws the naysayers are too stupid to recognize.
Those guys recognized cycles and counted on normal human psychology to be what it has proven to be.
THE DONALD is playing his part and will go down in history -- by losing this 2016 election.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

How Donald Trump Does it vs How Hillary Clinton gets Hampered

"I'M THE GREATEST" was the slogan for Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr who became Muhammad Ali.  Wiki ESPN columnist Ralph Wiley called Ali "The King of Trash Talk" ... Donald had to learn it somewhere.  Bragging and "Trash Talk" are the way you self-promote.  Say it often enough and it becomes a given.
Hillary Clinton had been subjected to over two decades "Trash Talk" about her being untrustworthy and dishonest.  Two decades of Republicans spending tens of millions in taxpayer money to "prove" she's dishonest -- to no avail.  Even the Republican investigators cleared her.  But "She dishonest" -- so she bought them off, put the political fix in, pressured them ... she's dishonest, so "we know" she got away with here crimes because she is really dishonest and can corrupt the investigators.
As Ted Cruz denounced New York values” -- taken to be cloaked and coded anti-Semitism; Trump exhibits many New York traits, including a New York style depression era "sense of humor" ... one in which the line, "I was just kidding", follows on any comment which invokes a strong negative reaction.  NO!  He really wasn't kidding, but it's not worth defending the statement and risking losing the customer.
Can you mouth-off and get away with it?  OF COURSE -- so long as you don't repeat the statement.  Trump made it a habit of repeating things twice or three times ... very Biblical.  Or haven't you noticed the Old Testament makes it a point to repeat laws twice -- and if it is really important three times?  You say it twice and people remember -- even when they don't really remember the words, they remember the instinct the words are designed to trigger.
Say something stupid once and you get a reputation for being forthright and blunt.  Repeat it, immediately people understand that you are an idiot.  Most people... the 60% of the population who need to be told things two or three times and still might not get it.   Only 1% are intelligent enough to understand that which has yet to be said ... they don't need to hear the words, they can tell from the manner of presentation, the way someone carries themselves, or "glad-hands", that the person cannot be trusted.
Donald goes for the 60% who hear what has an emotionally positive trigger and ignore the obvious negative. Donald knows that the bulk of the non-thinkers are Republicans who tend  to lean toward bigotry and disrespect for others, or any not of their "kind", "class" or "Caste".  Say a comment once and it rings an emotionally positive and responsive bell with someone -- and that's the one you want to reach.  Everyone else will forget it when you make your next comment.  Each successive comment adds another follower and the amassing of followers is the goal.
In the early days of motion pictures, the "in" expression was "I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right."  When you control the publicity, there is no such thing as bad publicity.  Look at FaceBook, any social media, any real media, who is the one most often mentioned?  Hillary or Donald?  So whose name is on the conscious and subconscious level of the most people?  That is the real objective.
For all the idiotic things Donald might say to garner that publicity, how many explicit things can you recall -- FROM THE PREVIOUS, not the current, NEWS CYCLE?  What did he say last month?  Or, last week?  Sure you can remember what is in the news today -- but you'll forget it next week and have very little chance of recalling it next month.   UNLESS... it expressed something you believe but could not say to strangers because it would not be "politically correct".  That's how Donald grabs his base.
Hillary is tarnished by the incessant attacks on her character -- which are so frequent that people ignore the fact that nothing is ever proved to be factual.  "Where there is smoke" is the guide to people assuming a fire.  True, when there is smoke, there is fire -- but the problem comes when it is the firemen (Republicans) who are setting the fire and using it as an excuse to destroy your house ... even though your house is nowhere near where they set the blaze.
Have fun... THE DONALD will win, even if he loses.