Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trevor Noah joins the ranks of those misrepresenting TRUMP reality

Trevor Noah is a comic focusing on any alleged news he seeks to distort for his political comic purposes -- he also misrepresents reality in the same way the media does.
We hear the Trump claimed a million to a million and a half people.  But Trump actually said "IT LOOKED LIKE" -- as opposed to "THERE WERE".  People normally say things like "It looked like it went on forever"; "It seemed like it would never end"; you probably use similar expressions when you want to emphasize an extreme.
As we shown in pictures take from Trump's viewpoint on the podium -- the alleged empty areas were filled with people.
LOOK at the photo:

On 20 January, THE ATLANTIC Magazine published this: "Stephen Doig, a professor at Arizona State University, consulted a satellite image released by the company DigitalGlobe and concluded that about 1.1 million people had watched the ceremonies from the National Mall. But the D.C. government, working off the same satellite image and the reports of federal and municipals employees, arrived at a much larger figure: 1.8 million."  Then went on to state: "This large gap exists in part because the best, most reliable methods of crowd counting cannot be used for the inauguration." 
So the Official Count for the 2009 Inaugural has a margin of error range of that adds 63% to the head count.
Working in reverse, Trump's 1.5 million would be valid if there were only 910,000 people.  And his estimate of 1 million would be valid with only 527,000 people.
Remove the space occupied by the new structures at the far end of Mall from Podium and equalling the Obama Crowd would be achieved with 18% fewer people (the number that could now fit in the area) -- so 745,000 to 1,476,000 was the largest possible crowd and well within the estimate given by Trump... with the 1 million as the average between the two numbers.
This calculation is consistent with the expected number which was between 800,000 and 900,000. 
NOTE: The expected number was consistent with the calculated capacity after reduction by the space occupied by the buildings -- also note that the photos clearly show the people filled right to those buildings and that there was no empty area as displaced in the false pictures taken prior to the arrival of the spectators. 
Of course, Trevor Noah and the rest of the naysayer idiots are too stupid to do the math or deal with the actual words spoken ... they prefer to invent words with the certain knowledge that their simpleton base is the mirror image of the simpletons the extreme right depends on for its base.
Curiously, the LIARS concurrently stated the crowd was only 250,000 people -- but we can see from the actual crowd during the speech that that number is way off.  An intentional lie designed to undermine the credibility of the President and give the nation an extreme right-wing POTUS PENCE.


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