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Dishonest Media -- making TRUMP Correct.

We have now moved comfortably into the realm of "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {March 2014}.
We successfully interpreted the dating and images -- even nailed Trump's Campaign Slogan.
However, in this context, America [Babylon] has NOT fallen ... rather it is in the process of falling -- technically in the last stages.

If correct, Trump can, indeed, save America.  However, the left-wing is working in concert with the right-wing, to destroy America.

We have moved on to "Jonathon's POTUS Cousins" {January 2017} which is available in both print-book and eBook.

It is an exercise in the pragmatic application of the adage "enemy of my enemy is my friend".  Both sides have determined Trump to be the enemy -- the right-wing because Trump will disrupt their plans to undermine the American Economy and bring THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.

The left-wing considers Trump the enemy because he can do what they cannot -- manipulated the Right-Wing Base demographic; they are also upset because Bernie Sanders was not the Democratic nominee (and the one Trump would have defeated) and because Hillary Clinton was the nominee -- who lost because these same people attacked her over Bernie, thus undermining her campaign and chance of victory.

Now the media wants to lie about Trump's lies.  It's an interesting game as demonstrated by these images.

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, stadium, basketball court and outdoor

Here is the problem -- this honest media shot of Trump speaking clearly shows the size of the crowd.  It clearly extends from The Podium to the Washington Monument... with the only empty areas being those designed to restrict access and facilitate crowd control.

Reuters reports  "Nearly 31 million viewers watched live U.S. television coverage of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, far fewer than tuned in to Barack Obama's first swearing-in, but otherwise the biggest such audience since Ronald Reagan entered office, ratings firm Nielsen reported on Saturday."
 "The tally for Trump - 30.6 million viewers on 12 broadcast and cable networks that aired live coverage from about 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST - surpassed the TV audiences measured for his two most recent Republican predecessors - both inaugurations of George W. Bush and the one of his father, George H.W. Bush.

"The 2009 inauguration of Obama, who became the nation's first African-American president that year, was watched by nearly 38 million viewers, the second-highest number since Nielsen began compiling such figures with Richard Nixon's 1969 oath of office."
SO! Trump out did the normal republicans and politicians -- and lost out when he competed with the B-Movie Actor and TV-series host,  and, the living history observation opportunity afforded by the first African-America POTUS.
Trump beat Regan's and Obama's second Inaugural appearances.
In terms of TV, the  TV inauguration audience, with nearly 42 million viewers tuning in to see the California Republican sworn in for his first term in 1981. Just 25 million watched Reagan take his second oath of office four years later.  The only Democrat besides Obama to ever score more inauguration viewers than Trump was Jimmy Carter, with 34.1 million viewers watching his 1977 swearing-in, according to Nielsen.
Of Course -- none of the numbers account for the INTERNET AGE audience of streaming videos and HULU or ROKU based view the whole things at your leisure later experiences.
Here we have the basis for media lies -- a picture of people arriving ... one of several used by the LIARS as examples of the full crowd ... when we know from the speech picture that this was much earlier
Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, sky, outdoor and text 
And we have this comparative lie, which is photographed during ceremony (Obama on right) and prior to the arrival of the crowd (left image) seen during Trump Speech (1st image above):
Aerial shots of Trump and Obama events
NOTE the dividers in the Trump Photo -- they are designed to reduce the number of people and help crowd control.  Also, notice the tent structures which immediately cut the audience area by roughly 1/6th -- inferring the Trump crowd should have been 20% larger if the area were the same as that for Obama.  In addition -- there was rain and prediction of a serious storm (in terms of people standing outside for several hours).
THE MEDIA MISREPRESENTED REALITY  and they will continue to do so -- it stirs the pot and causes disorder which photographs well.  We have the same misrepresentation with regard to the damage done by the anti-Trump protestors.  The coverage would have been many times greater if they had been neo-Nazis (if if the Nazis did less damage).

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