Thursday, February 09, 2017

February 2017 POTUS PENCE on the rise.

Prior to the election -- months prior -- you were told Donald wanted 47% of vote and would make money; if he won the election he would go broke.

TRUMP BRAND is now under attack.  Norstrom dropped Ivanka's line of shoes or whatever.  And THE DONALD is wanted out ... so we have a majority of the nation pushing for POTUS PENCE.

Of course, the idiots are too stupid to realize they want POTUS PENCE.  They should be attacking CONGRESS and the SENATE.  But they aren't and the Congress will make sure that, if Trump is out, they have already done the basic damage to the nation.

Happily, people do not care.  They prefer to HATE -- to rant and rave about thing they could change ... if they would shut up and just change them.  THE DONALD is an example.  He wants to be liked.  SO LIKE HIM -- tell him explicit things that will make you LOVE him and he will be all too happy to provide them.
YELL:  HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT!  And he has no reason to try to serve you.  He serves those who recognize him as their President.  EVERY PRESIDENT DOES THAT.  But that simple reality is beyond the comprehension of those who would rather complain and get POTUS PENCE.

Of course you were told this would happen -- the death of the Republicans, or death of the nation.  It remains the people's choice.  They are speaking -- the people want the nation to die, they want POTUS PENCE to go with the elected Republican Congress, State Houses & State Legislatures ... they want Death and that was the choice in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {Amazon, March 2014} 

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