Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ted Cruz -- Conning America out of MILLIONS (legally)

FUN: The constitution [Art 1 Sec 2] states: "No Person except a natural born Citizen,... shall be eligible to the Office of President.
Note the language. It does not state an ineligible person cannot run for, or that they cannot solicit donations to run for, the POTUS position. It simply says they are not eligible ... thus, if elected, they would be disqualified and the results [pertaining to their ticket] nullified.
Cruz was VER VERY careful to make it clear that he is a Natural Born Canadian -- thus inferring he is ineligible for the office (but he is, as he has stated, eligible to be in the race for the nomination).
WHY the semantics?
Cruz is a top-of-his-class Harvard Lawyer. He knows he cannot be charged with fraud if he has fully disclosed his status. Thus, Cruz has managed to defraud PAC's and donors of over 36 MILLION DOLLARS ... and there is no legal basis for them to complain.
If he actually were to be nominated to be POTUS or VP, there is the possibility that he would cross the line into outright fraud. However, note the positions he takes. Note how careful he is to be extreme and therefore, not the type of candidate who would, ultimately, make it onto the ticket and be elected.
If he is NOT elected, the possibility of his being charged with fraud is minimal -- far more embarrassing to the Republican Party than offering legal recourse to anyone. It is only if he is elected that, and the vote nullified, that the matter becomes and issue -- at which point it will be discovered he still holds Canadian Citizenship, and will escape across the border with whatever remains of his ill-gotten gains.
As stated in, "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", Cruz wants power in the Senate -- he does not actually want to be a candidate.


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