Sunday, December 13, 2015

Going into Iowa 2015–pick the POTUS

Cruz can not escape the BIRTHER CURSE: we know he is a natural born Canadian citizen and an American by statutory inheritance. 
Thus he is Constitutionally Ineligible to be POTUS.
The beauty of the process, if he wins the votes for Nomination, and that yields a Convention Victory.  Donald Trump can nullify it with a simple Constitutional Challenge that only a landmark SCOTUS ruling can resolve.
Carson is dumb enough to think the Pyramids are Grain Silos build by Joseph – never mind the fact that the time periods associated with each are separated by roughly 1000-years, it is obvious  they were not capable of being used in that manner.
the fact he was a Brain Surgeon and the current evidence of gross stupidity are evidence of a serious breakdown in mental capacity – when Reagan left office, his Alzheimer's emerged; for Carson the evidence is showing even before he is nominated.
Donald Trump is a problem.  He knows what he is doing – what he is advocating.  He is in the game for the profit and enhancement of his Name Brand.
Trump has gone to court to stop renewable energy project – only because they spoil the view on a golf course he planned to build.
Partnered with another Billionaire, he is building a resort for Dubai millionaires – but pays his immigrant workers about a dollar an hour.
He has no respect for immigrants – and considers them slaves … but he holds a similar opinion of Americans.

Given the willingness of Congress to attack the best interests of all Americans, it is clear that these are the types of candidates the nation deserves.  Especially when ISIL makes its next scheduled attack.    

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