Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Franklin Graham America’s 2nd Generation Anti-Christ

Evangelist Franklin Graham, successor to Evangelist Billy Graham, has come to the forefront as the modern, 21st century, anti-Christ.
It appears that Graham has absolutely no issue with the Republican POTUS hopeful Chris Christie advocating, even boasting he would start, World War Three.
Graham has no problem with POTUS hopefuls Ted Cruz and Donald Trump advocating carpet bombing of civilians who have criminal family members – members of ISIS.  Obvious Graham is spitting on the Biblical prohibition against  holding children responsible for the crimes of their fathers, and parents responsible for the crimes of their children.
In that regard, the fact that ISIS is recruiting Europeans would seem to go along with Graham’s acceptance of the WW III scenario – clearly he would attack France and England for the sins of their children.
Naturally, in keeping with "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE", and bordering on the most radical aspect of Sharia Law, this American “Christian” leader is opposed to women receiving health care that involves any form of assistance in conception, fertilization and other reproductive services.
However, he has absolutely no problem with ignoring public and societal needs so that fund can be diverted to the production of sufficient numbers of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) as to allow his kind to destroy the world six times over.  Naturally it is in the name of “Military Readiness” and “Military Strength” for a military force that has been expending trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives fighting a band of underfunded terrorist criminals – after 14 years not only has it been losing, but the opposition is on the verge of obtaining formal international recognition … not bad for a territorially deprived band of  his fellow Satanists.
Being a good Evangelist, Graham is proud to leave the Republican Party over their failure to deny the medical assistance Jesus exemplified in the parable of the Good Samaritan; Graham has no problem with “Living By The Sword” – those who support his evil ministry are the same people whose economic survival depends on both making and using those swords, or sell the swords to any who, like ISIS, will use them to murder innocents.
It is interesting that Graham never had a problem with America leaving behind, abandoning, Billions of Dollars in combat ready equipment and munitions for ISIS to use.
After, he advocates THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE – even advocating the murder of women, rather than allowing them a life-saving termination of a fetus that is effectively dead and killing the woman who wished to be a mother.  Like a good associate of his terrorist brethren, Graham hates women – thinks “they need to be kept in the place,” and either produce a child or die.  But then, when they do produce the child, Graham supports those who would see it homeless, hungry and sick.  And should mom work, Graham wants to make sure she (and/or the child’s father) is paid below poverty wages and so is denied the ability to properly support that child.
Because the Republicans haven’t gone far enough to ensure harm to Americans,  Evangelist Franklin Graham,  has announced he is leaving the Republican Party. 

But for what Political Party?  What other Party in America is so proud of its desire to murder people and inflict harm on other nations?

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