Tuesday, December 08, 2015

If Republicans win in 2016

Hate unfolds and the ramifications get interesting. 
Uniformly, the right-wing republican position has been opposed to ALL meaningful and significant immigration. They want the Mexican border closed; they want to stop Islamic refugees; if any population actually sees a benefit in America over Asia or Europe, the right-wing is opposed. 
The population demographic projection -- compared to the apparently identical projection in The Revelation Prophecy -- indicates immigrants and their American-born children will constitute the overwhelming majority of America's workforce when the population peaks around 2050. 
This is the relevant chart:


As noted, eliminate the immigrants and all that is left is an elderly population that was promised retirement, or is far to old to work. Thus, there are no taxpayers and no soldiers. Hence no more nation.  
Americans have between now and 7 October 2016 to decide if that is really what they want. As of now -- with the ranting against Obama and calls for war, it appears the Nation wishes to fall. 
The 20 richest Americans have more assets and wealth than 152 million of their countrymen -- that means their families can get on their private jets and leave (wealth symbolically in-pocket, but electronically preceding them to their destination) at any time they decide to leave. 
Trump's family are among those who can leave. Their business interests are already global. Or, by then, his grandchildren can buy the nation for pennies. But your grandchildren will be refugees. 
The basis for the prophecy dating calculations appears in: "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

It should be noted that Revelation calls for a drop in population of thirty percent.  Which would bring the American senior population back from 84 million to roughly 60 million. 

OR, given a die off of 144 million, it could wipe out the seniors completely and eat into 690 million of the remaining population base. 

That would effectively yield a population that is under 60 years old.  That is, assuming the immigrants are in the picture.  If they aren’t, and since they would be the youngsters, the elderly still die.  The nation dies, or is absorbed by Islam, or India, or China.

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