Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Sarah Palin Pushes Crusade against 1.6 Billion Moslims


Sarah Palin apparently wants to declare war on ALL MUSLIMS.
In historic terminology, Palin and the Republicans are advocating the start of another CRUSADE ... a HOLY WAR against members of a Religion -- who also happen to number 1.6 Billion against America's 365 million.
Palin is advocating genocidal mass murder -- just as Cruz and Trump have with their killing the families and carpet bombing plans.

So Please vote Republican -- keep them in Congress and put one in the White House ... we need a good Third World War fought with NON-conventional terrorist weapons on top of the Middle Eastern oil fields that our tanks and planes and trucks need for their fuel (or we could turn off the fuel to our homes and donate that to the slaughter operation).

Sieg Heil !!! shall the Fuhrer be Heir trump or Heir Cruz? One of the previous Fuehrer's credentials was his birth in a different nation -- so Cruz seems to have the advantage there.
But the Fuhrer could also shout and roust people into anger -- advantage Trump.
OH the difficulty choosing who will destroy the nation. When it's over, will Saudis Arabia be like America was to Germany, and help rebuild what ISIL destroys?
Or will the kill ratio be such that there are no Americans and so no need to rebuild?
Yep ... let's have another mindless Crusade. The Armageddon that the evangelicals keep saying they want -- so they can escape the world and live in "heaven".

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