Thursday, December 10, 2015

Donald Trump–don’t want ta be President

The Washington Post article:
The Fix
These 3 sentences about Donald Trump should scare the hell out of Republicans

meet my response:

The message has been around in "politically incorrect" terms for a very long time. Donald has stated the message in clearly defined and positive terms -- not the "The Tea Party: America Upended" [ opposition without action terminology, but rather a clear call to action "BAN MUSLIMS!" and "BUILD WALL!". Even if they are unachievable and Constitutionally illegal, they are clear statements of actions. 
The right-wing Republicans and Cruz "it's bad" nonsense offers no answers ... no direction to try, or move.  
All the other candidates offer is stagnant and rather stupid (read Dr Seuss style) opposition. 
Promoting THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is standard for the Republicans -- it defines the nature of every vote and the budget-destroying borrow and squander build more WMD's mindset. 
"Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", require that they achieve their goal by 7 October 2016 and have it affirmed in the November General Election.[
It is true, "there is absolutely zero that establishment Republicans can do ... " It isn't going to stop, or slow, or collapse, because it is the message the Republicans have been delivering since Obama was elected. It is a message of HATE -- but the other candidates have expressed it in vague and politically safe terms. 
Is Trump "indestructible"? Of course not. But he also does NOT want to be POTUS -- he wants the power that comes with being the losing candidate when the winner  
Donald KNOWS THIS to be true -- he has the contacts in foreign locations and he hears the discussions the media does not report. He doesn't want the POTUS job -- he just wants to be the Candidate. 

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