Saturday, November 28, 2015

In Both Politics and Religion: Idiots to the RIGHT of me; Idiots to the LEFT.

Consider the great age we live in -- Social Pages and other Net resources have now made it clear how many people fall into some categories.
On the RIGHT, we have those who deny science and evolution; they hold that magic rules the world; because they deny the evidence of science, they worship a creator who lies and produced false evidence.  Thus worshiping a deceiver of mankind.
On the LEFT we have those who deny that all things have a beginning; they deny the term we have for the emergence of something from absolute nothing; then too, they justify that denial by asserting an eternal existence in which there was a point dubbed "The Big Bang" -- but they also denying the existence of that which is called eternal and that which begins with a "word", where that "word" is nothing but a form of noise ... not unlike a "Big Bang" ... used to express what we relate to an explosive beginning event in the soundless vacuum of space.

To the Right of us, to the left of us, the same irrational idiots in opposition to each other -- and over what?  Only the words that should be used to describe the exact same reality.

Is it any wonder that an intelligent people, known throughout the world for their high IQ's and grasp on reality, should say that there would be a predictable time when those two sides will meet in combat -- in a world suffering the effects of Climate Change -- and finally annihilate each other?

When you are caught in the middle, how do you get to the sidelines?  How do you get out of the way, so you can have your "Tailgate Party" while watching the idiots destroy each other?

 "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" ?  More and more, the evidence is pointing to a resounding YES.

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