Sunday, November 29, 2015

“City on the Hill” America–Winthrop, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Rev 6:04

The focus is a build up to applying the prophecy which reads: "Babylon The Great City has fallen."
Franklyn Delano Roosevelt used a city reference in the rhetoric of one of his speeches.
Roosevelt’s address has been called a sermon -- the “City on a Hill” sermon -- and reflected that given in 1630 by John Winthrop.
Keeping in mind that Winthrop's sermon was delivered long before the United States came into being.
The image was also used by John F Kennedy.
By its detractors, Washington is often referred to as Babylon -- but, for Winthrop, the "City" image refers to the Nation which was to be built.

" Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are uppon us;
soe that if wee shall deale falsely with our god in this worke wee have undertaken and soe cause him to withdrawe his present help from us,
wee shall be made a story and a byword through the world,
wee shall open the mouthes of enemies to speake evill of the wayes of god and all professours for Gods sake;
wee shall shame the faces of many of gods worthy servants, and cause theire prayers to be turned into Cursses upon us till wee be consumed out of the good land whether wee are going: "

And, if these words resonate through time, the eyes of the world were upon US. And, did we deal falsely -- denying aid to the poor, and food to the hungry?
Did we deal falsely in arguing against health care for the sick?
Did we deal falsely by building our budget around a life by the sword -- and giving preference to the construction of Weapons of Mass Destruction of the needs of the many?
Did we deal falsely by proclaiming we were "pro-life" and killing those who provided, or sought, medical aid with regard to the coming of new life and the saving of existing lives?
Did we deal falsely by insisting that people life with the consequences of a failed conraceptive device, a rape, or a birth defect that will cause them to love one who will die within a brief time of gaining life?
Did we deal falsely by insisting that those who sought to escape a burden they could not afford, shoulder that burden -- while we do all we can to deny them the assistance to handle that burden which we insisted they be saddled with?
Did we deal falsely by insisting we have the right to invade and murder with impunity -- just because we don't care for the free choices other make?
And thus do we cause our prayers to be turned into Curses upon us, and condemn us to be consumed and removed from the good land that is Now the modern Babylon -- a "city-nation" which will fall in the eyes of the world, and be cursed as being beneath the heel of the most immoral of the terrorist kind.
Evangelicals have wished for it to be so, and their people only have until 7 October 2016 to make it so.
If they fail -- even in the slightest detail -- the real prophecy will come to pass ... one based on Climate Change and a simple and natural passing of life.
Well, a third of humanity pass in violent war? Or in the old age that befits a baby boom generation which, for a brief period of time, distorted the natural demographics?
That will be decided and locked into place in November 2016.
Either way, the prophecy will be fulfilled -- and the schedule held to.
Look at the image that heads this page, what significance has the Red Horseman and the years 1939/1977/2001/2015?
Were those dates in the News for any Red Horseman [WAR or military death] related events?

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

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