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Why Homosexuals? Why have them?

We have a group in society which opposes Homosexuals and Transsexuals.  They wave the Bible around and thus declare the one they assert is the All-Wise Creator of all things is a completely incompetent idiot.

Why an incompetent idiot?  Well, the answer is actually quite simple – research, which is unrefuted in terms of a presentation of proper evidentiary objections, proves that homosexuality and bisexuality is standard to all mammals roughly the same 5-10% proportion of their natural populations.

Thus, their alleged intelligent-design is either a rather complete incompetent, or had an intelligent reason for the necessity of homosexuality – and to a related extent, bisexuality.

Naturally, terrorists, evangelicals, Republicans and a few other groups who assert they “talk to God”, devote themselves to the violation of the scriptures they hold so dear.  Thus it is fully consistent for them to hold that they worship an idiot, and therefore need not adhere to anything which does not suit their immediate purpose.

Now that I have chased those idiots away – as well as those idiots who believe the universal rule that you cannot get something from nothing does not apply to the universe – we can get to the topic of Why there is the need for “gays” throughout the animal kingdom and for humans, why homosexuality in humans.

Phrased another way, in terms of evolution, why has the homosexual trait, which is counter reproductive and is therefore should NOT be genetically passed in anything approaching a consistent ratio … why has it survived?

The answer is.  It is a necessary trait and passed by those who are otherwise heterosexual (“straight”).

First, there are – as recognized by oft misrepresented laws in the Book of Leviticus – two genders, with two manifestations of homosexuality: Male and Female, the purely same-sex orientation, and a bisexual orientation.

Bisexuality in males allows diseases that are unique to male homosexuality to cross into the female realm and then into the straight community.  Thus the Leviticus health code declares male bisexuals to be a sinful, and, in that context, condemns the females who assist in the male bisexual activities.

In that case, the women serve as the conduit for a male disease which could have reproductive consequences of a type which, when introduced into straight sexuality by those women, would adversely affect the conception and health of any offspring.  Thus contaminating, or in some manner ending, the genetic line and, ultimately, the race – maybe even the human species.

But note, the Leviticus rule does NOT condemn either the homosexuality of either gender, nor bisexuality in women that does not involve a homosexual male.  That is because bisexuality in a polygamous structure can be seen as a bonding force between the females who are in some terms, “sister-wives”.   Female bisexuality could create a bond between wives, as between each and the male, with the male serving the necessary function of common sperm donor to the female family reproductive unit.  As a result, the total family structure becomes stronger.

Given male roles in society (or the animal kingdom), the idea that a male is gay serves to bond him with his male co-fighters, or co-hunters.  That he would be bisexual is necessary for reproduction.  But, logically, we should recognize that the reproductive element is overruled by the health factors which could threaten survival of the tribe.  Thus the condemnation of what is actually that reproductive potential for disease transmission.

Why focus on the male?  Again, it’s mandated by a role based decision.  Men travel, women stay at home; in the act of travel, the males are exposed to a wide range of diseases that are not generally present in their home environment – or which were eradicated by the creation of that environment.

HIV spread, in Africa and India, has given us a model for this disease introduction.  In both locales, male truckers engaging in bisexual liaisons, while conducting their normal long distance hauling, have  managed to introduce the disease to their wives.  Interestingly, those women engaged in prostitution in HIV prevalent areas have been noted to have evolved a counter agent to the disease – thus they are protected, while their clients are not.

Eliminate the bisexual behavior and you prevent the infection of prostitutes and any possibility of a faithful wife from contracting it through anything short of direct blood transfer.  But not, Biblically, any foreign blood is deemed a biohazard to be avoided – and the rule was extended right down to female menstrual blood cycles which suggests that a female is open to an introduction of contaminated blood from other parties.

In terms of cultural survival, if we accept that it was common for women to die in childbirth, and for families to lose their adult members, it follows that male desire and ability to care for orphaned children is a survival imperative.  By that imperative is at odds with the division of labor, or gender roles, evidence among all animals, but most easily distinguished in humans.

Having males whose emotional bias is feminine actually helps the tribe to survive.  Those males readily abandon traditional male roles to assume the female ones that are left empty when something that deprives the tribe of its females also leaves children to be cared for.

Once again, we have the issue of bisexuality.  Deprived of females, the straight males might be tempted to “turn gay” – at least until such time as appropriate mates can be acquired.  Again we have the Biblical example of the Exodus – where all enemy males, and their women who are sexually experienced, are to be killed … but where the remaining females are taken as wives.  This tells us, or suggests, there was a female shortage among the invading Israelite force.  It is, however, a practice that was consistent with the times, and was found evident in the DNA examination of 4000-year old remains found in a cemetery at Goseck in the Burgenlandkreis district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany – the site of the German Stonehenge discussed in both "Grandpa Was A Deity: How a Tribal Assertion Created Modern Culture" and its sequel "GENESIS OF GENESIS".

At Goseck, all the male yDNA demonstrated that the males were of a common and closely related family.  But the female DNA, in both the male and female remains, showed a wide range of genetic associations related to rather diverse geographic regions – only a small portion being endemic to the Goseck region. But that was consistent with the yDNA being Brahmin/Central Asian.

Homosexuality is actually a genetic necessity when we are speaking of creatures with clearly delineated gender based roles.  It therefore follows that any attack upon it could actually be an attack upon the species as a whole.

If homosexuals are removed from the social structure, also removed are the beneficial supports that are their natural bias.

Consider the attacks on same-sex marriage (actually mandated by St. Paul for Christians, and exempted, by Jesus himself, from those regulations set down to govern heterosexual marriage – see: "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" for the in-context chapter and verse analysis).

Same-sex marriage is framed as an attack on the institution of marriage.  Yet it is an attack upon those who desire to be a party to that institution, and all who actively support all it represents.  As a result, the more it was described as an attack on marriage, the fewer people decided that marriage was worthy of support, thus we see a sharp decline emerging in heterosexual marriage participation.  thus demonstrating the real, and rather successful, attack on marriage was waged by those opposing same-sex marriage.  Had they really been intent on supporting the institution, they would have cheered the entry of a group previously considered to demonstrate “ sexually loose morality” into the ranks of committed monogamy.   But then, most of those opposing same-sex marriage tend to engage in serial polygamy (progressively violating the very explicit no divorce mandate which they lie about honoring).

SO: Why Homosexuality?  Because it actually serves, or provides, a multitude of positive social needs.  Those needs appear, in an evolutionary context, to require a 5-10% participation in order to function properly.  As the society evolves, the need for homosexual marriage will increase – again to provide for the health and well-being of the society at large.  And, whereas gays once tended to orphaned members of the tribe which were their genetic kin, now we need them to provide the two parent home to care for the world’s orphans and raise productive members of the next generation of reproductive adults.










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