Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Edgar Cayce–Great Lakes into Gulf

Chart of sea level rise, 1880-2014

This graph reveals the factual basis for the Edgar Cayce (“The Sleeping Prophet”) for his 1930’s prophecy of the Great Lakes flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

As covered in 1978 book, THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK, Cayce simply utilized public knowledge that was not widely known to the public.  That which was, and was accepted, like the legend of Atlantis (1895/6 book) was also utilized.

That which is now denied by Republicans – global warming and rising sea level – has been a scientific fact for well over a century.

There are other goodies in the field of prophecy which show, as proposed in nearly four decades ago in THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK, prophecy is simply a knowledge of science shrouded in mystical belief so as to convince the ignorant.   One simply says: “God Said, … ”

That said, there is a range of science that has yet to be understood.  How did the authors of REVELATION manage to call what they seem to have called correctly – GLOBAL WARMING in the 21st century, and the death of a third of all life … animal, fish, fowl, plant.

Cycles come in cycles and eventually they come together in a PERFECT STORM.  Why is it that humanity lost the knowledge?  Why, in the Middle Ages, did humanity lose the knowledge of washing, or the dangers of contamination from blood.

DEATH OVER LIFE is the current game.  And the current period, 2015/6, is a test period for the interpretation and dating.



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