Monday, August 31, 2015

Is Modern Orthodoxy Reaching Its Breaking Point?

Is Modern Orthodoxy Reaching Its Breaking Point?  Was the title of a FORWARD article to which I responded:

“We are really experiencing the collapse of the Conservative movement here, ... We are trying to talk about Torah and commandments that belong to the whole Jewish people. No one is secular."
The Conservative Orthodox movement has made itself a movement of exclusion, and therefore MUST collapse. We can look at the rules it follows, compare them to Torah, and see how they evolved through a desire to "Build a Wall around Torah" which no longer needs to exist. Look to two examples:
1. Milk & Meat to the point of separate dishes when the restriction is a calf being cooked in its mother's milk -- the rule is adhered to simply by NOT boiling meat, and certainly not boiling it in milk. The rule came into existence at a time when water was hard to come by (as we can still see in some third world regions). But it also came about when meat and milk were produced by the family that consumed them. The meat and milk from the local grocery are not from the same animals, and we roast our meat, even braze it before boiling in a stew and so do not boil raw meat (humans have an adverse reaction to the raw protein, a protein which is broken down by high temperatures associated with roasting/broiling/brazing, and many have an adverse reaction to milk that warrants not sneaking it into the meat by boiling one in the other.) Thus they are demonstrating irrationality.
2. The idea of "Mother Know, Father May Be" -- that the Jewishness is pass by the mother and not the father. "Mother Know, Father May Be" is a rule associated with those who do not know who the father is. If the Orthodox wish to proclaim that of themselves, that is their assertion of their troubled morality and moral problems. Torah looks to the FATHER -- caring little, if anything, about the mother. To say the mother is Jewish means you can certify her mother, and her mother's mother, and the mother's mother''s mother were all Jewish, But no Jew has the genealogy of their maternal line, and modern DNA shows most -- most notably Hasidim -- do NOT carry middle eastern genes, and therefore are not historically Jewish. Conversely, we have the CMH (Kohanim Modal Haplotype) which can trace to the time of Aaron and marks the male lines who have historic claims to being descended from the Biblical Aaron. Levites, apart from Kohanim, are predominantly yDNA group R1a1 and therefore conform to the claim by Josephus that the Hebrews (Levites) originated in India -- where but the R1a1 and J2 (which is the CMH group) dominate the Brahmin in the same way they dominate the Ashkenazi-Levites. Thus again demonstrating irrationality based on evidence, in association to a bold claim to marital infidelity that renders certification of paternity so impossible that it cannot be utilized to establish Jewishness.
The collapse of the Conservative movement is a self-fulfilling prophecy -- it denies the oft mandated achievement of "Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding" which is the primary goal of the Hebrew faith.

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