Friday, September 18, 2015

Bible as Science

It’s amazing how many idiots there are in society.  You can always tell one – they’re the ones who either assert the magical interventionist “God said” and “God did” are to be taken literally;  they are also the idiots who dismiss all things mentioned in the Bible based on the same “God” statements.

The first set of idiots generally assert “Creationist” style beliefs in which the “magical events” are literally the personal handiwork of their alleged deity.  They are too stupid to realize they are saying they worship an incompetent idiot who is itself too stupid to create a self perfecting machine … one that self-regulates and improves (evolves).

Those idiots assert an all-knowing entity, one that is perfect, and is eternal.  Eternal meaning time is irrelevant and perfect meaning perfect, with all knowing meaning the entity knows how things will end before they begin.  Thus “evil” is no surprise … it was a function of the design and would serve a purpose.

DEATH OVER LIFE postulated fulfillment of prophecy on a Hebrew Calendar timeline – one which simply states there are cycles in all things, and eventually, or periodically, those cycles coincide for a “perfect storm”.

Taking a mystical view -- Hitler is seen as the White Horseman … more mystically … the RAPTURE requires the vanishing (death) of 144,000 Jews … explicitly stated to be 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes.   Therefore NO modern Christian can be part of the Rapture – they are not Jewish and have no tribal affiliation to the Israelites.  REVELATION is explicit in the fact that the Twelve Tribes are what the Rapture is about …. when did a host of Jews die or vanish?

Wasn’t that Hitler’s Holocaust?  Can we account for EVERY Jew, midget, homosexual and black who was allegedly murdered?   We know of the millions who actually were murdered – we have pictures of many of them.  But are there not at least 144,000 “dead” who are unaccounted for?  People who were allegedly taken away, and simply vanished?

Hitler was the angel of the Holocaust – he achieved two goals: Engineered the Rapture in plain sight of the whole world, and allowed the evil people of the world to self-identify … allowed the anti-Semites and bigots to self-identify.

More are self-identifying with the attacks on Same-Sex Marriage.  Leviticus is clear; the structure of the laws in the Old Testament are clear; bi-sexual males are the only ones who are denounced … and because bisexuality requires a female, the females who explicitly partake in that acts are also condemned.  But that is because bisexual male behavior is directly associated with the spread of STDs to innocent women (their wives).  It is a sound scientific health law from a time when there were no tests and medications to deal with STDs.

Take away the idiot deity that the idiots needed in order to get them to accept the science, and all that is left in the Bible is sound science: Wash when you are dirty, and make sure you take a bath at least once a week; watch out for biohazard’s like blood, if you come in contact, wash it off, and to avoid spreading any infection you need to be watched for a period of time (isolated if need be).  All the laws fit that description – they invoke safety and health.

You might yell about mandatory death sentences.  But when you do, remember that the laws were written for a nomadic people; they had no fixed prisons of places in which to incarcerate criminals – and to set them free in the desert would mean the criminals could band together and bring about creator harm.

Of course, the idiots reject science – they should really be marveling at the fact that 2000-2300 years ago, a people were able to project the current effects of climate change and the death of a third or more of all life (and nail the current era as the era in which it would occur) … since 1970 have a marine life utilized for food has died.

Climate change is killing vegetation and raising sea levels to kill life along the global shorelines.  The Baby Boom generation, combined with a decrease in reproduction, means the global population will soon peak, and then decline to about 50-60% of that peak … at which point it will (or should) stabilize.

That too fulfills the prophecy.  There is no need for a war to end all life … and the prophecy does NOT say life will end… but it does say there will be a nasty war.  It will be a war in which the idiots end up dead, and the science based, wise men and women of the globe will emerge to live wondrous lives … until the time when, hundreds or a thousand years hence, the idiots again emerge to screw things up.


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