Monday, December 22, 2014

When Was Jesus Born?

We have no solid data on when Jesus was born.  Though we know he was NOT born in our year one – that was a Scythian Monk’s  trick on the Roman Pope/Church in the year 525.  He reset a node in the the Hebrew Calendar to 1, so that the Passover dates would work.

Turning to Page 64 of Saint Paul’s Joke

“As of this writing, the most recent Birkat HaChama was celebrated 8 April 2009 – the Hebrew date of 14 Nisan 5769 – and it coincided with Passover (Erev Pesach).  Prior to that, the two events coincided in 1925 (HY5685).

Projecting back, at eighty-four year intervals, the events coincide about 9bce.  Of course that is a simplistic method approximation, and does not necessarily reflect reality – but it is a good working hypothesis for a celestial event, or “Star,” allegedly seen by wise men from the east, the astronomers known as Magi, or Chaldeans.

As we are told, Herod allowed a span of three years for the birth of the messianic infant – which indicates that birth could have been as recent as the latter part of 7bce, or early 6bce.  We know that Herod died in 4bce, and a journey to Egypt, settling-in, and then getting the news that it was safe to return, would add at least a year to the infant’s escape – so, as a birth year, 6bce works.”

The Birkat HaChama was probably the event; not a super nova, or other non-predictable event.  Prediction is the matter of concern – if you cannot anticipate an event, you cannot associate it with a sign in the heavens.  As we know from GENESIS OF GENESIS, the Hebrew tradition was to link events to their calendar nodes.  Our Year One is just such a node – one which was adopted in our year 525, and back dated to equal year one of the new Roman Christian Calendar.  In effect, the sign was retroactively shifted from one node to another.

Does it matter?  Not really.  The adoption of the Hebrew Calendar and its current universality are fulfillment of the Davidic Prophecy – the fact that Christians do not realize this significance only diminishes their place in the Earthly-World-to-come.

For now … HAPPY HOLIDAY the real fun is about to start.

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