Thursday, December 18, 2014

oil prices drop, OPEC cheers (quietly)

poor America, it's going to get sucker punched by declining oil prices.
once oil reaches American shores, it goes into the same pipelines that carry domestic oil.
problem. without shipping costs from the middle east, or south America, domestic oil is more profitable.
as prices drop, it becomes cost prohibitive to bring in OPEC OIL. so the USA consumes more of it small remaining reserves.
America is the SUV culture ... in the 60s European cars got 35mpg USA still cheers 22-25 mpg.
the price decline will speed the oil domestic decline and set the stage for America to be dependent upon Islamic terrorist oil ...
2025 marks the death of American military might ... because it marks the end of the American domestic reserves.
Republicans know this,and their masters will do all they can to exposure the depletion.
WORLD WAR THREE ... the evangelical end of times, ... is on schedule for 2030or sooner.

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