Saturday, December 27, 2014


Actually, it is history and rules set down for Gentiles.

But there are perverse jokes, ones that upset people, and cause them to ignore the truth.

In the Hebrew Testament, we find the "go forth and multiply" – Adam was directed to do so, likewise Noah.

Neither Jesus nor Paul commanded their followers to have children, though they spoke of marriage and the lack thereof.

As a Jewish scholar, speaking to the Jewish people, Jesus, never had to state the need of the faithful to reproduce.  They had only to obey the law.

But Paul's gospel was to the Gentiles, and he specifically said they would have "no sex" – it was the highest and best expression of their faith and belief.  However, Paul was a pragmatist, he understood the physical needs of those who would follow him – or those he would have follow him.

Thus he declare, begrudgingly, if you really need it, you need to be married.  Sex, NOT CHILDREN, was the purpose of marriage.

At its very core, avoidance of reproduction was the paramount to the “Gospel to the Gentile.”  The Hebrew – and Paul was a Hebrew among Hebrews, a Levite of the Tribe of Benjamin – the Israelite, did not care for invaders and foreign masters.

The Davidic Prophecy foretold of the time when there would be no foreign rulers; when a Israelite King would rule the nation (not the world, but the territory promised by their deity to Moses); when the LAW,  that was the Law of Israel, would be recognized around the world and in all nations.  It was not a law imposed by an Israelite King, but a Law of Rational Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

Hebrews didn't care for Romans, for Greeks, for Egyptians, for Pagans or Gentiles of any ilk – save those who showed Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.  a Pagan who revered ancient Pagan deities, and their traditions, was not worthy of salvation – nor was their line worthy of continuation.  No sex meant no children to follow the ancient ways, faithful adoption of The Law.  If they take any part of it, they MUST take all of it.   If they seek to be saved only by their faith, and could not abide The Law, then they were unworthy of any palace, or inheritance, among the Tribes.  Their salvation would be granted, but without children – they would suffer, or experience, the negative population growth which would bring them to the Point of extinction within the current world, but grant them a place in the future one; if they had to have sex, had to reproduce, than they MUST follow the Law … they would be Kosher; their sons would be circumcised on the 8th day; they would clean and keep clean – so no pestilence would enter their home, no plague would kill them.

So the gospel of Paul was written in his letters and instructions to those who would follow his teachings.  There were real caveats, a way to eliminate those who only followed some of the rules, but would in all other respects remain true to their Pagan deities.

The enemy would identify, and serve to eliminate, themselves.

Moreover, they would be happy to do it – living in their ignorance as ones who would be saved, even when clearly told that the Spirit of the Lord was, in part, the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of which they wanted none.

Are you laughing?  Or have you realized that you have become one of those who will eternally be the butt of SAINT PAUL'S JOKE?

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