Friday, November 07, 2014

What Republicans will not address

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Given the choice of placing Life over death or Death over Life – in 2015 we will see that the Republican prefnce is always Death over Life – and The most Harm to the Most People.

As the bible infers,  2015 will be the year Washington DC falls (Babylon the great city) – or is seen to begin its plunge into historic oblivion.

to paraphrase Wikipedia: “originally a string of minor British colonies extending from Virginia to Massachusetts separated by a Dutch colony at New Amsterdam, it became part of an independent nation in 1776 – headed by an inter-related dynasty of Presidents descended from the original colonists, with Washington designated as their central city (equivalent to Babylon set in latter 20th century).

It almost fell in a civil war over slavery.  but came into its own after European powers devastated their own structure of economic dominance with a series of “World Wars”.  Throughout the historic era, the true economic force was China – which briefly succumbed to the concept of Communist Socialism as a means of regaining the historic power it lost under British and Japanese attacks in 1800’s and into middle 1900’s.

Like most odd-man-out capitals, Washington was destined to fall after 2015 – the cause?  Internal disruptive power equivalent to that of Inquisition, and cultural revolution for the sake of a minority of the wealthy and greedy acquiring power.

Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction

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