Sunday, November 09, 2014

Message from SAINT PAUL’S JOKE

SAINT PAUL’S JOKE the Evangelical Right makes it a point of faith to VIOLATE any and all teachings in the book they wave around to justify their horrors.

They have done it since the Inquisitions, and Salem With Trials.

The is NO CRIST in being an American Christian …just hatred and a desire to impose the most harm on the most people.  If that were not the case, people would study SAINT PAUL’S JOKE  and attitudes would take a sharp turn to the LEFT.

SAINT PAUL’S JOKE … notions that understand it tend to be Atheist.

GOD is an Atheist (holds no deity before himself), God said help your neighbor, care for the widows, orphans, and  poor among you.  Jesus said it will be easier to pass a camel through the “eye of the needle” than for a rich man to get into heaven – The Tea Party is controlled by the richest … those who hide behind the fallacy of a ‘grassroots movement’ … a movement designed to gather in the racists, bigots, idiots, of America and utilize them to bring the nation down.

Watch Washington.  Will Teabaggers be fighting Republicans?  It is said the Tea Party is a branch of the Republicans, but, if that is true, why do they spend more time destroying their own than governing?

DEATH OVER LIFE that is the preference for the Republicans.  Watch as they push for war, deny medical coverage, and encourage anything which will bring harm and starvation to the children and elderly.  More important, watch those who defend the destruction of America … they will do so while waving the flag … but look to their feet, not the banner they wave … their feet will be kicking the soldiers, denying benefits to the military, and forcing military families to rely on Food Stamps and other public assistance – at the same time the flag wavers are cutting, or eliminating that assistance.

They will yell America cannot afford what every other advanced nation can afford – yet America can afford to reduce taxes for the wealthy to the point where no taxes are actually paid.  America can afford to have a society where the top 1% gets to deduct the full cost of a luxury version of what is a basic necessity to those burdened with the full cost of government.


how else can the Right-Wing justify itself?

But is it RIGHT?

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