Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Republicans want to “Fix Economy”

Stan Collender, executive vice president at Qorvis MSLGROUP, made this point about the GOP’s ability to use the country’s debt as an issue: “The deficit just doesn’t have the political cache it had before, because one, it’s falling, and two, it’s falling precipitously.

Thus we know that the Republican Party would be upset – If the deficit keeps falling, they cannot double and redouble the National Debit and continue to weaken America.

DEATH OVER LIFE says the Republican Party will be, and must be, voted into Senatorial power, and Congressional power must increase.  This does not mean having a majority, it only means having enough Tea Party loyalists to paralyze the nation.

Just 26 days to go, and the nation votes.

Think of the horrors they face – Gasoline prices have dropped from the $4.00 range to $3.00 … and the with it,  economy is growing.  The unemployment rate appears to have stabilized in the [near normal and ideal] 6% range, thus GOP politicians  must take economic issues off the table – removing them from focus, except, as they are doing with Emily Ann Cain, to promote issues like the Keystone pipeline which threatens the agricultural breadbasket of the nation and, if successful, will rupture and destroy the major American export product.

All they have is the discredited Birther nonsense which denounces someone for allegedly being Kenyan (code word for BLACK) and falsely labels him a socialist, yet is seen to actively promote the eligibility of a known and self acknowledged Canadian Citizens  and son of a Communist Socialist soldier.   Fortunately, the GOP leaders have long known they are best heard by those with negative IQ’s.

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