Tuesday, October 07, 2014

George Bush armed ISIS

The chart indicates a NY Times revelation.  The BLUE is US Ammo supplied to ISIS Terrorists – who were, between 2000 & 2010 actually al-Qaeda.

Isn’t it interesting that the Bush Administration authorized sales to al-Qaeda at the same time al-Qaeda was the subject of an alleged War On Terror?

Moreover – this is the same Bush who declared Bin Laden irrelevant in to ”war” – only months after the same Bin Laden  destroyed the World Trade Center and laughed about it on a video.

It appears the Republicans might well be the real force supporting terrorists.

Now, in November, we can elect more Republicans to the House and Senate and ensure the expansion of Terrorism across the world.

Saint Paul’s Joke has the Terrorists destroying Rome (the Vatican) per the ancient Malachy prophecy.

Death Over Life has 2015 the year Washington takes on the prophetic role of “Babylon the great city” which falls.

Christians will rejoice at the end of days… but fail to understand that it is they who are destined to go to Hell – again, a Biblical reality explained in Saint Paul’s Joke.

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