Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Republican Stupidity 101

Those who buy in to the Republican opposition to Universal Health Care have enroled in a course called: “Republican Stupidity 101"

One aspect of the course is to argue that taxes will increase on the wealthy and therefor those with incomes – those paying $6-12 THOUSAND a year for health insurance policies – which have deductibles and co-pays that are equal to, or exceed that amount – will see an increase in taxes.

“Republican Stupidity 101" requires the student to disregard the benefit derived from no longer requiring to purchase their own policies, or being locked into business associations specifically because the firm provides such coverage.

Consider: The top five percent of families have income over $250,000. Their health insurance could obligate them to pay – after taxes – ten percent of their gross before tax income. For them NOT to benefit from universal care, the increase in their taxes (assuming a actual tax rate of 25 percent) would need to equal a MINIMUM increase of seven percent of gross income before co-pay calculation. Or about fifteen percent after co-pay.

Now consider this – If you max out the co-pay and deductible on your coverage: First, you really needed the insurance policy. Second, you probably can no longer work; therefore cannot earn enough to either continue the coverage or meet the co-pay and deductible requirements. Once sick, your poilicy rate will increase, or you will be denied returning coverage with a new insurer for anything now classified as a pre-existing condition. In short – you will go into debt and have nothing to show for it.

In case you don’t get it, another name for “Republican Stupidity 101" is
“And how much are you willing to give-up to help them prove it?”

Remember the Right-wing Republican policy for America is basied on a doctrine which mandates
“The Most Harm to the Most People.”

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