Thursday, July 16, 2009

More harm to individuals

This is the nature of Southern American – Bible Belt – justice. Of course, it is the general morality of the Christian Right and Liberal Left across the nation. Immorality and dishonesty – disregard for evidence – persecution of the innocent and protection of the guilty. In summary, it is the conduct freely exhibited by the inhumanity of Human Service agents – “Man jailed for not supporting someone else's child”

The most harm to the most people is the doctrine which pervades our society. The innocent are prosecuted so as to reward the guilty. Isn’t that what happened when the Sub-prime Mortgage Bubble burst? Didn’t we get the call to bail out those who entrapped people into debt they could never, in the long term, handle? Did we cast the employees out on the street and imprison the management?

NO! Of course not. We rewarded all but those who placed their necks in the noose themself.

Consider this reality: “Frank Hatley, 50, had been jailed since June 2008 for not making payments, but two separate DNA tests in the last nine years showed he was not the father of the boy.”

Now which of the Georgia Department of Human Resources employees ionvolved in the case will be dismissed with full forfeiture of their pension right? Our will the people of Georgia be expected to support these crooks – these immoral – these dishonest – immoral civil servants for the rest of their natural lives?

Will the supervisors who signed off on the prosecution of an innocent man be terminated and forfeit their pensions and be branded for the immoral and dishonest folk they are?

No ... of course not. The civil servants will be rewarded ... doubtless promotions will be in order. We might even find that those associated with this travesty of justice will, in future, be elected to political office or appointed to some position of power where they can repeat their actions.

In a just world – all concerned would be fired and the head of the Georgia Department of Human Resources would very publically and formally apologize to Mr. Hatley. In addition, the money which would have been paid to support the dishonest and immoral Georgia Department of Human Resources employees associate d with the case would be paid to Mr. Hatley in partial recompense for what they did.

But that would be a moral Christian world – and we all know that the world of Christianity is governed by the immoral Right-wingers whose deeds betray them and theirs. What will happen – these folks will turn their attention to again bringing the most harm to the most people ... one person at a time.

Of course, the best headline is the one that makes the cleanest point: "Childless man held a year as 'deadbeat dad'" OH and remember this is Georgia -- the Old South Bible Belt -- so naturally the innocent man, the one who will never see true justice, is black.

Why equate Christian Bible Belt and their racist history with blatant immorality? Story of Moses, Miriam only made comments aboput Moses' black wife -- and God PERSONALLY punished her. They, these illiterate bible wavers, just don't get it ... racism is a high sin.

OH ... and lest we forget ... the mother is, at the very least, guilty of criminal fraud -- for which she will, doubtless, never be prosecuted (especially not by the dishonest DA who prosecuted the father).

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