Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Republicans want to ensure The Most Harm to the Most People

Once again, time to point out the intention desire of Right-Wing Republicans and their Fundamentalist pupet masters.

If you believe I’m being harsh toward American Right-Wing fundamentalists, I would point to a test I often cite in my newspaper column and editorials – When judging the overall morality of a position, ask which side proposes inflicting “The Most Harm to the Most People”?

Example, Bush attacked Iraq killing tens of thousands of innocents, while publically declaring Al Qaeda and Ben Laden irrelevant in his “War on Terror” – followed by plunging America into the worst recession since the Great Depression. (FULL DISCLOSURE: In an October 2000 newspaper column, I invited those who wanted to destroy America to vote for Bush – specifically because I wanted to see if he would be a disastrous a president as I was projecting.)

A second example: Universal medical care. We now spend twice, per capita, what every other industrialized nation spend on medical care – with worse results. If we copied their “socialized medicine” programs, we would cover the twice the number of people without any increase in total expenditures – a simple mathematical reality. We would also have a healthier, thus more productive, work force – which infers a larger economy and lower over all taxes to achieve the same cash infusion to government programs. “The Most Harm to the Most People” test mandates that Republicans Right-wing fundamentalists, like their Islamic Taliban kin, will oppose anything which suggests an overall benefit to society.

With regard to Universal Health Care ... consider this: Of the excess we spend for health care, fully eighty percent goes to deny or delay health care to those who are paying for it. That's right! Eight of every ten dollars of one hundred percent excessive cost Americans incur for health care is designated to the sole purpose of delaying or denying health care to those who are paying for it. That is undisputed by the Insurance industry -- which works to maintain a “Most Harm to the Most People”
business model. Interestingly, the denial and delay of services generally results in Americans requiring catastrophic health care for conditions which originally required minor treatment. This explains why other nations live longer than we do -- while spending less for medical care and more on enjoying life.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: For the last four years of the BBush administration, my newspaper column and related op-ed editorials, pointed out that Bush had been following the agenda laid out by Ben Laden prior to Bush entering office. Specifically, Ben Laden said he waned Saddam dead and the American government to run a TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT. Bush achieved both goals. The Trillion dollar deficit was achieved off budget and came on budget with the Obama administration's display of fiscal honesty.)

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