Friday, July 17, 2009

Episcopal Church recognizes Christ teaching - Anglicans might reject both Christ and His teaching.

Well, on Friday, 17 July 2009, the Episcopal Church officials decided to side with Christ and voted to allow bishops the latitude to bless same-sex unions. As Jesus proclaimed, Eunuchs from the womb (Matt 19:12)have a right to be wed and Episcopal Bishops are authorized to represent him.

Fortunately for those who oppose the teachings, there is no effort by the Christian right to devote efforts to declare those who are divorced, or marry those who are divorced, to be the adulterers Christ declared them to be (rest of Matt 19 as repeated in the other Gospels as well).

Granted, when it comes to ordained priests who are also gay, there is the Eunuch for Religion conflict with Eunuch from Womb conflict – but Jesus never said Celibacy was in conflict with Homosexuality; neither did he mandate that his followers be celebrate – if he had, Peter, the Rock upon which the Church was founded could not have been married and traveled, as we know he did, with his wife and, probably, their children.

NOPE! It is only those who oppose Christ who oppose Homosexual rights – the New Testiment makes that clear.

While on the subject of what the NT makes clear – let’s look to abortion.

The Old Testament – the laws which Christ clearly said he would not change, and did not intent to have changed – makes it clear that there are no laws against abortion. The OT makes it clear that Birth Rights start with the appearance from, emerging from, the womb – not in the womb (Check how Esau got his rights). In the time of Christ, abortion was common throughout the Roman empire – yet not a word.

That said, there is a lwaw which mandates death for any who ATTACK a pregnant woman and in that attack do anything which causes the loss of the child. OT law mandates the right to fulfill the First Commandment given humanity on the threshold of Eden – go forth an multiply. The Law punishes anyone who prevents an individual from fulfilling that commandment – it does not deal with those who have fulfilled it and have no desire, or ability to increase their families further. When a woman wishes to limit her family – the Bible allows her to make that choice. Similarly, when, as so many today are doing, people want to violate the First Commandment to humanity – and not have children – it is their right to select to sin. If one want to attack sin, then the Christian Right has the divine obligation to attack any who are childless by choice to violate the First true Commandment.

The Christian right, and their right-wing politicians, are clearly anti-scripture. We can see it in their disobedience to Christ on marriage, and their disobedience to His Father with regard to procreation. So please – follow the Right-wing and sin, then sin again. If you are married to one who is divorced, follow their teachings and commit thyself to a blatant disregard for the SPECIFIC teaching of Christ – be an unrepentant adulterer and see what salvation you can obtain. Or become Jewish, or become Islamic, and you will never have to worry about it. But as a subject of the Evangelical right-wing you are consigning yourself to eternal damnation. Enjoy.

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