Sunday, December 09, 2007

Preaching Hatred - Diocese of San Joaquin

Date Line December 9, 2007

It is always a pleasure to see Christians boast that they cannot read the scriptures. This appears to be the case here.

As I presented to the Rabbinical Council, when they met to discuss this issue in Philadelphia: There is nothing in the Judaic Bible which prohibits homosexuality. Where there, there would be – as on so many other subjects – reference to women with women. As those who follow such things know, the Council agreed with me.

In fact there is only one law even close to the subject – it expressly prohibits a man being with a man as he would be with a woman. As men have no vagina (which the Episcopal Diocese seems unaware of) this law pertains to bisexual activity while – by inference – affirming the propriety and authorizes anal and oral sex between a man and woman. Basically, in the strictest terms, it only applies to bi-sexuality. Again, there is nothing pertaining to homosexuality.

Granted, The New Testament Paul – who denounces the rock (Peter) upon whom the Church was to be built – does denounce homosexuality. However, if one were to use someone who never met Christ as an authority over one who was designated by Christ to be the foundation of Christ’s Church, then most Christians have little possibility of salvation. Paul explicitly declares that only Greeks and Jews are assured salvation – so these guys are screwed anyway.

The clergy of hate and societal disruption are alive and well. Those who hate, those who preach the most harm to the most people, will be cheering the news that the conservative Diocese of San Joaquin voted Saturday to split from the liberal-leaning Episcopal Church; thus it has become the first full diocese to secede from the denomination in the debate over the Bible and homosexuality.

Of course, the reality of the issue is their play to steal multiple millions of dollars worth of real estate from the Episcopal Church. There is no morality involved here – just the greed of those who practice The Most Harm to the Most People Doctrine.

Those who wave the Bible as a justification for their satanic practices can be very proud – and doubtless the Diocese of San Joaquin will attract many who support the murder of others and the denial of all that Christ advocated. ENJOY. Clearly, the best thing that can happen to these people is to discover that there really is a God – and that the Biblical Law of the Old Testament is the law that he approves.

Of course, it would be great if this was revealed to them as they chow down on their pork suppers.

When will these idiots learn the meaning of “Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding” be a part of the spirit of God – without which they are doomed to whatever purgatory they proclaim through their belief that they deserve for violating the laws the hypocritically profess to support.

OH RIGHT! Paul also said that the Law did not matter – that the path was through faith and the simple acceptance of Christ’s existence. So any of the Diocese of San Joaquin who dare to use Biblical justification for their prejudice, hatred and inhumanity had better be careful. St Paul also said that, to accept any part of the Law (which he cited as the Circumcision) required adherence to ALL of the Law – all 613 laws; most of which members of the Diocese of San Joaquin violate on a daily basis.

Ah yes ... the beauty of the end-of-times ... the time when the archaic religions are to be set aside and a more enlightened faith will come forward from the acquisition of that spirit, that “Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding” so lacking in those who advocate, or adhere to, The Most Harm to the Most People Doctrine.


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