Sunday, November 04, 2007

Magnetic Anomaly Thoughts

Dateline: November 4, 2007

One of the great oddities of life – the effect the environment has on us and our lack of belief in that effect.

Maybe it is imagination, but I have the feeling that the just released magnetic anomaly map explains the mutations in yDNA. Seem the area in RED is associated with Iraq – could it be oil fields? GREEN is associated with Haplogroup J. BLUE is interesting – Haplogroup R1a, and possibly iron ore. Red, Blue and Green match the Indus Valley Civilizations – and Green matches Blood group A.

Yellow, Green, Red are places where civilizations seem not to be in this age; but were great for a period of time – two or three thousand years ago.

We can read into things what we wish to see. We can read coincidence as causal and not recognize that fact; or, we can read causal and we can see it, explain it, as coincidence.

Cause-effect and coincidental each have a definition which negates the other or can be used to camouflage the reality of both. Humanity seems to love the yellow-green band; that temperate climate band where it emerged.

Why do we live on fault lines? What is the lure of such dangerous places?

Only France and Central Europe seem to be areas which are safe. Is it some coincidence that these are the places of current world power? Can it be that the coincidence extends to the lands of China – where emerged the great Han empire?

Is there a color blend, a magnetic range, in which the great powers emerge – can there be a meaning which places the Buddhist faith and practice in a range which is a muddy yellow with only a tinge of red?

Do the Green people seek peace and the red war? Are the Blue creative? Is it they who advance society through inventive force? ____________________________________________________________

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