Saturday, December 22, 2007

To Evangelicals on Heathen Xmas

Date Line December 22, 2007

Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Xmas

Did you know that a recent study by the Pew Research Center has established that seventy (70%) percent of evangelicals believe all life is immutable – that it is unchanged since the creation?

Seventy (70%) percent of Evangelicals are Creationists who deny the reality of evolution. That means seventy percent of evangelicals have the belief that a deity creates disease specifically to attack those who first contract it – and then allows the disease to continue to infect, and often kill, at random.

Thus, at least, seventy percent of Evangelicals believe that, because it is the work of the Creator, we should not fight disease. Or is it that they believe that it is the work of a subordinate deity? Someone who answers to, and derives their orders from, the Creator of all life?

Therefore, it must follow that seventy percent of Evangelicals believe doctors oppose the work of the creator – attempt to interfere with some divine plan for the irradiation of some aspect of humanity.

At the same time, the same seventy percent of Evangelicals – and Christians in general – believe that they should follow the words of Jesus, who they call the Christ. He said top care for the sick. He said to oppose the ‘demons’ who inflict illness, to care for the sick, and the orphans, and the widows, and the children, and the even the prisoners.

In terms of the beliefs of seventy percent of Evangelicals, Jesus was opposed to the Creator’s plan.

You know this guy Jesus. You hear about him often enough. That’s the guy who was born when the shepherds were in the fields – that’s in the spring, April or May – and whose birthday they celebrate at the time of the winter solstice; or more accurately on the holiday devoted to a pagan deity of the ancient Romans and Greeks.

Obviously, if the one they worship is the one who was that pagan deity, it follows that he would be opposed to the actions of the Creator – or, as we know from the Book of Job – actions which the creator must personally must authorize his “sons” (the ones who do not understand faith for its own sake) to engage in.

Of course, seventy percent of Evangelicals also believe that Jesus is a manifestation of an indestructible deity who was destroyed (killed) and resurrected – hence was never killed, because he is indestructible and eternal. In short they promote contradiction after contradiction – all of which are programmed to deny the evidence of our own eyes and the actual methods chosen by whatever entity, or force, was the origin of that first particle of matter, or that first burst of energy.

HOLD IT! Did that just say there is a Creator?

Well gee wiz ... until someone can explain how something can emerge from nothing, there must, by definition, be a source – and that source must exist without ever having itself been created. Hum? Another logical inconsistency; yet one which is a logical imperative that escapes the limited minds of those who proclaim themselves to be Atheists; and thus proclaim that something came from nothing.

Of course, we can hold that the universe is the eternal, and eternally in flux, ever changing and so we are but a transient experiment – our lives having meaning within the progression and yet remain totally meaningless in the broad reality of that universal flux.

But hey – this is a time when reindeer fly, jolly little elves – who are oversized, white bearded and chronically obese – give away presents to good little boys and girls. How does this elf know who is good or bad? He spies on them throughout the year – absolutely no privacy for child or adult ... for the elf is always watching.

And he is a magic elf, one who can come down chimneys – even in homes, or apartments, which have no chimney or fireplace. He can slip, unnoticed, past whatever security system to do whatever he wishes. Xmas is a time to be grateful – grateful that this elf has yet to turn to murder, rape, or terrorism. For if he did, it is obvious, he would be unstoppable.

That though as real, or believable, as any that could possibly come from the mind of an Evangelical should be taken to heart as they proclaim their absolute faith in scripture. They proclaim the need to literally follow the dictates – yet evade responsibility for as many of the 613 biblical laws as they can.

They claim the literal nature of scripture, and celebrate their supposed savior by moving his birthday to a pagan holiday and, in ignoring words such as those of Jeremiah 10:2
“Thus sayth the Lord, learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.”

Of course, one must also read verses 10:3-5 to find that the ways of heathen include the cutting down of a tree, and fixing it with nails (or other means) so it will stand erect that it might be decorated with costly ornaments – decked out, like the Halls of the popular song – with silver and gold; to which are now added glass, plastic and all manner of heathen design.

As Biblically defined Heathens violate the word of the Lord, but enjoy the light of their trees ...
Season Greetings.

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