Sunday, October 07, 2007

Not mine, but worth the space.

Katherine's 2007 Top Ten Reasons You Know You're A Genetic

10. The last book you read was "Phylogenetic Trees Made Easy".

9. The staff at Family Tree DNA know your voice.

8. You see an alphabet letter street sign and wonder when the city
started naming streets after haplogroups.

7. Your idea of an exciting shopping trip is calling Julie Walthall
and applying General Funds to more than one kit.

6. You stop using `Neanderthal' as a term to insult someone.

5. You view childless people as population bottlenecks.

4. You think R2d2 and C3p0 are extended SNP subclades.

3. You're a female with Y-chromosome envy.

2. You write to the Census Bureau requesting haplogroup
designations be added to the 2010 census.

and the number one reason you know you're a genetic genealogist:

1. While you know deep down that we all share a common ancestor,
you can't help but feel glad you don't share a haplogroup with some


If you are in to genealogy, and really want to know where your family came from ... well, you get the coutdown.

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