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IQ Genetic Factor

Date Line September 20, 2007

Genetics are funny, the more they are studied the more factors are placed in the hands of women.

Everything, except gender, seems to be influenced by the mother; and even gender defaults to female. So is the gender marked on the Y-Chromosome is defective, as is the case in roughly one in ten thousand cases, a infertile female, rather than a damaged male, is produced.

It is logical. Women are the sedentary creatures, males the risk takers. It would be foolish for a species to place its survival characteristics in the hands of someone, a gender, which could quickly die.

Intelligence has a genetic component and as such is geographically controlled. Where mom came from, or where her maternal ancestors originated, may well have more to do with success than any other factor beyond opportunity to express that inherited intelligence.

Throughout human history, knowledge has been contained in oral history and thus dependent upon memory. IQ is, naturally, the measure of the elements needs to transmit cultural history.

Because oral history cannot be retold completely, or with details which modern societies – with their written records and foot noted reference to other written records – can produce, the essence of an event was retold.

History was recalled, but under went what is known as “telescoping”: the compressing of events into a coherent unified story without regard for actual times of occurrence.

In this process, the oral historian required some means to control sequence, or denote some system of time. Accordingly, an oral history converted to written form, such as the Hebrew Bible, reflects the nemonic tricks of the oral historian.

One such trick is to tell a genealogy in terms of birth, birth of the next generation, and death in both span between events and the total of the years traversed from birth to death.

The actual years depicted are not necessarily real. In fact they only become real when a written memory aid becomes available. For this reason, one cannot rely on times described so much as upon the sequence of events within the relative time frames.

When reading a ancient tale, consider this: “New scientific findings indicate that ancestral humans split from chimpanzee forebears more recently than previously thought and raise the possibility that the two nascent species hybridized before making their final separation.”

Now think “Daughters of Man” and the “Sons of God” in the same context as Adam trying out various animals as a companion prior to the emergence of Eve.

As an example of telescoped time, note that the biblical period of a “day” is assumed by modern readers to be twenty-four hours, even though the day stated existed in the void period before the creation of the heavens and earth.

Now consider this in the context of Ape and Man: “Previous studies have used average figures to get a time that the species split, but scientists have long known that segments of the genetic code are inherited from different ancestors who lived at different times. This study was the first to trace segments back and provide a range of dates within which the common ancestors of humans and chimpanzees lived.

“What the results reveal is a surprisingly large range. Different segments of the genome differ in age by about 4 million years, researchers found. That large range of dates could be explained if there had been some genetic exchange between the two developing species over that time.” [from: HARVARD GAZETTE ARCHIVES]

But also consider this about female mtDNA, the X-chromosome from Broad Institute director, Eric Lander: "The genome analysis revealed big surprises, with major implications for human evolution. First, human-chimp speciation occurred more recently than previous estimates. Second, the speciation itself occurred in an unusual manner that left a striking impact across chromosome X. The young age of chromosome X is an evolutionary smoking gun."

The “young age” of the female X-chromosome, relative to the age of the male Y-chromosome, comports well with both the Biblical origin sequence and the fact that males carry both the X and Y; thus would have imparted the human X to a female who already carried one copy of her own – yielding a double X female who was “human.”

What has this to do with IQ? The mythical Eve figure, we are told, rationally deduced she would not die by eating fruit instead of meat.

And yes! As a result of eating fruit, “man”, as a primitive animal, did die. As an intelligent being, humanity exists, and persists, based upon the intelligence we inherit with our X-chromosome.

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