Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are the Mormon Legends Correct?

This appearance of a focused Type A blood population in an aboriginal population is just what is needed to infer the correctness of the Mormon assertion that some Native American tribes are connected back to the original agrarian culture of the Middle East.

That they arrived after 580 BCE cannot be established without going into the details of any C-14 tests on the earliest habitate areas. This research has yet to be done by me; thus I cannot state what might be available in this area.

However, there are legends of Kachina among the Hopi; these legends comport well to the mythology associated with the Aryan migrations into, or from, India; and comport well with the Biblical legends associated with the time of Noah -- specifically, talk of the "sons of god taking the women of men as wives. The Aryan appear to have been described, or to have described themselves, in that manner (as sons of god).

There is a rough linkage -- sufficient to assert the need for further exploration.

Of course, we would want a hypothetical linkage, a population in Asia which is out of place and also recognized as aboriginal. For this we have the Ainu of Japan. The Ainu are 17 percent O, 32 percent A, 32 percent B, 18 percent AB. The B population being consistent with the nomadic tribes associated with the Tartar, Mongolian, and finally the Scythian associated with the Type A populations.

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