Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thoughts on being a Martyr

Date Line July 15, 2007

WERU Radio, 89.9: change your inner space of consciousness; your thoughts can change the physical world; a friend introduced the ACIM (A Course In Miracles) philosophy, which is a modification, a first formal attempt at the evolution to the next religious approach from the point where we are today.

New Dimensions, WERU, came on as I was thinking of Bin Laden and his call to Martyrdom. I was thinking that Muslim women suicide bomber must all be whores, and possibly lesbian whores.

Perverse associations, I love them.

It is said that Muslim martyrs will be greeted by, or receive in, heaven seventy virgins. A man receives seventy virgins, who he deflowers, and then has seventy shrewish angry woman whose virtue he has stolen and whose virtuous lives he has defiled. Ah Muslim heavenly logic.

It is said that Muslim martyrs will be greeted by, or receive in, heaven seventy virgins; but what is the martyr is a woman? To want the female virgins she must be a lesbian; to want seventy, she must be a whore. Certainly if she is to receive seventy male virgins, to have seventy men, she most certainly must be a whore.

Strange associations, strange when you carry the logic to its end. It is easy to pick on Arab Muslims, they have produced nothing, are worthy of nothing, their history is stolen from those who have produced and created that history. You know it is in the DNA and thus irrefutable.

Christian heaven is every bit as stupid as the Muslim concept. The idea that there is a deity who created all life so that there would be virtuous people who would sit for all eternity praising and singing the praises of that deity; that is the Christian Heaven.

How stupid can that deity be? This all knowing, all perfect, supreme above all other Gods (Thou shall put no God before me?) And it cannot create these faithful directly? It must create all the evil and pain? What a sadistic deity this Christian God must be.

But the words, “Thou shall put no God before me” are Hebrew, not Christian. Does this make the Judaic deity stupid? Or was it Moses speaking in the context of the time? Was it Moses imposing the idea that it was time to evolve the faith into a unity faith?

The laws of Moses are remarkably like the laws of the Hittite as they were written down in 1500 BCE. The psalms are from the Canaanite. Much of the scripture is from the Hindu, from the Rig Veda of 1500 BCE. The places of “creation” are all Eastern Anatolian.

Be they Ashkenazi-Levite, or Hindu-Brahman, the same priestly pair of yDNA haplotypes appears in both. These are from Haplogroup J2 and R1a1. Where did these two come from? Where did they evolve? And why have they been bound together for the ten thousand years of our agrarian-pastoral existence?

How do we place this together into a coherent story, a mythology which is available to the minds of those who, until now, could not see?

Abracadabra, “I will create as I speak”: “As I ask, so shall I receive.’ The magic words of childhood and of ancient Middle Eastern faith.

The power of words to change a person’s life, the life of a family, the life of a heritage, the lives of a tribe and a clan. The power of words to alter beliefs and perceptions so that they become reality. Is it not the power tapped by advertising, mass marketing, or politics?

Perception controls reality. As you see, as you hear, so it is. Strength of individual will counters the weakness of ignorant mobs bent on the destruction of humanity. Humanity cannot be destroyed. It would be the height of stupidity, or evil, for a Creator to create for the purpose of destruction; or is suffering entertainment for the Gods?

Creation is creation. The parent creates a child; the child evolves in the womb and eventually replaces the parent. Life is the experience we have in the womb; it is learning to know good from evil, joy from sorrow. It is learning to live, alone, within ones own skin.

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