Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Biblical Haplogroup Chicken and Egg

Date Line July 3, 2007

Chicken or Egg? Which came first? Granted, we believe we know why they came together; but which was first?

Adam and Eve? Which came first? Granted, we have the Biblical idea; but why did they choose to have Adam before Eve? Why did they have Adam as companion to all the other animals before Eve?

Not questions people want answers to. Not even questions they would consider asking. After all, it is only mythology; or divine inspiration to be taken literally by the irrational.

Myth has its roots in story telling; and stories have their origins in reality. Today, given DNA understanding, it is clear that Adam must have come before Eve. Adam has an X and Y chromosome; Eve has twin X’s and no Y.

We can make a woman from a man, but never will we make a man from a woman; at least not on the genetic, reproductive, level. How did the writers of the story know that? Or was it just a lucky guess?

Genesis chicken or egg? That which is placed first, from nothing to something, appears in what is a likely order. Science would agree with the sequence following the Big Bang; and, perversely, a bang is a noise and a noise can be a word.

No scientist would argue that which existed before the Big Bang, or assert what preceded, or originated, the word.

What they will assert, is what we all know, or take for granted; that which followed has a logic and structure which argues causality and determinism within a realm governed by chance.

Reading Einstein one can understand his frustration with the quantum level of existence. Does the creator play dice with the universe? That was the horror that Einstein could not fathom. But is it real?

Everything has a beginning, and likewise, we can expect that it will have an end. Perfect knowledge demands knowledge of the outcome; but does it demand knowledge of every step in the journey?

Think about that. Apply it to everything which you can test. Place a key in its ignition; turn the engine on; do you need to know the fibers of every structure?

Need you concern yourself of minor mechanical matters? Or do you want to know the engine will move the vehicle, and the vehicle will get you safely to your destination? Beginning and end joined by random actions and interactions; but the destination attained.

Raw material in, finished product out, discard the defective along the way. Is that not a description which would summerize theology?

Two haplogroups, R and J, one describes itself as the sons of the deity, the other as the children of man. Let us accept that all other creatures are just considered creatures.

The two meet in a region known as Anatolia, in the area of a volcanic peak called Ararat. One has survived a flood; we will call them J.

The other, as we said, call themselves the children of the deity. Maybe their technology and skills have caused them to even be considered as deities. We will call these R.

From that moment on, the two combine their ways and legends to be seen as one. Two lineages who appear as a common tribe. The J2 and the R1a1 are how they come to be known through yDNA haplogroup.

Consider this “fantasy”. Consider this working hypothesis which would explain why the same mythology, the basic same symbology, the same general beliefs and social status should be shared by these two genetic lines.

R1a1 and J2 appear as Brahmin; they appear as Temple privileged in Hindu and Jewish cultures. In the mythology of Exodus, Moses has a father and first appears as first born. Yet later, Aaron has an identified father and is the elder brother of the two. The mother is in common.

An R1a1 father for Moses; and a J2 father for Aaron. Both would be Levite through their mother, as it is said. Yet we notice that the brothers are not identified as brothers when their roles are depicted.

Is he not also a Levite, Moses is asked when it is suggested that Aaron speak for him. It is not, as it should have been: is he not your brother?

We are told we are dealing with two joined lines. That is precisely what we find when we examine the appearance of these two yDNA lines; these two haplogroups which always seem to be together as a noble or priestly class.

Chicken or Egg? Which came first? How did they come to be joined in such a manner? R1a1 or J2? Which came first? Which Nobility, which Priest; which the horse or milk; which grain; which pasture?


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