Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Islam, the faith of the suicidal

Date Line July 25, 2007

Why am I not a great writer? For starters, I cannot write. But, let us be a little real, most writers cannot write worth a damned.

Why am I not a great writer? Could it be because I always seem to want to cheer the bad guys?

Take today as an example, as if I haven’t gone there before in earlier blogs, take Bagdad “football.” OK Soccer to Americans, but football nonetheless.

Seems people go to soccer matches to kill other people. It has to be the world champ in spectator violence. Why would anyone be surprised that a Islamist suicide bomber would use the Asia Cup as an excuse to kill other Islamists?

Hasn’t anyone gotten the message? This terrorist crap is just an excuse for idiot, ignorant, Arabs to kill each other and themselves. It seems that some brain told them they get to heaven by killing innocent people in the name of Allah.

OH RIGHT! It has to do with infidels and all that rot! Bet you that’s the real reason why George sent our guys and gals over there, to give the Islamists an excuse to kill each other. That is, aside from the fact that Osama Bin laden said it was what he wanted George to do.

Fifty innocent people killed. Why? Because they went to a football game; oh right, soccer match.

Look! Let us get this message out there! Let us get a clear statement of reality! Arabs are idiots who happen to be sitting on oil. They have never contributed anything; but are fast to take credit, however minor, for things that intelligent people did in the middle east before the jerks immigrated from Africa.

These jerks just go around killing each other and believing it will get them into Arab heaven with a flock of virgins. Virgins who, will either retain their virginity or turn into a passel of nagging crones belittling the jerk who killed himself so he could claim their virginity.

Arabs are idiots! They are crazy! They deserve to be locked up in some mental institution.

Think about it. Look at Israel and the Palestinians. What Palestinian has done anything over the past sixty years be cry about having to move twenty-five or so miles north. In America it would be called moving to the suburbs.

Of course, those who move to the suburbs have intellectual or social skills which afford them the opportunity to live well. The Palestinians appear to be mental deficients who devote their time and energy to seeing how they can make their lives worse.

What Palestinian has built a nice home? We are, after all, talking of two generations beyond the one which made the initial move. We must recall that for most, the move was also one of choice.

Jews came to the United States, were tested around 1900, and found to have IQs which qualified them as retarded. The next generation tested as normal and became professionals. The generation after that were accused of owning the world.

In three generations even the retarded can produce children who are brilliant and powerful; that is, unless they are Palestinian Arabs. In that case, the best they can home to achieve is a death by suicide, or at the hands of a suicide.

Look at this middle east stuff. They are actively chasing away anyone who might be productive. If you can improve the lot of the Arab people ... OH NOT QUESTION! If you can improve the lot of the arab people, you are the kind of Arab who must be killed or chased away.

Islam is a great religion. Like Western Christianity of centuries past, it prides its on killing people. Cut their heads off, murder them as they shop, or cheer the national team to victory. Islam is a great religion ... if you are a murderous or suicidal idiot. Any evidence to the contrary?

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