Thursday, June 28, 2007

Waking Thoughts

Date Line June 28, 2007

Some days I wake with the weirdest thoughts and feelings. Often they are connected with things I’m involved in and have “slept on”; like the new book “Einstein”, relativity and the Unified Field Theory.

If Space is curved, gravity is physical; if electromagnetic force and magnetic force are interchangeable, they are different perspectives on the same thing, on makes the other, male and female; but gender applies to which force of nature?

I have taught, wrote and professed: “Everything is the same, they just change the name.” I have also been known to postulate what can be readily seen in the structure of the formulas for the movement of both planets and electrons around their respective structural centers: “Everything is the same, they just change the order of magnitude.”

Gravity is a curvature of spacetime related to mass. Ultimately, the mass of creation causes space time to close upon itself (evidenced by “black holes” discovered in Einstein’s Relativity Formulations) and so we have a continuous, infinite, spacetime within a finite structure.

That is all simple and obvious enough. Yet the Unified Field Theory seems to have alluded the great mind of Einstein; and it is complicated by the behaviors associated within Quantum Mechanics.

Could it be that the problem is one of an “order of magnitude” as defined in the respective constants? That the Unified Field Theory is predicated on the formula necessary to derive the constant for each level of magnitude; and that formula is the unifier?

A “Constant” is a fudge factor that is unique to a realm of behavior, or to a context, as expressed by the words. Under “these conditions” all things are defined by X adjust by a constant order of magnitude factor of Y. The words “these conditions”, can also be expressed as “when talking about.”

The “Constant”, the context defining “fudge factor”, is the control. It can be seen as the core of a cluster grouping. Or, it can be seen as the common center of all cluster groupings. Consider that this concept is pictured in a previous posting of the haplogroups and their cultural, or regional, connections.

Since all Humans have a common ancestor, thus all haplogroups and haplotypes are derived from mutations in that primary genome; and it serves as the central locus. We define the constant of change by simply saying there is change and now this cluster is grouped around certain values.

The Unified Field Theory is the formula for the constant which defines, or validates, the formula order of magnitude for each cluster; where Einstein Clusters are quantum, gravity, electromagnetic, and all other fields definable within the physics discipline.
Now that the search is defined, who will be the mathematical to derive the basic formula? And it will be as elegant as E equals MC squared.

At times, like the Genie of Aladdin, it is to awaken with anger – anger towards children who do not communicate with their father. Other times, it is thinking on genealogy, heritage, and origins. Guess there is an obvious pattern in the connection.

Once a Jew, always a Jew. It is the basic law of Judaic thought; and a factor in the element of “Chose Life” which allowed Maimonides to counsel conversion under the sword over death by the sword. To the Jew, being a martyr is disrespectful, and disobedient, to God.

God knows what you are, and, regardless of what is declared for the sake of living with fools, you are that. The objective is to live, reproduce, and, over time, the fools will vanish.

Spacetime turns back upon itself; and all is at the end as it was in the beginning; yet there is no end, nor beginning after it has begun.

The single constant toward which we move, that single constant to be resolved, is the creation point lost within the folding of spacetime. It can also be said that, that which cannot be resolved is the creator: all things have a starting point; deny that truth and you deny the creator, or deny the creator, and you deny that basic reality.

Einstein may well have been hooked on causality. Causality is nice, it says “if A, B will follow.” Predictability based on prior observation and derived predictive calculation. Where does random motion fall?

Does the creator play dice? Are we to tell the Creator what can, and cannot, be done in the game created? Probability, a certainty of the game! Rationality underlying the probability, a define certainty.

Intervention? Ridiculous! Internal influence? Most assuredly. There is a Unified Thought Theory encompassing a Unified Field Theory.

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