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Aryan Heirs to Cain

Date Line March 3, 2007

Let us postulate a theory: the Proto-Indo-Europeans were, as we see in the Biblical description of Adam, the first true agriculturists. We know that he begins his farming on a river whose four heads are named: Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates. (Genesis 2:8-15)

Having gained “knowledge,” the branch of humanity epitomized by Adam & Eve moves out of Eden – and thence forth tills the earth to become a farmer. Eventually they have Cain, who kills his brother and is turned into a nomadic – protected by a “Mark of Cain.”

Cain becomes the builder of cities, and in a few generations comes the nomadic aspect – Adah & Jabal, (Ge 4:20) parents of those who lived in tents. Also born here is Jubal, father of musicians, or those who handle the harp & pipe.

Next is the second critical connection to the Proto-Indo-Europeans, Tubal-Cain, identified as “the forger of every cutting instrument of brass and iron.”

Finally we have the third son of Adam, Seth, who was the ancestor of those who became known as the Hebrews; and with that we see, within one chapter (Genesis 4) what can be taken as the prehistory of Proto-Indo-European culture.

Based upon the locations and facts affirmable through archaeology and yDNA haplogroup identification, it is clear that, from a biblical perspective, “chosen people” are identified as Haplogroup (Hg) R.

Naturally, there are those who will be put-off by the usage of Bible references, mythologies, as history; the key element is that all myth must invoke fact to be accepted at the time it is proffered.

There is irrefutable fact that Farming began in the Fertile Crescent – what is called the Levant, or Levantine Culture. It is also evident from archaeological finds that the mud brick and city construction emerged concurrent with farming technologies.

Blood types and digestive enzymes also changed with diet, thus it is true on a biological level – “we are what we eat.” As mentioned, pastoral farmers (Cain & Abel types) evolved specialized enzymes which allowed for the digestion of animal milk sugar – becoming lactose tolerant.

Lactose tolerance is a blood whisper to connect one race to those who the ancients named Adam & Eve. We have another interesting tie to the scriptural story – genetically, DNA studies have Eve older than Adam and so prove the accuracy of the “genealogy.”

OK, so you are screaming “This guy’s and idiot! Everyone knows Adam preceded Eve!” Yep, everyone knows that, but many fail to make the connection to a storyline which terminates mankind and restarts it with Noah. It’s a coincidence which affirms religion.

Fortunately, debates on such nuance “niceties” are not relevant to this discussion or investigation. What is significant is the facts which are woven into the story – facts common to the oral history of the speakers and so reveal their reference origins.

The place used for Biblical reference, the cultural changes, all that they invented and knew, originated around the Black Sea – in the area which gave rise to Hg R1a. These are the descendants of Cain, and (through Noah) of Japheth.

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