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The Point of Origin

Date Line March 1, 2007

Many Biblical scholars – and religious fanatics – have quested after the actual locations identified in the Book of Genesis. Using the traditional document resources, archaeological survey techniques and DNA genealogy, we can reasonably narrow the area of search.

One method is to backtrack based upon a simple assumption – the places named were local to a single people, a single family or tribe of finite number.

Within this assumption – as we know to be observable in isolated aboriginal communities – we can hold that “the world” is a limited geographical location; and not the totality of the planet Earth.

We know, and CIA analysis technics rely upon the factual reality, that people generally live out their lives within fifty miles of where they are born. This is changing – but not when we consider the underlying reason: people retain contact with their tribal (community) family and friends.

In today’s world we might think “Networking” in place of tribal; but the basics remain the same. We create a community – which is only six steps (personal connections) removed from those we relate to.

In the quest for Shreknangst origins, ours is the reality that the yDNA anchors us to the Caucasus (Caucasian) Mountains near the Black Sea – here origin point of the R haplogroup and R1a-R1a1haplotypes

As we are, at this point, utilizing the Old testament references, it is worth noting that fifty-two (52%) percent of Ashkenazi Levites – the largest of the Jewish ethnic groups – are R1a1. Thus, they have their roots and origins in the Northern Levant, the Northern area of the Fertile Crescent which lies in Northern Iran, Northern Iraq, and Eastern Turkey.

It is in this area of the Levant that farming emerged; it is here that we find the “universal” flooding of the earliest farmland; and it is here that we find the geology associated with the Genesis descriptions.

It is therefore reasonable to assert the first farm family – the Biblical Adam & Eve - and their children, were Haplogroup R. As we will see in later articles, it is reasonable to hold that these individuals were what has been called the “Aryan Race.”

And YES! They also included the Slavic peoples, and a variety of other “mythological” founders identified in the writings of other cultures – one of the earliest being the Rig Veda associated with the Indus Valley culture which gave birth to Hindu and Buddhist religions and scriptural teachings.

More significantly, The original Aryans included those who we now refer to as Ashkenazi Levites and Brahmins.

Based upon yDNA, and related “mythology”, can be said that we can include another Indian subcontinent Caste population, the Chenchu, in this connection. We can also extend our connection to include the Mongolian and Chinese R1a populations.

Based upon the commonality of yDNA, we can extrapolate a strong likelihood that any and all “universal flood” legends have, at their core, the existence of the “Judaic-Slavic-Aryan” R haplogroup among the priestly class, or the “deities” to which the local mythology points in explanation of its origins.

NOTE: For the purpose of our investigation, the base haplogroup -haplotype being used is represented here with the corresponding geographical and ethnic connection.


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