Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pre or post Election

as I write people have not yet gone to the polls; but, as you read, the results are being parsed by the pundits. On left and right apologists are explaining or predicting.
This week marks our one hundred and forth outing into the world of reality and eventuality. Clearly not a comfortable place for apologists on the Right-wing as they try to excuse deceitful Right-wing antics.

Tuesday, will be, was, election day. In the week before, the Right-wing saw its forces split and many disavowed the Bush agenda. Even Bush proclaimed that he had never been “stay-the-course”; though he asserts we must certainly “get-the-job-done.”

Pundits neither note, neither the “course” nor “job” are defined in a manner which would make them attainable. Al-Qaeda is functional and utilizing Iraq as a training ground. Al-Qaeda leaders are based in a nation which has “the bomb” and has, in the past, provided its technology to those we have termed anti-American belligerents.

Maine has re-elected its Governor, Senator and Congressmen – or not. Our voters will have decided they like “business-as-usual”; or passed TABOR and await legislature manipulated implementation.

Shall we assume that either the State, or the Nation has come to its senses? Even with the results in hand, do you know? Or hope?

Could the matters of Foley, Iraq, and North Korean experiments with mushroom shaped clouds possibly have awakened people to reality? Maybe a few have begun to understand the dire nature of our federal deficit mess. More likely apologists have begun their counter spin.

We are in an era of chicanery in which Elmer Gantry mesmerizes the world. Superstition has placed us either inside or outside the tent; but we all pay into the collection plate.

Should we believe in the wisdom of mankind, believe humanity will place its best interest before the transitory self-interest of a few? Or shall we yield to superstition (and reality) to assume the worst shall come; and to assume a messiah, a savior, a great leader, will emerge from the ashes to guide the survivors into a bold new world?

It was a belief of many of our founding fathers that superstition would be dispelled by democracy. How would they react to the knowledge that reality, human psychology, is superstitions core (or corps)?

I have expressed opinions which have simultaneously been liked and disliked. We have heard apologists scream at my pointing to the an Armageddon which could have been, and still looms on the horizon.

While Iraq’s “mushroom shaped cloud” was fantasy, it is established reality in North Korea – a nation which scoffs at U.N. resolutions. In Iraq, the Saudis – who fund the Bush machine – made a profit by our closing Iraq oil fields. China – Bush war deficit underwriter – wants Korean peace. Every Right-wing piper knows who calls the tune.

Whatever tune is called, it is but background music in lives of those who are not at the party. As with most “upper class” shindigs, those not invited are those who cleanup after the revelers all go home.

With the election over, shall it be business as usual? Or have fun?

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