Saturday, November 11, 2006

Downeast Election 2006

Election is a week gone; is it too soon to declare that the Right-wing has blown it and the conservative label is now available? Well, it is.

Bush established that, like Ronald Reagan’s forces, the Right-wing believes in war based upon a borrow and spend policy. Religious conservatives have been revealed – ala Rev. Ted Haggard – another modern Elmer Gantry wannabee engaged in the "sexually immoral conduct" integral to both novel and movie.

We have left the season of faith, we still have a season of deceit, and maybe a season of confusion, beware that prayer might be answered. There is saying, “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.”

The supposed religious conservatives built their fortunes on masses who seek the return of a messiah. These good people, always victims of religious profiteers, pray for universal peace and love. These poor unthinking dreamers; they fail to realize that their messiah can only emerge from a world in rubble after universal catastrophes.

A declaration that you pray for Armageddon brought saw a local Right-wing apologist scream in confused pain at the reality of their agenda being revealed. For the Right-wing, as defined in by Bush’s words, “we will all be dead,”times may be a changin’.

Look to the election results? Our choices were to have “fun,” “business as usual,” or “put Washington County first.” Washington County selecting a new Sheriff – Congratulations Sheriff Smith.

We voted for “Business as usual”, always the controlling factor in Maine politics. We are a Conservative State, which means we move with caution. TABOR required trusting those we do not trust. If they failed to get the message, Palasky yielded TABOR which will yield an initiative that will pass muster and permanently tie their hands.

In the electoral arena, to be conservative is to be adverse to radical change. But, faced with sufficient resistance, the most radical changes often come from the most conservative. “Business as usual” is no longer a tax, or educational funding, option.

Nationally, it does seem Bush is all “stay the course” or “business as usual.” Prior to the election it was “Brownie (opps) Rummy, you’re doing a heck of a job.” Post election, Rumsfeld resigned from the Pentagon. Bush will position himself for new “business as usual.”

How much of a change will there be in that business? That seems to have been in the hands of Virginia voters. The Democrats have the House, and a one seat majority in the Senate – we get to “have fun.”

We sent Olympia back – but to what? What seniority will she have as ranking member of a minority party? What power? Maybe more?

What is the future of Washington County. Our economy needs an infusion of money – not from gambling, but rather from commerce. We must address the effect global warming, energy shortages, and other world problems will have directly upon us.

It is obvious that there are things we cannot stop, but will need to deal with. For starters, we must accept that the high water mark is going to move inland, and the cost of energy will go up. We have the answers, but do we want to implement them? Think about it.

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