Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Mid-term Election in Maine

Now that it is time to go to the polls, let’s get a few things in order.
“Doom and Gloom” is as real as you want it to be – it’s your vote.

Now that is depressing; but even more a reason to take a stand and vote against the hyperbole. Show the politicians you exist and are willing to go the distance – to save their jobs, they will listen.

We have Question 1, TABOR, the alternative is “business as usual” fiscal manipulations. So if you vote no it must be because you enjoy politicians having their hands in your wallet.

Question 2 corrects a recently discovered constitutional problem with signature validating – here is another easy YES vote.

For Governor, I expect many are saying “ouch”. We have only four choices, only two with the chance of a plurality and only one who can be counted on to do things with your interests in mind. That one is John Baldacci.

Chandler Woodcock, has already shown he would raise your taxes by challenging proven methods of savings. We also know he is opposed to science, facts and reality.

Chan’s campaign has been telling. He has told us his personal beliefs are irrelevant to what he will do – so he is without any meaningful convictions. Keep in mind, he was part of the problem which created our structural deficit. He has words, but lacks the spine to stand up and push through fiscal programs and controls.

Green candidate Patricia Le Marche has a solid healthcare plan and it could provide some savings. However, she cannot grasp the idea that solving fiscal problems in Washington County helps Maine.

Independent Barbara Merrill promotes ideas which require taxpayer subsidies. Her visions are nice, but they offer no real solutions to any of our very real needs and problems creating our high tax burden.

In the Senate race, Olympia Snowe has GOP seniority, and if they stay in power for six years, she can be counted on to vote against our Constitutional Bill of Rights, as she has twice done this year. It is in our interest to replace her with Jean Hay Bright.

You will note that the GOP song has changed, Snowe and Bush are “rethinking” the “stay-the-course” rhetoric and turning to a follow the strategy – as if there was one for Iraq. To approve the Iraq body count, and the loss of Habeas Corpus, let the GOP hold the Senate.

For Congress, Michael Michaud is our incumbent and does a good job. The choice here is between between proven representation and giving Bush a party lapdog who’ll help deprive you of your money.

For Sheriff? Well the Sheriff should be independent, not obligated to any party leadership or machine. Sargent Smith has the established qualifications to head the Sheriff’s Department. Give him the job.

For the Maine Legislature? Federal and state capitols have, in recent years, been working against us. There will be a lot of new faces in Augusta; either they will be part of the solution, or there will be none.

Many of us are being threatened by the Medicare “donut hole” when they need healthcare relief. The GOP has proved itself the “Spend and Borrow” party – hocking our children’s future assets – we need
fiscal conservatives. And we need to broaden healthcare coverage.

Express your demands. Raise your voice. Prove you exist – VOTE!

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