Saturday, May 27, 2006

What is your Job -- conversation with ... an angel?

What is your Job? Why are you here?

To turn out the lights.

What does that mean “turn out the lights?” I’m talking about life, and to a degree faith – not janitorial duties.

For some – they are the same.

You mean the meaning of life? The reason they exist?

Ah Huh ... yep ... we keep coming back until it is time ... and then, when the last has departed, we turn out the lights and, eventually, the next crew comes in ... turns them back on ... and it starts all over again.

Starts over again? You mean all of it? The Douglas Adams bit, “Life the universe and everything?”


And you ... you do what?

I watch, enjoy, play a little ... goof off a bit ... depends on the time. The epoch, or epic – depending on how perverse your point of view – personally, mine is, this time around, pretty perverse.

So you do the Messiah thing? That it? You’re some kind of profit, or deity, or something?


Then what?

Not my thing. Those guys die – and die horrible deaths. I really don’t need that crap. Come down, make a splash – everyone misinterprets what you said – and you get ... well, I’d rather die – make the transition – in my sleep.

What do you mean? Transition?

Oh! We come back as soon as we leave – can’t disrupt the process by staying ... being immortal and all that. There was a time when we could do that – the obvious immortality thing. But there are too many records now. It’s like the “Highlander” plot – in a society that has aging records, you’d need to create new identities every fifty years or so.

There was a time when we could do a hundred and twenty years ... nobody thought anything of vitality remaining in old age ... it was cool ... fun ... but now we need to be reborn. Need to die and return.

So you ... you what? How do you do this?

No biggie ... die a nice death – or a dramatic one – or sometimes at your own hand – and then return in the next baby born without a soul. You know, the ones that should die at birth – or have no reason for being able to survive because the mother was killed while pregnant. If the timing is right, you jump in and take the body – the soul that was supposed to occupy it moves to a body which can fulfil its ‘destiny’ – the life cycle it was to have experienced.


OK – that might be a bit over your head at this stage in the discussion. Don’t sweat it. You get what you ask for, and you start asking before you are born. If you don’t ask right – don’t phrase it right – it’s the story of the wishes that come with the “Monkey’s Paw.” You get them, but not the way you really wanted them.

you need to be careful of what you ask for – you’ll get it. Keynehore (a big smile crossed his face, as a quizzical look enveloped the face of his companion.)

You mean .. That biblical bit – ask and ye shall receive – is right?

Yep. Set your mind where you want to be – and you’ll go there. Nothing on earth can stop it. IF! If you expressed it clearly and specifically ... and if you accept your statistical position.


Laws of probability. You ask, it get fulfilled when the statistical probabilities call for someone to get that request. If you get impatient, and change the request – or keep modifying it – it’s like changing you lottery numbers with every game – your odds of winning plummet ... because the odds of winning are never reduced. If you always play the same numbers – that number combination will have to come up eventually, and you’ll be there waiting. That’s you statistical positioning. Laser sharp patience to achieve a goal. It’s easy.

I need to digest that. Can we talk again?

Sure. I’ll be here. At least until the lights are turned off ...


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