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An interesting replacement for the nigger and kike – the gay male. Not the gay female. Because the issue is based on scripture, and scripture has no prohibitions which – either implicitly, or explicitly – can be interpreted to refer to female sexual behavior with another female, lesbian conduct is acceptable to the deity represented by the scripture.

Since there is no broad prohibition, we must look at what is narrowly prohibited:

Leviticus 20:13. “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. ” American Bible Society – KJV

Leviticus 20:13. “And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed an abomination; ... “ Jewish Publication Society 5717 (1956)

Men do not have a virginal opening – a fact which Fundamentalist, and Nationalist, Christians are apparently too stupid to grasp. It is a reality which speaks volumes of their ignorance of all things real and natural.

Since it is physiologically impossible for a man to have virginal intercourse with another man, on that level, the simile in Leviticus makes no sense. Thus it must be stating something else. Men are to have anal and oral sex with women.

This law could be read as dictating it is a woman’s duty to allow, and submit to, anal intercourse – or provide oral. In that context, and based on the specific wording as being on the man, it is an absolute duty of the man to provide oral to his mate.

There is yet another reading – that what you do with a woman cannot be done with a man as well. That it is either or. Either you engage in the activity with a woman, or with a man, but not with both. This would be perfectly logical and consistent with the absence of any prohibition against lesbian conduct – it would allow homosexual conduct; but mandate that there be no bisexual conduct.

If we think in real world terms – in the terms that are presented in scripture to govern all aspects of sexual conduct – it becomes logical to restrict the actions of a gay male with a straight female. As we see in the KJV the usage of “also” denotes bi-sexuality is the problem, not homosexuality – again, a reality consistent with the lack of prohibition against similar conduct between two women. The factor is one of Procreation: the act of reproduction, the act of bringing more homosexuals into the world by passing on the genetic trait carried by the male on his X chromosome.

The possibility of a gay woman having children can be minimalist – she has no motivation to have relations with a male so as to accidently conceive. Moreover, a lesbian was likely to abort any conceived child; and even if it wasn’t aborted, the probability of it getting the gene was lower. Homosexuality travels on the X chromosome – the man supplies one the woman has two, only one of which is transmitted and then there is better than a 50 percent probability that the child would be male. So the odds favor dead-ending the genetic trait in a male – and that brings us back to the prohibition.

As we learn more about the genetics of homosexuality, it becomes demonstratively clear that it is not a learned trait. Homosexuals are born, and are the product of a damaged gene associated with a female chromosome. Unless the mother carries the trait, a homosexual male cannot produce a homosexual son; but will definitely pass the trait to a daughter, who might then pass it to a daughter, or have it manifest in a son.

If we force the homosexual to “pass”, we are, in effect, increasing the prevalence of homosexuality in our gene pool – a fact which can be seen by the distorted presence of homosexuality in the current American population. It should be 2 percent or less, it has been estimated at 15 percent – clear evidence of what repression and “in the closet” policies will cause.

If homosexuals are allowed normal lives, and the right of free open association in family units, within three to five generations their numbers will diminish to insignificance. If they are suppressed, and prohibited from forming pair-bonds, their numbers will increase. It is simply a matter of breeding; and those who study the bible know that many of its laws pertain to breeding – the marriage of the most educated to the more educated and the production of a superior, highly educated, Rabbinate gene pool. Whereas, the Christian right is in the job of producing idiots.

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