Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Genealogy implications of Da Vinci Code

I call it perverse, others call it “thinking outside the box.” Whichever it is, at times, it is certainly funny.

I was playing with the family genealogy again – just connecting nobility. They are all interconnected – something like families on an isolated Island; except the isolation is self-imposed based on “class” – power and property.

In any case, I was tracing back, and reached William the Conqueror. That’s neat. You see, if my line had gone only to the Vikings and Scots/Irish, factually, it would have ended in the 800's./ Oh the mythical, and hard to document connections go back before Christ – but who knows from Celtic Norsemen? The history is to the south.

Here is where the perversion enters the picture. The Normans – who were basically Vikings – had married into the French nobility. From there, there are ties to Rome and Christian regions throughout Europe. Eventually, you get into Roman times and, with luck, a Roman house of substance – sufficient substance to have warranted some genealogy or historical record. I’m not there ... “yet”.

Ah but the perversion? It’s in the book stores and one the big screen. It’s called “The Da Vinci Code”. If you haven’t read the book, it tells of Mary and Jesus, of the relationship that is contained in the early Gnostic Gospels, and other legitimate manuscripts from the early Christian period. Of course it does so from the point of the modern day, and as a revelation, an investigation, into the secretes of the Church – the secret of a divine girl child concieved by Jesus and Mary, and born, in France, after the crucifiction.

The legend has it that this child gave rise to, was the matriarch of, the hereditary Kings of France. If that were true, then anyone whose bloodline was theirs, could reasonably be said to carry divine genes – genes to be worshiped. The Holy Grail, the container of the divine blood.

Keep in mind: There is an X and Y Chromosome in each of us. The Y is linear – goes from father to son and never to a daughter. However, the X comes in threes. One from the father and two from the mother, with one from the mother and one from the father being passed to the daughter. Thus, descent from a daughter allows her to pass one X via her son to her granddaughter – thence, either through a great-grandson to a great-great-granddaughter, or to a great-granddaughter ... and so the sequence continues along the female line. At least it does until, by chance, the “Holy” X ceases to be passed on, and the alternative, alternate, X is passed to either daughter or son.

Ah if it were true. Then watching the movie would be watching the story of oneself. For one whose line is solidly maternal, or maternal to their father and they are his daughter – which lets me out – there is a possibility that they actually carry the genes of Mary, or of Mary, or of Joseph’s mother. If we hold that Jesus was divine, then the descent would be Mary, or Mary the mother. It would take a son to hold the essence of Jesus – which for a divinity would be the essence of God Himself ... The male component of God.

That would explain why the legends specified a daughter – you couldn’t have generation upon generation of Divinities walking the earth ... never dying ... never allowing others, those they favor, to die. Couldn’t have that happen – now could we? It would mean immortality. And immortality means immortals – and that is another Highlander story.


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