Friday, May 05, 2006

Universe Reborn?

My favorite assertion with regard to a deity – and belief therein – is the requirement that the atheist explain what happened the instant before the “Big-bang”.

I also have the belief – or have asserted – that we are the deity, in fetal form. We – all things in the universe – are born, mature and then give birth to our next incarnation. We evolve until we achieve the perfection of the deity which we claim already exists – but does it?

The Atheist holds that no deity exists. But, part of the definition of a deity includes it being eternal – the universe is eternal. Isn’t it?

A Cinco de Mayo news story asserts that science has caught on to reality:

"At present the conventional view is that all of space, time, matter and energy began at a single point, which then expanded and cooled, leaving the Universe as it is today," said Professor Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University, New Jersey.

"However, this new theory suggests that there's a continuous cycle of universes, with each a repeat of the last, but not an exact replica.

"It can be thought of as a child of the previous universe."

"This means that things that are happening now will help to create another universe in the future."

The rebirth process is the “Big Crunch” which then leads to another ”Big Bang.” Time begins sometime before the “Big Bang” and continues well after the “Big Crunch”. Eternal forces without end, a deity – by accepted definition – and thus a possible causal basis to declare the Atheist wrong. ... But not the Agnostic ... for, if the universe is the deity, than all faiths ... with the possible exception of Buddhism ... are wrong. Certainly Western religion is very very wrong!

Is there a deity – yep – and as Pogo might assert: “We has seen and We is them”

Play with the premise. Prophecy? It is a past universe experience – being remembered because the current events parallel those of the past. Thus, prophecy works – at least to the degree, or extent, that the sequence of events is in a similar context as that in the past universe. We can change the future. All we need to do is break the sequence.

1999 is the wrong date ... was the wrong date ... because Clinton changed the pattern – a pattern which Bush is working very hard to restore. The predictions will be wrong – time has changed – it is a different universe – we are evolving beyond the stupidity of the past; but have yet to evolve to the point of wisdom.

Doesn’t that mean a new religion is coming? DUH! A new religion always comes – the old folds into the new and the new carries humanity forward ... unless we get it wrong, and then we start all over again ... except it isn’t us, it is the intelligence that will be the deity which is evolving – the fetus which is us.

Oh round and round we go – and who shall write the book?

Not I – I’m too busy laughing at Bush and Right-wing idiocy.

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