Saturday, April 29, 2006

Iran Nuclear Bush Oil -- Cheer War (as in end of)

Shall Iran be allowed nuclear power – and the potential for nuclear weapons technology? Bush – the “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job” decision maker – has declared they shall not.

Well, Iran and Islam might be a threat to Bush’s Crusaders, but is it really a threat to the world? Iran has oil; it doesn’t need nuclear to generate electric; and does it really need the problem of nuclear waste disposal?

Nuclear weapons require delivery systems – that’s both a hell of an expense, and a very obvious statement of intent. Aside from nations, like America, or Nazi Germany, who invade on lies, who really needs atomic bombs?

Terrorists? They want the waste. Nuclear waste makes for great dirty bombs – those that kill, and keep on killing, while allowing the cities to stand. Cities which become radioactive monuments to the terrorist organization’s skill – as proposed for the WTC site.
Nuclear power. Bush has promoted it. Of course, he has no answer for the waste issue, and all those who run the economic numbers are very careful to omit the millennium of storage required to allow the radiation to cease being deadly, and become only toxic.

Since it has massive amounts of oil, why else would Iran want nuclear – why else but to make a weapon? Maybe so it can sell the oil? Oil represents the only Iranian product of value – aside from Persian carpets.

The carpets would be neat – if they still incorporated the flying technology. Now there’s a conspiracy theory: to enhance profits, oil companies suppressed the flying technology. An action made easier by the earlier transference to the technology to broomsticks.

But really. Why would Bush oppose nuclear for Iran? Not a fear of nuclear bombs, but rather, to force them into domestic use of their oil reserves – thus keeping the oil off the international market and driving up the value of the Bush/Cheney oil interests.

If the Iranians weren’t backed by the Koran, they would simply build oil fired plants and be done with it. But because the Koran teaches they should not surrender to the Western anti-Christ (in Islamic terms those who are anti-Isa, and oppose his soldiers), it is theologically impossible for Islam/Iran to knuckle under.

Bush knows this, and so promotes the war that most of us knew he was planning in 2001. Bush wants instability in the Middle-East – just the threat of it has driven the futures price for a barrel of oil above $75 – a year ago it was $46– five years ago, before Bush ... how much was gas at the pump? Think about it.

Let’s have some reality. The world is running out of oil. Known reserves, and projected possible reserves, will be depleted by 2070.

Without oil, there is no military – no troop transports, no Humvees, no fuel for Jet fighters and bombers, no fuel for tanks – no lubricants for the machines of war.

To use bio-fuels as substitutes requires crop production – which requires fuel for tractors, fertilizer production, and processing. That fuel would come from domestic usage – would require rationing of fuel. No more SUV’s or even leaving lights on in empty rooms.

Bush policies for national security – oil demands by the military – NO conservation, NO mandate for more efficient domestic cars, NO mandate for alternative electrical or heating resources (such as solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal); YES to more exploration and depletion of resources that are in the ground, and could be held there for future military needs.

And of course, destabilize the Middle-East – make sure that their oil remains in the ground so that they will have a stranglehold on the world – in 25 to 50 years. Destabilized oil nations cannot develop their reserves.

Short people like Bush and Cheney get rich – long term, the nation falls to those who can power their tanks. If you doubt that – look in any history book dealing with WW2; see what they say about the turning point in the war – when the Nazi gas tanks went dry.

Russia has massive oil surpluses. China has, or is buying (with our trade and budgetary deficit dollars) the resources they require. And while we produce an ever more tested, ever more illiterate, generation – both Russia and China are producing engineers and scientists. While we block life expanding medical technologies, they are getting Patents on related technologies – and implementing them.

Yep – lets worry about Iran having a nuclear power plant.

Yep, Bushy is doing a heck of a job.

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