Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bush+Hitler+Bin Laden == Evil Triplets in order of evility

My yahoo Homepage has cartoons. On is “Speed Bump” and that is the inspiration for this column. Picture Heaven, each of the residents floating on a cloud. One is looking upward toward another, saying, “I see London, I see France, I see ...” The caption reads, “Things you shouldn’t say in heaven.”

Heaven. What a sick concept. Find a comfortable chair; now sit in it. No books, TV, Radio – no interesting conversation – not even a stiff drink.

You aren’t allowed to do anything that isn’t approved – and absent things associated with a body, there is nothing which can be approved.

OK, so maybe there is a harp – if you’re musically inclined. But what to play? Punk? Rock? Classical? Something from ancient Greece – composed for a lyre? Very exciting prospect.

Heaven? What is it? Actually, for those who are intelligent enough to read – and have taken the trouble to read the source of this imagery, Heaven is Earth.

We don’t go anywhere – we return here – or not. That is the choice. This heaven thing is a falsification by those who control us and dictate what we should do, say, think.

Well ... not really “us.” More like YOU!

Freewill is the fundamental doctrine of Judaism; suppression and subordination are concepts associated with Christianity and Islam.

Buddhism, Confucianism, Hindu and Taoist thinking – all these are based on self improvement, the return to the Earth, or the ability to find thoughtful peace, in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding are three parts of the Judaic “Spirit of God” – and so conform to Eastern Faiths over the oppressive and destructive Crusader-Jihadist doctrines of Bush and Bin Laden.

Heaven – what a boring place it must be. So boring that the Creator of all life had to create the Universe as a source of amusement – and, what? What purpose creation? Certainly not to push us into some “divine heaven.”

Biblically, the Creator already has companions – He has sons; and those sons mated with human women, in the time of Noah. And to keep humanity from eternal life, the Creator limited our days to 120 years ... the days of those who were his grandchildren. Noah and his kin lived lives that approached a millennium.

Stupidity. Do we accept these writings as fact? Or do they, like any good fiction, contain hard facts upon which the fictional plot is constructed? What facts? Observations – documented confirmations – the thing which Judaic belief is built upon.

But! You might declare – But the Crusader-Jihadist points to “THE BOOK” as the source of their authority! Yep, they do. But they haven’t paid attention – they’ve added to it, subtracted from it – even St. John ... with his curse against those who do likewise to his writings, his Revelation of the fall of the temple and the emergence of the Christian Church – the Roman Church of Satan ...

Should we “believe”? We exist. Where did we come from – what exited the moment prior to our existence; the moment before this world, this universe, before the “Big-Bang” of conception and birth?

What existed before our reality? Who can argue a credible argument for existence before existence – or existence which was always so – and not invoke the definition of the Creator, of a deity, that which always was, is, and will always be?

The Agnostic Creed can argue the foolishness of any one creed – but must accept the definition of an eternal reality. The Atheist creed argues the irrational – that something comes from nothing – and there is a clear starting point for our reality which has no predecessor or precursor.

The “religious” are subjects of their creeds – and they fail when they do not achieve ... and none are known to have achieved. Even when there is the possibility that a human transcendent – it is the Buddha, not the Christ who does so.

The prevailing faith – the faith of Rome which gave birth to all we, in the West, call Christian – declares it’s symbol to have been eternal and one with the Creator ... hence there is evidence of a Creator mind-game played with humanity, but no evidence of salvation – because, even the primary pathfinder was no saved ... he was simply a manifestation of the Creator inserted into the normal order of things.

But why? Why if not to manipulate a segment of mankind into self-annihilation? Look to Bush? His lies to create war and bankrupt our nation. Look to Bin Laden? His suicide bombers destroy – those who lack the intelligence and will to create, to achieve, to make life better.

The great Hillel declare that the Bible was simply explanation for a doctrine that mandates we do for our neighbors that which we would have done for us. Do we kill so we will be killed? Clearly Bush and his Christian brethren do! Clearly Bin Laden and his Islamic brethren do! And both suppress women; both degrate and denounce those who are created as they are ... but not as the Bushites and Ladenites would have them created – they denounce those who, in the past were denounced by their moral and spiritual brother and idol – Adolph Hitler ... and his predcursors.

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