Friday, December 02, 2005

YO Abraham, Human Sacrifice is Christian

Election Day saw residents of Dover Pennsylvania oust proponents of “Intelligent Design” (ID) from their local school board. In Maine, the same people who would promote injustice towards our neighbors – especially injustice toward women – are also working to promote scientific ignorance.

ID is a movement which spans many cultures and faiths; under many guises, it has a long and very bloody history. Those who know Talmudic (post-Torah) traditions, see ID as pagan superstition.

As you may know, ID requires an “Intelligent Agent” to guide those processes which ID proponents assert cannot possibly be the product of evolution, or any other “undirected process”. Where they point to birds, I utilize the example of avian flu – for which an “evil agent” was identified in Asia.

Utilizing logical association which would make an ID proponent proud, residents of Prey Rognieng, a small village in Cambodia, identified the intelligent source behind a sudden influenza outbreak in their village. When Doctors identified it as human, not avian, the source was cheaply eradicated.

The cost of eradication? Only $30. The funds were collected by donation, and given to one of the men in town. It was his compensation for slitting the throat of 53-year-old Som Sorn – who had been identified as the intelligent agent responsible for the influenza.

A Village resident, 51-year-old Besa Korn – who did not donate – was quoted to assert, since the killing, "Everyone in the village has been very happy since then, and we have had no more illness."

As the intellectual predecessors to modern proponents of non-evolutionary intelligent causation had demonstrated in medieval Europe and Salem Massachusetts – malevolence has an intelligent agent which only human action can stop. Applied ID precepts prove “Divine intervention” illusionary.

As ID proponents readily admit, the very subjective nature of their argument unavoidably impacts religion. The “objective” cause-and-effect intelligent agency argument is proved by elimination of the alleged “agent”. As we see its logic applied in Cambodia, ID logic justifies murder.

It’s annoying, but Vatican authorities have affirmed the position taken by the column: Cardinal Paul Poupard, (Pontifical Council for Culture) directed the faithful to adopt secular modern science, and warned that religion risks turning into "fundamentalism" if it ignores scientific reason.

Jesuit Rev. George Coyne (Vatican Observatory), stated flatly, "intelligent design" doesn't belong in science classrooms, and that science explains the history of the universe – the Vatican took only 359 years to admit was Galileo right; and Monsignor Gianfranco Basti, (Vatican Science) only allowed 1700 years to pass before declaring “there is proof" of evolution. The Meshiekh must be coming.

Concurrently, Cornell University published a DNA study suggesting 9 percent of the human genes are undergoing rapid evolution, and another 13 percent of genes evidenced negative selection – the weeding out of harmful mutations. Biologist Carlos Bustamante, stated: "Our study suggests that natural selection has played an important role in patterning the human genome."

Clearly the educational lines are drawn: Denounce evolution, and allow Right-wing Christian ID logic justify human sacrifice.

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