Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why Meshiekh – the idea of a messiah?

Why Creation? Why Religion? Why Meshiekh – the idea of a messiah? Is it that we don’t want to think for ourselves; that we want some all powerful entity to tell us what to think and do? Do we really want to be subservient slaves of some Divine King? Then why Freedom and Democracy?

Why? Why the lies about what we should do, should, think, should behave? Why contradictions in what we profess to be proper conduct and the way we conduct our lives? Why evolve toward ... ?

Do we have any freedom? Are we evolving at all? Or are we just destroyers – are we here only to reek havoc on, to plunder, the earth – maybe even the universe? Why? A word for 2006 – “Why.”

Are we a fetus, being looked in on by the creator doctor? If so, intervention would only occur when a catastrophic misdirection is occurring – if gestation is “normal”, proceeding as expected, there is no reason to intervene. Would a doctor worry about a single cell among billions? Or would He be included to look for failures in the self-regulatory systems? Why “Creation”?

Logically there must be a “Creator” – a starting point before the start – but shouldn’t there be some purpose? If a divine distraction, a mere game or diversion – than it is meaningless entertainment; it has no true purpose, and the game pieces will be lost, or tossed aside, with lost amusement value.

Do these questions challenge you mind, or heart? Are you willing to think – or are you dominated by feelings which cause your mind to close and make you the pawn of any who are willing to think?

Why scripture? To serve as a guide, or as notes for a guide to what will, eventually be a singular point of knowledge, of self-realization, of enlightenment? Will Abrahamic tradition give birth to a Buddha – who is also Buddha – who is also ... ? Can we get there from here?

To be an atheist – do you not believe in yourself, or is it that you see no logic in self-worship? To be a Buddha – to be aware of self and one with Creation, with no need to worship. To be Agnostic – accept, yet deny institutions accepted by others; steps toward being a Buddha, or a Messiah.

Strange questions, stranger images, no miracles, just natural laws unrealized so unexplained. The world of coincidence – biological researchers, at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wistar Institute, bred mice with the ability to regrow amputated limbs and regenerate damaged organs – heart, liver and brain; more important, this miraculous ability can be genetically transmitted to other mice.

The molecules involved are also in your DNA – they have been there from the beginning and exist in nature; when the salamander evolved, it found the trait “beneficial.” Imagine a human with this trait – Highlanders, “immortals,” beings of legend, or faith – is that not the “Tree of Life” promise?

Why a Meshiekh who had to fail? Was it because he evolved a trait, and failed to reproduce, failed to introduce it into the gene pool? Who would accept such a One? Or was it that it was not time?

Da train is a movin’, those aboard – who’s-aheadin’-ta-d’end’a-de-line – ignored a conductor callin’ out d-stops, ignore a passenger who’ll be boardin’ again down the line, focus on rules of the line. It is in the genes, the DNA and stem cells – and there are those who would derail the train.